Chapter 10 - Trip

Chapter 10 - Trip

A Chapter by Tyler and Lozza

  I woke up on a bed. Toby’s hand was still in mine. I couldn’t bear to open my eyes though. I knew he could sense I was awake but he didn’t say anything. I was glad to. It gave me time to think. How much time do I have with Toby? Are they after both of us or just me? Where were they? Was Toby safe? Was I safe? This whole f**k up with the devil’s men was NOT part of the plan, now what can I do? Toby said run. No one can run away from problems though. How can I run away from this? Heaven and Hell are after me. They wanted to make sure me and Toby were not together. I needed to talk with Toby, so I decided it was time to open my eyes. They slowly eased open and the sight before me was breath taking. Toby’s eyes were shining with the brightest green I have ever seen. His smile brought warmth into my heart. I defiantly loved him. I started to cry again. I can’t believe how weak I was being. Toby bent down and squeezed me with a passionate hug.


   “Jade, you scared the living daylights out of me!” He whispered into my hair.


   “I’m sorry.” I whispered back, still crying. Finally we broke apart and I sat up on the bed. It was a small, cream room with a crappy red bedside lamp and a very tiny en suite. Another Motel room I guessed. “Sorry about fainting, crying and being mad at you. I’m just so confused at the moment. Where are we?”


   “In a motel in Ester, Alaska. When you’re feeling better, we need to make a move. We need to get to get to Kachemak as soon as we can Jade. Once we get there, we will be safe.”


   “How far is it?” I asked.


   “About 10 hours. The sooner we leave the better”


   “Ok then, of to Kachemak we go.” I got off the bed and Toby and I gathered our things together and we walked outside arms wrapped around each others waist.


"Uh...Toby?" I asked "How exactly are we going to get to  Kachemak?"
"That's a question which I'm about to answer" 
"You what?" I said Stepping away from him. "You know i hate dogs Toby!"
"Yeah but You haven't lived until a team of dogs Are pulling a sleigh".


© 2011 Tyler and Lozza

Author's Note

Tyler and Lozza
only half done xxxx

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well this chapter is only half done but hopefully we will finish another 4 chapters this weekend so you wont have to wait long :D and thank you very much ♥♥♥ - Lozza x

Posted 11 Years Ago

hey..i think its pretty good......i'm really curious to know about what's are amazing!!!...I'm a huge fan of your writing..... :D .... i'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter.. :D :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Tyler and Lozza
Tyler and Lozza

Portsmouth :D, United Kingdom

Oh My Giddy Aunt!!! We Got asked if we wanted a book published internationally and it isn't even finished yet, but we had to say no as it was a 'tad' to £ :( but we have another publisher at our.. more..

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