Good Girls

Good Girls

A Chapter by MiMi

Some girls are bad, some girls are good, some are both.

All I've ever heard in my life is, "Good girls don't do that." Since when have I ever been a good girl? But the day that those words escaped Mallory's mouth was the day I stopped being a pacifist and stopped tolerating those words. I spent the majority of the week trying to give Jason some space. Even though I didn't want to. So, Jason came up to my house...with Mallory in tow. Ari sat peacefully on the ugly, green, leather couch and flipped through the channels on my T.V. I was in no mood to even so much as look at Mallory. So I looked at her and simply said, "Get the f**k out of my house, twat." Her pretty little jaw dropped, "Good girls don't say "f**k" or "twat". Nice girls don't either." That moment I spun around and glared at her, my eyes screaming "KILL." I spat at her five hundred dollar shoes that she wore with pride, "What the f**k did you just say to me?" At these words, Ari quickly spun around to face us, her blue eyes wide with fear. "Oh s**t," she said, "Jason, back away from them." His angelic face creased with curiousity, but Ari didn't waste any time and quickly grabbed his arm, pulling him out of the way. She knows me so well she even knows the direction I perfer to beat. Grabbing Mallory's pretty extentions I threw her face into the steel walls of my house. Squishing her further until I saw blood trickle out of her nose and the sides of her mouth. "Never and I mean never talk to me that way again, am I understood cuntwhore?" I heard her whimper a reply but that wasn't enough for me. I spat in her face and ground it further into the wall. "Next time, I'll send you to the f*****g hospital," and with one final shove, I let her go.

© 2010 MiMi

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Added on March 30, 2010
Last Updated on April 3, 2010
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