A Chapter by Regan Meade

Nuka was the first to attack sprinting forward towards Carrick his sword aiming for his abdomen. Blocking the attack Carrick brought Nuka into a stale mate and began the fight for dominance.

            “What happened to her!?” Carrick growled.

            Nuka felt himself get thrown back several feet only to land on his back the air was forced out of his lungs leaving him lying on the ground stunned. Carrick walked over to the fallen boy and held his sword to his throat. Looking up Nuka gulped at the fierce look in Carrick’s golden eyes.

            “Nuka, what happened to Kazira,” Carrick growled.

            “It happened when you left! Okay?! Rogues attack the village I went to go and help but I froze and ten of them came into our home, Kazira ended up killing two and in the end they tied us up and made us watch as they raped out mother!” Nuka cried. “They made us watch them as they defiled her body like it was nothing but a toy. Carrick mother lost her very soul that day.”

            “What does that have to do with Kazira Nuka?” Carrick asked confused but the boy didn’t hear a word he said.

            Sheathing his sword he sat down next to the quivering boy laying a gentle hand onto his shoulder.

            “Most days’ mother just sleeps only awakening when it was time to eat. Others,” Nuka paused. “Others she sits in the house, mumbling to herself about father or other things. And the rest well…”

            “Nuka spit it out!”

            “She beats her! Okay, mother as soon she sees Kazira she’ll scream bloody murder (just like that day) and she would take the cane and beat her till she bled. As soon as she sees the blood mother goes into hysterics and tries to help but sometimes she makes it worse so I put her to bed and tended to my sister’s wounds.” Nuka sobbed. “Not once did she ever shed a tear.”

            Carrick sat there with a shocked as Nuka laid on the ground his eyes over flowing with unshed tears.  He couldn’t believe that Klara would raise anything to harm her only daughter. He turned his head and discretely looked at Kazira who was seasoning the meat. He turned his back and looked at Nuka.

            “Don’t ask her about it because she’ll tell you nothing is wrong.” Nuka stated sitting up.

            “What about Klara?”

            “I honestly don’t know. She might go back to her old self now that you’re back, but I’m not going to hold my breath.” Nuka sighed. “But if you talk to her I’m going to make sure Kazira isn’t in the room.”

            “Nuka don’t worry about Kazira if Klara does try to attack her I’ll stop her from doing any harm.

            Nuka nodded and stood up brushing his brown pants off. Looking at Carrick he held his hand out to help him up. Patting the boy’s back in thank the two set off towards the home where Klara laid sleeping and Kazira sat next to the fire cooking the meat. Upon returning Kazira turned serious eyes towards them.

            “I see Nuka told you.” She stated.

            Carrick nodded. “Aye, he did.”

            “I assume you’re going to talk to mother then?”

            Carrick nodded again and went into the house; leaving the twins outside to watch the scene unfold.


            Carrick walked into the dark semi-empty room and saw Klara lying on the only bed within. Her once shinny red hair was dull and matted her face drawn in making her looks that of the dead. Looking around he saw that most everything in the room was broken or falling apart. He kneeled next to her bed and as gently as he could shook her awake.

            “Klara, Klara, it’s me Carrick.”

            Klara sleepily opened her dull green eyes.


            “Yes Klara it’s me.”

            “Where have you been? You missed Nuka’s training session.”

            “I know.”

            “Have you seen Kazira? She’s such a pretty girl isn’t she? She looked absolutely lovely in that lavender gown, at least until she splashed mud all over it.”

            Carrick sighed. She was remembering the days before he had left to answer the Order’s call.

            “Klara that was two summers ago. Kazira is seventeen now.”

            Klara looked at him with unseeing eyes before they started to gather tears.

            “I know, Carrick, I know,” She whispered brokenly. “I just don’t want to remember what happened; what I’ve done to her and Nuka.”

            “Klara tell me what happened. Tell me why you would strike your daughter.”

            “I don’t mean to. But I wake up from nightmares and when I wake I’m still trapped and I remember how my little Kazira killed those two men. And I’d attack her, I don’t remember much of what I would say but I’d stop when I would feel some liquid on my face.”

            Carrick looked at the crying woman and pulled her frail body into his arms and held her close. He heard the door move and he turned and looked; he saw Kazira’s head poked in and with sad eyes stated that dinner was ready. Nodding to her he turned back to her mother.

            “Klara; Kazira made dinner. Would you like to eat with your family?”

            Feeling her nod against his shoulder he stood up pulling her up into his arms and carried her bridal style out the door. Nuka looked at the door and gasped when he saw a bit of life back in his mother’s eyes. He gave her a gentle smile; he knew that having Carrick back would do his mother some good.

            “Hello mother.”

            Klara nodded at her son her eyes settling on her daughter who sat off to the side away from her.


            The younger girl looked up with a heavy sigh.

            “Mother,” Was all that she said before she returned to eating her meal.

            “Don’t worry Klara.  Just give her some time.” Carrick whispered into the dejected woman’s ear while handing her a skewer of deer meet.

            The meal was eaten in silence only the crackling of the fire was permeating the air.

© 2010 Regan Meade

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