Apocalypse Sunset

Apocalypse Sunset

A Chapter by Damac

One final run... Andrew and Ivan prepare for the fight of their lives.

"How long do we have?" Ivan asked. Andrew was jumping up, loading his pistol and moving towards the door. He took the tape out of the VCR and placed it in a bag, wrapping the bag around his arm.
"Ten minutes." He said.
"And then what?"
"They leave without us."
"We can't make it to the town center in ten minutes."
"Yes we can. We run, we never stop running. If resurrects are in your way you go around, infected baring down on you, you run away, possessed moving in on you, you shoot at them. Hell you shoot at everything. If it moves you shoot it. Understand?" Andrew said. The two of them reached the front door and stacked up on either side. Ivan checked his pistol, making sure he had a bullet in the chamber.

"On three. One, two... Tree!" Andrew shouted. He kicked open the door and the two rushed out. They fired at a couple resurrects on the lawn and then ran out onto the street. They began to follow streets leading to the village center. As they ran, Possessed appeared on rooftops shouting things such as "Stop those little fuckers!" and "They are f*****g escaping!"
"Why are they so intent on stopping us?" Ivan asked Andrew, firing a shot off at an approaching infected.
"I don't know. They're possessed? Only thing I can think of." Andrew replied. He pistol whipped a resurrect that got too close, and proceeded to unload a bullet in its head. The two continued their run.

Ivan began to breathe more and more quickly. He was nine years old, and a little overweight. Nothing to big, but he was tubby, out of shape if you will. He was slowing down, finding it harder and harder to run.
"Ivan, I am not losing you now." Andrew said, putting his hand on Ivan's back and pushing him along. Ivan pushed it off, looked up and continued running.
"I have not.... come this far... to die... now." Ivan said. He fired three more shots and then reloaded his pistol.

The two arrived in the town center with two minutes to spare. 
"Sprint!" Andrew shouted. The two broke out into an all out sprint. They were using the last of their energy to do so, turning corners, shooting zombies. The two were getting bathed in blood as they did so, and Andrew was shocked Ivan hadn't frozen up yet.

They turned one final corner and saw it. A Military Pave Low helicopter with about 15 armed soldiers standing around it. The two sprinted towards the chopper as Andrew could feel tears forming in his eyes. He turned and looked at Ivan, whose face had turned Red and gotten all scrunched up with tears of joy.

The two passed through the soldiers line of defense and slowed down to a walk. They caught their breathe, and Andrew bent down and hugged Ivan. 
"We did it buddy." Andrew said.
"Yeah..." Ivan said, weakly. 
Andrew stood back up and reached out his hand. Ivan took it and the two began walking towards the chopper.

As they neared the chopper, a familiar sight came walking out. Andrew saw a boy, with curly blonde hair and big brown eyes walking out. The boy saw Andrew and began to cry as he broke out in a sprint towards him. Andrew couldn't help himself, he did the same. It was Luke. The two embraced, Andrew covering Luke in blood, but Luke couldn't care less.
"Your alright..." Andrew said.
"I was worried about you." Luke replied.
"That goes double for me. What happen to your cheek?" Andrew said, noticing what seemed to be a burn scar.
"I got attacked." Luke said. 
"Well don't worry." Andrew said, holding him tighter, "It's all over."

Ivan saw his own sight. Casey came walking out of the helicopter. She look tired and stressed, much more so than Ivan remembered her being. Nonetheless, the two ran too each other, and embraced.
"I thought you were gone." Casey said through tears.
"I thought you were too." Ivan replied.
"But your alright?"
"Andrew took good care of me."

Casey turned to Andrew, "I don't know what to say."
"The same goes for you. But we don't need to say anything. Lets just get out of here." Andrew said. The four kids walked back onto the Pave Low to sit with Nico, followed by 15 armed soldiers.

Within the next 5 minutes, the helicopter filled. Everyone took their seats, and roe off into the sunset to a new home.

© 2011 Damac

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Added on November 2, 2011
Last Updated on November 2, 2011
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