Chapter 7 - Dreaming

Chapter 7 - Dreaming

A Chapter by Tyler and Lozza

Murderous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


   Love is hurtful, often deceiving, but never impossible. Lying here, knife above my heart, made it seem impossible. The man I loved and adored so much is Satan. However, I only saw the pure, untainted love he showed me. I never saw the evil in him 'till now. Toby was going to kill me. Destroy me. Crush my beating heart so that this selfish creature could live for eternity.


   The dim light glinted off the menacing blade as it hovering above my pounding heart, preparing itself to plunge into my heavy chest. Toby was my life, and he was about to take it from me. I gave one last look of the last things i would ever see but something was different. Toby wasn't there. This is not the Toby I know and loved. Where was he? He appeared in front of me, the warmth lost from his eyes, and in its place it was filled with a cold, unwelcoming, glassy stare...


   I woke in a pool of sweat in a dusty motel room. I couldn't breathe. Toby was going to kill me. Suddenly I felt a cool hand on my shoulder.

   "Jade, are you alright?" Toby asked as he turned on the lamp by the bed I was sleeping on. "You started to scream, then yelled and now you're drenched in your sweat. You scared me Jade!" Toby hugged her, not caring that she was covered in sweat.


   “You’re going to kill me. But you love me. I love you. Why?” I started to sob to Toby. I was back to reality, but it felt too real. I felt I was there in the room, lying on the raised ground. The coldness of the wind had brushed against my hot check as the knife hovered above my rapidly beating heart. It was all too real. Too real.


   “Oh Jade. You are my world! I couldn’t live without you. It was a nightmare, you need to go back to sleep babe” Toby softly said as he gently laid me back down. He stroked my hair and lovingly looked into my eyes. “I would never hurt you Jade. You know that right? I love you” and he kissed the top of my forehead.


   “I know you wouldn’t, it’s just…”


   “It’s just what Jade?”


   “It was too real to be a dream. It felt like a memory or something that is about to happen. Do you get what I mean?” I said as I found the strength to sit back up again.


   “Let’s talk about this tomorrow. You need your sleep for the long journey ahead.” Toby plainly said.


   “What journey? What are we even doing here in Alaska?!” I started to panic as I didn’t even know where I was and why I was here.


   “I said let’s talk tomorrow. Now you need your sleep Jade.” And he turned his back on me before I could protest.


   “Toby?” He turned round suddenly which made me leap out of my skin.


   “Yes Jade?”


   “Can I call Blossom tomorrow? Just to say I’m ok and that? Please?” I asked willingly.


   After a while, he answered me. “Yes, yes you can. Now sleep, we will talk more, tomorrow morning.”


   My head found the pillow and my eyes could not stay open a second longer, and I drifted off into a deep sleep. However, I could not get the thought of the nightmare out of my head.

© 2011 Tyler and Lozza

Author's Note

Tyler and Lozza
Ignore the Grammatical Errors ect. xxxxxxx

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Tyler and Lozza
Tyler and Lozza

Portsmouth :D, United Kingdom

Oh My Giddy Aunt!!! We Got asked if we wanted a book published internationally and it isn't even finished yet, but we had to say no as it was a 'tad' to £ :( but we have another publisher at our.. more..

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