The Thoughts and Theories of the Not-So-Average: A Book For Teens

The Thoughts and Theories of the Not-So-Average: A Book For Teens

A Book by Ms. Starr

summed up: a series of short writings that reflect the unsure, passionate, and generally unspoken side of teens. witty, tormented, pointless and not really necessary, it's a past time and a passion.


© 2010 Ms. Starr

Author's Note

Ms. Starr
just what do you think?! should i continue this, continue adding and sharing, or just keep my own diary and move on? i want these things to be heard, don't ask me why, but everyone needs encouragements, right? most everything here is true, but some experiences are described as from what i've imagined with help from research and resources. if i'm wrong, and you know the truth, from your own experience, please tell me. i'm open to critiques! i'm ready to make a start for my life, and i want to start it now, before it has a chance to end. this is planet earth, after all. please help me?

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Okay, first, your user name got me, so of course, I had to click ;D
You're 13? I just turned 14 a month ago! Yes! Finally, a writer on here who's close to my age!
So, now I must read on. [:

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on June 29, 2010
Last Updated on June 29, 2010
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Ms. Starr
Ms. Starr


I enjoy writing. I don't do it enough. I'm unmotivated, uninspired, and have learned that unless you are deemed important or special enough for modern society, your words will generally go unheard. I'.. more..

oh, god. oh, god.

A Poem by Ms. Starr

speak speak

A Poem by Ms. Starr