The Break

The Break

A Chapter by Damac

Zombies start to break into the house, forcing the kids to make their exit, with Andrew choosing a rather, unorthodox, tactic.

The sun wove into Andrew and, now, Nico's room through the small cracks in the boards. The sun was just rising on what was looking like would be a beautiful.

But all hope for that was erased when Casey burst in through the two boys door. "We have a problem." Was all she said. The two sat up.
"What kind of problem?" Andrew asked.

The three went downstairs and into the front hall. In the front hall, the three could see the boarded up windows and front door, and could here the sounds of the zombies outside tearing away at it.
"They've been at it for awhile." Casey said without turning to look at them. "I don't know how much longer we have."
Andrew closed his eyes and began thinking, his early morning daze distracting him from thinking up a perfect win strategy.
"We are leaving." Andrew said.
Nico and Casey turned towards him, "You can't be serious. Where will we go? I just got here."
"Riverside mansion." Casey suddenly said.
"And where is that?" Andrew asked.
"On the other side of town. It's a massive mansion with a massive plot of property and a gate surrounding all sides. The windows are barred so no one can get in if the gate fails, and if the zombies did get in, we would have a whole mansion to hide in and fight them from."
Andrew considered the situation in his head. On one hand, he would be fighting his way through the zombie filled town, using probably the last of their ammo, to find a place that he had never heard of. On the other, its defensive capabilities were to good to pass up on.
"Fine, Casey, get Ivan and Luke up. Nico get all the guns and ammunition you can find." A zombie bashed a hole thorugh the front door and knocked over one of the boards. "We leave in an hour, I have some stuff I need to take care of."

Andrew began taking gas cans and propane tanks out of his basement. For whatever reason, the previous owners of the house had left them behind, almost as if they knew someone else was going to need it.
"What are you doing?" Nico asked, stuffing a box of bullets into a bag.
"What does it look like I'm doing?"
"Oh i'm sorry, let me re-phrase that. Why are you going to blow up the house?"
"Zombies" Andrew said "Are attracted to light. We blow this house up in a blaze, zombies get distracted by the fire, we get a slightly easier run to the mansion."
"Umm... You are taking into account the fact that we will be, not only nearby, but in the house when you start this explosion, correct?"
"Oh yeah." Andrew said, beggining to dump gasoline over the floor and furniture.
"Why do you have all this gas and propane?" 
"Heater, I guess, I don't really know."
"I see."
Nico continued to pack up the guns, when both he and Andrew heard something at the door.
"You don't have long fuckers!" A demonic voice screamed from the front door. Andrew ran out and saw that one of the possessed had punched a hole in the door.
"Nico, leave a gun and a box of bullets out for everyone. Then help me pour out this gas and get theses tanks in place. We don't have much time."
"Right away."

"Ivan, Luke get up." Casey said, ope ing the boys door and switching on the lights.
"Casey..." Ivan started to say "It's like 7:30."
"You need to get up now, were leaving."
Luke sat up immediatley, "Like leaving the house?"
"Yes Luke."
"I don't have time to explain, just get up, take a shower, get dressed and come downstairs in 30 minutes, okay?"
"Got it!" Luke said jumping up.
"I guess..." Ivan replied, still drowsy.

Casey ran downstairs back to the kitchen.
"The boys are up... Whys the floor wet?"
"Gasoline." Nico said.
"I'm gonna assume Andrew has a plan."
"Yeah, its kind of illogical, but i'm just gonna go with it."
"Probably for the best."
"What are you guys talking about?" Andrew called from the other room.
"Nothing, keep working, your doing great."
"Don't patronize me."
Suddenly, a roll of thunder was heard outside the house, and the three teens looked at each other.
"We have to get out of here fast." Nico said "Before that storm rolls in."
"Yeah, no s**t. Lets hurry up shall we?"

One hour later...

Andrew, Nico, Casey, Luke, and Ivan stood in the basement, by the storm doors.
"Everyone knows the plan right?" Andrew asked, holding the fuse to an improvised propane bomb in his hands.
Casey quickly showed Ivan and Luke how to reload their pistols and checked to make sure she had a clip in her rifle. Andrew spun the cylinder of his revolver, making sure it was fully loaded. Nico slung the gun bag over his back and then pumped his shotgun. Andrew grabbed Luke by the shoulder, "Luke you stay close to me, you look away from whats out there, and watch your fire. Understood?"
"Oh yeah, I think im ready."
"Good man." Andrew said taking out a lighter "Let's Rock." Andrew lit the fuse as Nico kicked the storm door open.

Outside dark clouds had started to form, and a powerful wind was blowing.
"Open fire!" Andrew shouted as he blew the head off of a ressurect standing next to him. The group moved as a unit. Combating the Zombies together and watching each others backs. As they cleared the distance from the house, the infected became the real threat. With blood dripping from their teeth and hunger in their eyes, they ran full force towards the group, woth one managing to grab Casey.
"Casey!" Ivan shouted, Andrew turned and fired on te infected, hitting it right in the forehead and knicking it backwards. Casey drooped to the ground limply.
"I got ya." Andrew said, rushing in and catching Casey as she slumped. He brought her back to her feet as she breathed heavily.
"You alright?" Andrew said, continuing to shoot at approaching infected. Casey could only manage to nod.
"Good cause we need to keep moving." Andrew said, and as he said that, the house went up in flames.

As the gasoline burned throughout the house, the propane tanks began to be set off. They blew out whole chuncks of the wall, propelling the shrapnel out into the yard. The infected amd ressurects stopped in theor tracks to watch the burn, but the possessed were not so easily set off track.
"We aren't f*****g mindless drones!" A possessed shouted at the kids.
"Move!" Andrew shouted, as the kids retreated towards the woods behind the house, intent on losing the zombies. As they ran Andrew opened fire on the possessed and got one last loom at the burning house as the thunder roared and the rain started to poar.

© 2011 Damac

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