Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Meghan Frederick

Sarah's POV:

​The doorbell rang when my mom and I were finishing up with the turkey. I cleaned off my hands with the nasty rag that was on the counter beside me and skipped to the door. My heart pounded as I placed my hand on the doorknob. I took a deep breath before I opened it. I opened the door and my eyes locked with Kevin's. He and Pop were standing in the doorway smiling at me.

​"Hey!" I smiled back at them.

​"Hey, beautiful," Kevin wrapped his arms around my waist and embraced me the same way he did yesterday.


I wrapped my arms around his neck and held onto him as if I was holding him for dear life. As the fog lifted out of my head, I remembered we weren't alone and I quickly released him.

​"Come in. We're about to eat," I blushed as I motioned them to come inside.

​"What a beautiful home," I heard Pop whisper as if to himself.

​I closed the door and smiled at him. "Thank you!" My mom popped around the corner and smiled when she saw us.

​"Well, it's finally nice to see you out of a hospital bed, Kevin," she joked as she walked toward us. "And this must be your father," she wiped her hand off before she stuck it out to Pop.

​"Actually, he's my grandfather," Kevin admitted.

I noticed my dad round the corner from the living room and make his way toward us. He stopped next to my mom and stared Kevin straight in the eyes. "Nice to see you."

Kevin only nodded in response. I continued to stare between my dad and Kevin. It looked as if there was a mental war going on between them. I put my hand on Kevin's arm and pulled myself closer to him as I waited for him and my dad to break out into a fight. "Well, why don't we all go and sit down so we can eat," my mom suggested nervously.

"That sounds lovely!" Pop grinned.

My dad turned on his heels and walked towards the kitchen. I looked up into Kevin's eyes before following my dad into the kitchen. He smiled weakly at me as we started walking.

As we rounded the corner, a cold wave went through me and I had to grab onto the wall for support. The entire room began to spin around me. I could faintly hear my mom calling my name, and I watched numbly as Kevin ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me before I hit the ground. I could see his lips moving but I didn't hear anything, and then everything went black.


When my eye lids finally opened, I saw Kevin's face inches from mine. I slowly placed my palm on his cheek and weakly smiled at him. He smiled back at me and started running his fingers through my hair while still keeping his sparkling eyes on me. I turned away from his stare and looked toward the kitchen table. I guess Carlee and Maika had arrived when I was out because they were sitting at the table talking to my mom and dad. Shawn was sitting next to Maika, stuffing his face with turkey. Shawn had always been a nervous eater.

"Are you okay, Sarah?" Kevin asked me in a really concerned voice.

I sat up and placed my hand on my head. "What happened?"

"You just kind of passed out," Shawn said with a mouthful of turkey.

All of a sudden, Shawn fainted and fell out of his chair, Carlee's head fell onto the table and Maika slouched back in his chair with his eyes closed. Lastly, Kevin's head landed in my lap and I realized he fainted just like the others. I looked at my friends and brother and felt my heart begin to beat faster.

This is the same thing that happened to me just a few minutes ago.

I looked up at my parents but their expression didn't show worriedness like mine must have shown. They seemed calm, as if they knew this was going to happen. What did they know?

What are they hiding from me? Sure, my parents always kept secrets, but this was about my friends and a boy who I may be falling in love with! This now concernes me and the people that are closest to me. I have to know what's going on.

Kevin began to stir in my lap. He lifted himself off of me and gave me a confused look. I turned to Carlee and Maika and saw they were both helping Shawn get off the ground. I looked angrily at my parents and finally let my anger out. "What do you two know?"

My mom looked at me trying to seem innocent. "What are you talking about, honey?"

I was starting to get angrier. "I know you two know something. I can see it on your faces. What's going on?"

My mother looked up at my father and he nodded. "You all know I would never lie about anything. Well, except for Kevin. It's against my nature." My mom took a deep breath. "You've all gained your full powers. That's why each one of you fainted."

"Wait, what?" I stuttered.

"We're all superheroes now?" Shawn questioned.

My mom laughed and shook her head. "You're all a part of this old prophecy about five kids who will save the world from a terrible force. Many will die for them to win the war."

"That's why we believe you literally ran into Kevin. He was needed to complete this circle," my dad explained.

"Wait, what?" I asked again.

"I know it's a lot to take in, but you have to believe us. The war is now upon us," my mother spoke softly, not wishing to alarm me.

"Will any of us be killed?" I looked at my friends and brother.

My mom looked at the ground. "Maybe, but you, Sarah, are the key to earth's survival. You are being protected by many people."

"Like us, Pop, the Bruse's, and so many other people out there." My dad stepped forward noticing I was about to bolt.

I looked at my best friends and brother knowing they could get killed because of me. Guilt ran over me, even though they weren't dead. A wave of depression hit me like a ton of bricks. I ran up to my room before anyone could see me cry. I slammed my door shut and locked it as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Over the next few hours, everyone tried to come in to talk to me, to calm me down, but I wouldn't answer them. I eventually cried myself to sleep.

Five nightmares came while I was asleep. Each one involved the five closest people to me getting killed right in front of me. I barely had any sleep. There was so much pressure on me that I felt I wouldn't be able to stand it.

© 2014 Meghan Frederick

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