Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Meghan Frederick

Sarah's POV:

​Shawn and I began to talk about relationships for some odd reason during the car ride. He was telling me about his first girlfriend and how awful and crazy she was toward him. "But," he continued, "if you ever bring a boy home and I just as much as think he's treating you like she treated me, then I'm kicking his a*s." Just because Shawn is a fighter, he thinks he can beat up everyone he meets. Well, he could be right. He could probably beat the crap out of anyone.

​I was looking out the windshield and randomly nodded at some moments to show that I was somewhat listening to him. Suddenly, I saw something up ahead walking into the road. I squinted to see what the object was but I couldn't make it out. All I could tell was that it was going to walk right in front of the car and Shawn was driving too fast. He was going to hit it!

​"Shawn! Stop!" I yelled. Shawn stopped talking and slammed on the brakes, but he didn't react quick enough. I lifted my hand and placed it on the dashboard for support so my head wouldn't go through the windshield. I heard a snap and pain shot up through my arm. I screamed out in agony.

​The car finally stopped as it hit the object in front of us. "Are you okay, Sarah?" Shawn was facing me.

​I shook my head. "What did we hit?"

​Shawn leaned up against the steering wheel to try to see in front of the car. "I don't know. I can't see anything." He slowly began to get out of the car and I followed his actions. I looked at the front of the car and saw red liquid, and that's when I saw the body lying in front of the car.

​"Oh, my God! I hit a guy! No, I killed a guy! He's dead!" Shawn yelled over and over.

​I kneeled next to the guy that was laying limply in front of the car and placed two fingers from my good hand beneath his jaw bone. I felt a shallow "tap-tap" under my fingers. After, I bent over and placed my ear above his nose and mouth. I felt a soft breeze escape his slightly parted lips.

​"He's alive but unconscious. He needs to see a doctor, Shawn," I looked up at him.

​His green eyes shined brightly in the head lights. I could tell that his protective side was beginning to take over. "Then let's get going." He gently put his arms beneath the guy and hoisted him up to place him into the back seat. The guy didn't even flinch when Shawn lifted him off the ground and I'm going to guess he was too out of it to notice any pain. I was actually beginning to worry about this guy. Why was I so worried about a stranger?

​I clutched my bad hand as I sat back in the passenger seat. The pain was steadily increasing. I knew I need help too, very badly.

"The nearest hospital is thirty minutes away," Shawn said as he started the car.

"Just please hurry," I said through my gritted teeth.

Shawn's phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket and answered. "Hey, baby...well I'm on my way to the hospital...I accidently hit I'm fine. Sarah's hurt though...okay...see you you too." Shawn glanced at me. "Emma's meeting us there."

I nodded. I turned around and looked at the guy lying across the backseat. I could faintly see his chest rise and fall so he was okay, for now. I prayed he would still be breathing by the time we got to the hospital.

Shawn drove as fast as he could. He always drove way over the speed limit, but when I'm in the car he doesn't. He says it's because he thinks that I don't like going fast but I really know it's because he doesn't want me to get hurt. But, this time, he was going particularly fast.

I heard a groan come from behind me. I whirled around to face the backseat and saw the guy was moving, as if trying to sit up. "Hey," I called out to the guy, "you may want to stay down. We accidently hit you with our car, so you may be a little sore."

"I thought so," I watched him as he lay back down.

"What's your name?" my brother asked as he looked into the rear-view mirror.

"Kevin," the guy answered.

"Nice to meet you, Kevin," Shawn and I rarely said things at the same time, but at that moment we did.

I heard Kevin laugh. "What a great first meeting." Of course, he had to be an idiotic sarcastic.

Kevin stopped talking and he started breathing shallowly again. I kept waiting for him to ask or say something, but he never did.

Shawn pulled up into the hospital parking lot and turned the car off. Shawn pulled Kevin out of the backseat and headed toward the hospital entrance with Kevin in his arms. I followed in behind them, clutching my damaged wrist. As we walked into the building, nurses began to swarm Shawn and Kevin. They were yelling out questions and I could tell my brother was getting nervous with all those people around him. The nurses dispersed as a man in a white coat took Kevin away on a rolling bed. Shawn walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulder as a nurse approached us. "Was anyone else hurt?" she had a sweet tone in her voice.

"Yes, Ma'am," Shawn answered her. "My little sister, Sarah, hurt her wrist when I slammed on the brakes."

The lady gently held my hand in hers and look over it. "Will you two please come with me so a doctor can take a look at it?"

We both nodded and she smiled. We followed her down the white, clean hallways until we finally stopped inside a poorly lit waiting room. She motioned for us to stay while she went around a desk and talked into a phone. I looked up at my brother and he shrugged. She hung up the phone and motioned us to follow her again. I breathed in as we walked into a boring, sterile room with a man wearing dark blue scrubs walking around. He turned around to face us.

"Why, hello. Please come in," he smiled when he waved his hand in front of two chairs that were placed in front of a big desk that was filled with diagrams and models. Shawn and I sat down, and the man looked at my wrist and made me do many exercises to see if my wrist was broken or if it wasn't as serious as I thought. He smiled at me which showed me that he was done. "It's a major sprain but it will heal in a few weeks. You'll be just fine, sweetie," he placed a green and white splint around my wrist and place his hand on my shoulder to reassure me.

"Sir," Shawn spoke up. "Do you know where they took our friend?"

The doctor looked up at the nurse who was still in the room. "They put him in room 213," the nurse answered.

Shawn and I stood up. "Thank you both for everything," Shawn said as he steadied me. "How much do I owe you?"

The doctor smiled. "This one is on us. Do not worry about it." He waved at us to leave. "Now, go. Your friend is waiting on you."

Shawn grabbed my arm. "Thanks again." We left the office and ran down some halls trying to find Kevin's room. We stopped in front the door that said ROOM 213. I gripped Shawn's arm as we walked into the bright hospital room. Shawn stopped in the doorway but I continued to walk to where Kevin was lying. That was when I was able to get a good look at Kevin.

Kevin looked at least my age. He had black hair that was poofy and somewhat long. He looked very strong even though he was lying in a hospital bed. He had sweat all over him and multiple IV's in both arms. His skin was sickly pale, and he had a gauze wrapped around his head which I think was because when he must have hit it against the car when he slammed into my brother's car. He had a cast around his right leg which I'm figuring because it was broken. He also had small cuts and bruises on his arms, neck, and face. I looked up at the nurse who was checking his monitors. She smiled at me. "He'll be fine, honey." She took one last look at the monitors and left the room quietly and closed the door behind her.

I looked up at Shawn as he approached the bed. I placed my hand on the side rail and looked at Kevin's face, wondering what was going through his mind. Suddenly, Kevin's eyelids flew open and he was staring into my eyes. As soon as I looked into his eyes, I knew I had a future with him. His eyes were a light brown that sparkled as he looked at me. He smiled.

"Nice to actually see your faces," he was talking to both of us, but he was still looking at me.

I shook my head and smiled. "Sorry! I'm Sarah, and this is my brother, Shawn."

He nodded only slightly glancing at Shawn and then he was looking back at me. "Nice to meet you."

"How are you feeling?" Shawn asked.

"My leg, head,...well, basically my whole body hurts. I don't remember what happened."

"Well, you ran in front of my car," Shawn said plainly.

I punched Shawn in the arm. "Be nice! He's the one in the hospital, not you!" I spat out at him.

"Well, technically we're all in the hospital."

"Shut up! You know what I mean."

Kevin laughed. "No. It's my fault. I'm sorry." His eyes focused on the splint on my wrist and his

smile faded and his face got even paler. "What happened to your hand?"

I pulled my hand down to my side as if trying to hide it from him. "When we hit you, I put my hand on the edge of the dashboard to protect myself, and when my brother slammed on the breaks, I sprained it."

"Oh, God, I'm sorry!" he looked as if he wanted to have the sprained wrist instead of me.

"No, it's fine. You have a broken leg!"

He looked at me as if he was about to say something but decided not to. I felt a connection between Kevin and me. As if we were made for each other. Do I seriously have a crush on a stranger? This was really new for me because I actually have never had a crush on anyone before. Sad isn't it?

© 2014 Meghan Frederick

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