Just K*** Me.

Just K*** Me.

A Chapter by Ms. Starr

the title.. funny how it could be either kiss me or kill me. ...or kick me. questions on what each stage (or whatever) means, ask, i'm happy to help you see it in your own way.

December 28th, 2009

Kisses are meaningful.
Kisses are special.
Kisses are perfect/luxurious/dreamed.
They are hoped/waited/longed for.
We squirm under our first kiss, warm and soft and wet, the love that breathes life into our tiny baby lungs.
There’s the exchange of electricity that lights up the insides of our eyelids; when we curl our toes and freeze our hearts because we want to hear the pulse of the lightening we’re holding in our arms.
There is the sharp/sudden/slow touch from bloody/unseen/chapped lips, the one that makes you cry because its scarlet sweetness is a relief/horror/oh-so-long awaited savior from bone-cold flesh.
There are cold and refreshing kisses from the sky, sent down by the silver stars to comfort/soothe you whether you are aware you need it or not.
Or there are the gentle rays from a soft sun, floating down on phoenix wings to tint the smooth expanse of your skin with a golden hue, little secrets painted on your cheeks in minuscule art works.
Loving brushes from a mother’s lips when she thinks you’re asleep or the ones you feel in dreams but never really receive.
Some are hard and fast and tell unsaid words that ended up passing through your lips after all and you should be mad/upset/terrified but all you feel is your secrets being mouthed back to you, formed by their tongue so all there is is: yes/stop/stay/kissme/ihateyou/stay/yes/iloveyou/please/kissme.
There’s fingers brushing your hair from your eyes-arms touching barely-socloseyetsofar-long lashes quivering on blushing cheeks-smiles filling your tummy with butterflies.
Life is short magical/beautiful/murderous/a kiss.

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Author's Note

Ms. Starr
ignore the lacking of spaces in between words, please. and the over use of back slashes. unless you think it's ACTUALLY an over use.

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heart break is one of the tags because if your heartbroken, this is something to remind you of the love that you felt, the kisses and emotion shared. it's to help you know that there will be more. (: if you look into the heartbreak part, that is. maybe that's just what i see ^-^

Posted 11 Years Ago

When I looked at the title, I tried to think of a swear word that started with K! I came up with nothing xD
I loved the lack of spaces between words! It added a nice effect! And no, it's not an overuse, it you're wondering.
I read the tags and saw heart break so of course, I re-read the piece to find the heartbreak in it. Either I didn't find it or... I just didn't read close enough. I'm just - probably - too lazy to read within the letters.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Ms. Starr


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