A Chapter by MiMi

The truth behind Shilo.


I slammed my front door shut and pressed my back against it. Sliding down the cold legnth of it and closing my eyes. I didn't need to open them to know that my best friend, Ari, was now sitting beside me. I could feel her hair against my shoulder and her blue eyes staring at me with the same worry she always does. Finally, I decided to open my eyes. Seeing the same thing I saw everyday; my father's cards scattered around the living room and my step-mother, Lillith's, sleeping pills laying on the coffee table. The easiest-to-get-to place in the house. Standing up I headed to the green, leather couch that I always hated but found myself laying on from time-to-time. "Shilo's asleep," Ari's sweet, calm voice echoed through the room. Instantly, my eyes went to the pills on the coffee table. They were almost gone. I ran swiftly to my brother's room, panic flooding my very being. How many had he taken? Was he okay? Was he even still alive? Opening his bedroom door, I found him passed out on his king sized bed. "I-I'm so sorry, MiMi," Ari stuttered, "I-I didn't realize..." I grabbed my brother and walked to the doorway where Ari stood until I was a couple feet away. "Get in my car," I told her.

Driving to the hospital, I saw my sister, Eliza walking home. I rolled down my window and she gave me a look as if to say "How dare you driving up to me when I'm with friends." I narrowed my eyes at her, tears flowing freely down my face now. In a stern voice I said, "Get your sorry a*s in the car, Elizabeth. We don't have the time, it's Shilo." Without a word, she got in the car, eyes now wide with just as much worry as I had.

Once we got home and Shilo's stomach was pumped free of all the sleeping pills he had taken, he went back into his room and started playing Call Of Duty 2 again. "Why would he choose that way?" Ari asked me. I closed my eyes and headed to the front door, "Because," I said, "it's simple. He doesn't want to live anymore and I don't blame him."

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Aw:( Poor Shilo.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 25, 2010
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