Vampire kisses -Chapter 5-

Vampire kisses -Chapter 5-

A Chapter by DancingInTheDark



I watched as Christina cautiously entered my room, knowing that there had been a dispute between me and Jace.


“Why do you need to anger him?” Christina asked, her eyes filled with un-called for sympathy.


“Because he believes he can control me!” I replied sharply.


“Aria, he thinks this because It is true” Why is it so hard for you to understand? He is your superior, why can’t you see that?” Christina continued to question her voice meek and shy. It was at that moment that Christina said something that stayed with you. I had always been one to fight other who thought they sound own and control you.


Once there was a class jerk who thought I was pretty and thought he could have me. I denied the privilege sharply just as I had done now. But that was a battle I could easily win. This time, I was fighting someone who wasn’t even human.


What is Christina was right? What is he did own me? No! I refused to believe that. I was a free person. I could never be caged and if Jace thought that he could do so, he was in for a surprise.


Christina sighed heavily when she realized I didn’t intend to respond to her. “Come on I’ll show you the castle”


I quickly changed into the clothes Christina had given me and met her outside of the bedroom door.


“Ready for the grand tour?” Christina asked me, her mood greatly improved.


“I suppose” I replied, still feeling like I wanted to cry. Christina began walking down the large, stone hallways and I followed closely behind. The walls were bare, only possessing small candles that hung on the walls to light the hallways.

I looked down to the floor to find a little bit of color. Spread out across the hallway were several long, deep purple rugs that I assumed covered most of the hallways. The castle was cold and dark, a very uninviting place to be. As we continued down the hall that seemed to last forever I noticed there were tons of doors on either said of us.


Suddenly I heard the frantic scream of a young woman behind one of the big wooden doors. I stopped in my tracks and tried to detect where the noise had came from when Christina hand wrapped around my wrist. She tugged on my arm roughly, forcing me to keep walking.


“What was that?!” I asked her, knowing she heard it to.


“None of your concern” She replied simple. I stared at her questioningly. Christina tried to ignore me but I couldn’t shake my stare.


“The only rooms you are aloud to enter are the rooms I will show you. This castle is very dangerous. If you wish to enter any room outside of the ones I show you, you must enter them with Master Jace by your side. Now matter what you hear from behind the doors you MUST NOT open them” Christina told me, not answering my question.


Finally we reached a set of long, winding stairs that lead down into the dark. Christina immediately began descending the stairs and after a short minute I hesitantly followed.


“This will take us to the first floor” Christina explained noting my suspicious look. “This floor is the one the servants and slaves use the most. Thought Master Jace only comes down here when he has business to attend to” I nodded my head in response, pretending to whole-heartedly understand.


I stopped suddenly and gasped in wonder as we reached the bottom of the stairs and took in the sight in front of me. A beautiful, shimmering, chandelier hung from the ceiling of an ornately decorated room. Large lounging chairs were placed everywhere and huge rugs lavished the floor. The walls were covered with paintings and photographs.


“This is everyone’s favorite room, Except Master Jace’s” Christina said proudly as she lead me through the room. I followed her to the far corner where a fairly large archway stood. Smiling, Christina lead me through it and showed me into a huge ballroom.


I covered my mouth with my hand, utterly entranced by it’s beauty. They walls were adorned with banners and more picture, the ceiling decorated with more chandeliers, each a different shape and decorated differently.


Christina didn’t give me time to imagine what the room might look like filled with dancing couples dressed in beautiful gowns and tuxedos, instead she lead me to the left wall. Another, smaller archway stood there. We walked through it to find several very large tables set up. I could tell they must have been used for buffets and large parties.


I smiled at the thought of hundreds of people eating and chatting, simply having a good time. Christina pulled on my arm again, snapping me from my day dreaming as she lead me through another large door within the eating room. Soon I found myself in the kitchen. It was huge, though not nearly as large as the ball room. It was filled with silver counters as well as several old fashioned ovens.


It was beautiful but one fact stunned me. There were no cooks, in fact there was no one around.


“Where is everyone?” I asked Christina.


“Most of the servants prefer to keep to master Jace’s schedule of sleeping during the day and being awake at night. But those who don’t really keep a certain schedule are most likely out shopping for food and such” She explained “I have one last place to show you. Follow me”


Christina lead me back into the lounge room and strait across it. She took me beneath the winding stairs to where a wooden door sat. Unexpected she grabbed my arm again and leads you through the door and outside. I breathed in the fresh air, the sweet smell of the outdoors was a welcomed surprise.


I walked out into the large patio and leaned against the railing that ran around it. Flowers in pots decorate the patio whit a quaint little table and chairs occupied the center. There were only enough chairs for two.


I looked down over the railing, below me was vast green garden of immense beauty. “The garden!” I exclaimed anxiously “Can we go in the garden? I asked, hoping desperately that Christina would say yes. I knew from my first glance at the garden that is only I was able to, I was sure that garden would be a salvation.


“Nobody enters the garden” Christina said firmly, instantly crushing all my hope. Noticing my disappointment Christina began searching for something to cheer me up.

"Perhaps if you were to find favor with the Master, someday he would let you." She told me. That thought would have put hope in my head, if not for the part about having to find favor with Jace. I never, ever intended to do that.


I put my hand to my lips as I yawned, my eyes began to close involuntarily. Crying so much had made me sleepier then I thought it would. Christina smiled at me and took my hand gently in hers.


“I’ll show you how to get back to your bedroom, then you can get some more sleep” Christina told me and she took me back inside and lead me up the stairs.


“Just remember that the bedroom door has the inscription of a rose in the middle of it. No other door had that” Christina told me. I nodded, smiling slightly, thankful that she had given me a way to remember where my bedroom way. “Sleep well. I will see you when you wake up. She smiled, giving me a side hug. I hugged her back, thankful to have at least one person I could trust.


I entered the bedroom and closed the door quietly behind me. I found the night gown on the floor where I had left it and decided to put it back on. I had always found it very uncomfortable to sleep in jeans.

I changed quickly and got ready to snuggle up under the covers but I suddenly froze. Someone else was on the far side of the bed and almost immediately I knew who it must have been. Jace.



© 2010 DancingInTheDark

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