A Chapter by Regan Meade

Yes I know I'm kinda of rushing things but I was having a writers block haha and I didnt want to much time to pass before they set out on the journey. :) Please tell me what you think!




            Darious walked next to Kazira in silence and it was this silence that was bothering him. He was used to the novice chatter boxes that he usually had to escort back to their rooms because they did something stupid and enraged his father. Though, now that he thought about it, that wasn’t a very hard thing to do with him especially in training; one wrong move could me your death or someone else’s and he was always trying to prevent that. He let out a small laugh. Yes his father was trying to save the world one novice at a time.

            Kazira glanced over at the older man. He seemed nice enough and he was Reco’s son so that had to count for something right? She heard the small laugh that he let out and the curiousness, that she was slowly growing accustomed to in this place, came through with blinding force. She looked away from him and bit her tongue; she wasn’t going to ask since it was not her place, as so many have told her since she arrived.

            “Kazira will you please just say something,” Darious decided to state just to break the silence.

            Kazira looked at him before nodding. “What do you want me to say? Nice weather we’re having? Honestly, I just don’t have anything to talk about. Sorry but I’m not a loquacious girl that you hang out with.”

            Darious stopped in front of her and turned looking her straight in the eyes. This caused Kazira to stop walking and look up at him with stubborn eyes.

            “Is that why you think I asked for you to say something? Is that what you think I think about you?”

            “Yes I do. All the men here seem to think that a woman has no place on a battle field when they have every right as those very men do. Women can be vicious if not more so than a man. We are protecting more than just our country; we are protecting our families our children and if we lose them then we fight just as hard and just as mean!” Kazira stated her voice rising with each sentence. “It seems that I will get no reprieve unless I kill something or act like the woman they expect me to!”

            Darious looked at her in surprise; he didn’t think that the others were that bad but it seemed that in his absence things had gone downhill and the respect that had been beaten into their heads had dwindled. He stepped closer to her and placed a hand on her head, he spoke softly for only her ears.

            “That is not what I think. Yes I admit I would prefer women to stay off the battle field, don’t interrupt, that is simply because I do not want to worry about them getting hurt. I know women are just as vicious as us males, but to men women are a distraction both good and bad. I do not mean that to be disrespectful but its better if the men don’t have to worry about their wives or daughters on the field somewhere dying because they could not protect them.”

            Kazira stood their ready to protest but as she listened to Darious speak; she could understand. That still didn’t mean that they had to treat her, or any others, like the dirt they walk on because of their gender. She looked up at him with a small sigh.

            “I understand but that doesn’t mean that we should be treated any different than you or any other man.” She shook her head. “We are treated as if we are worse than dirt or porcelain dolls, though some may act as if they are, others don’t and the men can’t seem to handle that.”

            He nodded. “I know, but do not let that bother you. Just be who you are and if you need to bash a few heads in then so be it. But with that let’s show you your room and then go get something to eat; I’m hungry.”

            Kazira laughed and followed him down the corridor. Along the way it was filled with conversations about weapons, food, and many other things before they arrived at her room. Opening the door Darious allowed Kazira to enter first. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

            Her room was pretty it had the color teal and black. She had a medium sized bed to the left of the door and a desk to the right. It was plain but hey it was better than sharing a room with her brother in a little hut that they could barely live in comfortably anymore. On the desk chair she saw her pack and smiled and decided that she didn’t want to carry around her sword, and that her daggers would serve her well enough right now, so she walked over to the bed and gently placed it on the blankets before walking back to Darious. She smiled and turned back to Darious and pulled him into a hug; this shocked him. He was used to girls throwing themselves at him but not in a friendly way. So this was different but in a good way he decided.

            “Come on. You have to show me to the dining hall.” Kazira smiled as she released him grabbing his hand without noticing.

            Darious smiled and thought that the action was kind of cute as he led her down the dining hall. He listened as she chatted about how she was happy that she was there despite being Carrick’s ward. This still confused him; so he asked what she meant by that. From his knowledge Carrick didn’t have any familial ties outside of the Order, and most of those ties were long since dead.

            “Well, apparently, he was a friend of my father’s, but from the story he was the one who had him murdered anyway, he has been in our lives since we were born and he took us under his wing. According to mother, he was the one who pushed her to let me train with him and Nuka and though she agreed she tried to turn me into a noble lady.” She laughed. “It never worked obviously, but she tried. When my brother and I were about eight summers she told us that should she die Carrick would take us with him to stay here at the order, and since he had high ranking and or course a title we would be well off and not have to worry about a thing. That’s how we ended up coming here.”

            Darious was shocked; Carrick was taking care of Kain’s children? Why would he do that? What did he want from them? When he asked Kazira those questions she only shrugged; she really didn’t have any idea as far as she knew he thought that neither of them would have their father’s legacy. Kazira stated that she thought he had been in love with their mother at one point; the way they acted was so similar to the way other married couples had acted.

            “Maybe they had secretly married.” She laughed. “Do you know how bad that would be? I wouldn’t be his ward then; I’d be his daughter.”

            They both shivered at the thought, they soon turned the conversation back to training techniques and that continued until they had arrived at the dining hall. Both smelt food and their stomach growled in hunger causing the two to laugh before walking in. Inside was alive with all types of conversations, some of them stopped when they saw that the two had walked in but started up again without missing a beat. Kazira looked around and saw Nuka, who was sitting next to Carrick, which made her frown. She released Darious’ hand and walked over to them. Carrick saw her and waved her and Darious over. Kazira stopped behind them with her arms crossed. Darious stood behind her.

            “Kazira, my darling ward, you’ve come to join us! And you’ve brought Darious with you good, good.”Carrick stated. “Come, come sit down and eat we had the finest food if you like meat and potatoes that is.”

            The group of men laughed, before making room for the two.

            “No thank you but that’s not necessary; you two, we need to talk.”

            “Sure, sure then let’s talk.” Carrick stated.

            “No,” She said. “Alone.”

            Seeing that she was serious Carrick nodded and pulled the silent Nuka up with him when he stood before motioning the other two to follow him. They all went out into the deserted hallway and stood Carrick and Nuka stood on one side with Kazira and Darious stood on the other.

            “What is it you wanted to talk about?” Carrick started off.

            “For starters I want to say that I know about my father.” She stated.

            “Well then. You know that he was a murderer.” Carrick stated.

            “He is not a murderer. He was doing what a good leader should and he took responsibility for those who didn’t commit a crime.” She said. “I also know that you betrayed him and told us, my mother, a lie. You said he died bravely when all you did was have him murdered.”

            Carrick growled and got closer to her and stood so close that she could feel his breathe fanning over her face.

            “Now listen to me Kazira. That man you call a father was nothing but an arrogant a*s. What I did gave me the rank I hold today and that incident is nothing but a small reminder of what happens to traitors and that’s what keeps me going.” He smiled before drawing a hand across her cheek. “Now be a good girl and forget all of those stories you heard about that man.” He turned to Nuka. “Nuka let’s go and let your sister calm down.”

            “I have one more question Carrick.” Kazira stated to his turned back. “Why were you and mother so close?”

            The question seemed to halt his steps immediately. Nuka looked back shocked that his sister had asked a question like that. Before he said anything Carrick turned with a smirk.

            “She was to be my wife when you two were old enough, but I was called away before that happened.” He stated before turning and walking back to the room Nuka following in a stunned silence.

            “You were right.” Darious stated. “Only they weren’t married yet.”

She let out a dry laugh. “It seems that while I am more like my father, my brother is more like my mother; blindly believing in the words filled with false affections.” She paused. “I’m not sure that I actually wanted to be right. Darious I don’t want to eat in there, do you think it’d be alright for us to go hunting?”

            “Yes, I don’t see why it would be a problem.”

            “Good. Let’s go then.”

            With that said Kazira did a sharp turn and walked back the way they came, only to come back around the corner and smile sheepishly, saying that she couldn’t remember they way back. Darious laughed and took the lead and soon the two were off hunting.


            Reco had walked back to his room after her left Kazira and Darious to their own devices. He was now sitting on his bed looking at the cloaked figure sitting in his desk chair. He was still amazed that this person before him still had the knack for getting himself into impossible situations.

            “Reco,” The cloaked figure said warmly. “How have you been my friend?”

            “Kain, it’s good to see you in good health considering you are thought to be dead.” Reco laughed. “Though, you could always do the impossible.”

            ‘Kain’ lifted the hood off of his face. Underneath was a handsome man who looked to be in his twenties. He was quite handsome with almond shaped teal eyes, and short messy hair. Kain had a lean build he wasn’t covered in massive muscles but toned ones. He stood a good 7’2”. “Well, not the complete impossible.” Kain stated.

            Reco nodded. He knew what his friend was talking about.

            “Carrick still hasn’t given up. Kain, he still feels that he is in competition but took it a step farther and went after your family.” Reco sighed. “Kazira knows what truly happened Kain; she does not trust Carrick, I don’t think that she ever really did. She was so cold when he was around. So stoic I was afraid her face would be frozen like that.”

            “I know my friend, I know. I’ve been watching them from a distance.” He paused. “She really is like me; isn’t she? Kazira I mean.”

            Reco looked at the man fondly and nodded. “Aye that she is. Did you see what she did to me?! She pulled the same trick you did with the stun powder!” Reco exclaimed humorously before turning solemn. “Kain, about Nuka I don’t think that he will leave Carrick’s side; not even for his sister.”

            “Yes I heard. I don’t blame the boy though. Don’t think that I ever could. But he should have been taking care of his family, not his sister.” Kain looked at Reco with hard eyes. “Does he know what she is?”

            “No he does not. He believes her to be like her brother but doesn’t realize that she has your rare eye color. She knows what she is but she won’t know how to control it.” Reco said. “If I could I would train her but I was only a part of the infirmary; Darious has a better…That’s it! I’ll have Darious train her. Oh it’s perfect Kain!”

            “My friend I do have to agree on that sentiment. Darious is a fine boy but isn’t he leaving soon? To Camelot I believe. Magic is forbidden there it would be hard to train her then without anyone knowing.” Kain thought.

            “Why not let her travel with him, she is of partial noble birth because of you. And Darious is only going to meet with Uther about trading and being a liaison, Kazira will just be another face that goes.” Reco stated off handedly reaching for a goblet of wine. “Besides most of the lessons will take place during fights, since that is what it is for; is it not?”

            “Yes, we are battle mages. Kazira is different though Reco. You saw that. She has other latent powers. I’ve noticed them since she was four summers. The elements bend to her will. She has the powers of my great father; the powers over elements.” Kain stated. “But I don’t suppose it’s a bad idea to send Kazira with Darious. Reco do not mention a word to anyone of the assassins that I am still alive. I don’t know who to trust other than you within these walls.” With that said Kain pulled up the hood and began to fade into the shadows.

            “Aye, don’t worry Kain. I won’t breathe this to a soul.”


            Later the next morning Kazira and Darious sat in his father’s room.

            “You mean you want me to take her with me to Camelot, the place where magic is banned, and anyone found using magic is either imprisoned or executed?” Darious stated incredulously.

            Reco nodded.” Yes that sounds about right, but you forgot the part where you will be training her in the ways of the assassins.”

            “Oh well excuse me I thought the whole taking her to Camelot was more important.”

            “You’re forgiven.”

            Kazira watched as father and son bickered. Her head moved back and forth between the two. She watched as Reco stayed calm and Darious got more rambunctious and his face turned red. She honestly didn’t see what the big deal was. That’s what she said out loud despite her saying it to herself. This caused the two men to look at her blandly. They asked what she meant. All she said was was that she didn’t get that if they were traveling why Darious couldn’t train her and then when they reach the borders of Camelot stop and only train at night when most were asleep. Reco laughed saying that the little spitfire, as he took to calling her, had a point, Begrudgingly, Darious agreed and told her that they would leave in at noon,” before leaving the room in a muted huff.

            “Don’t worry spitfire, he’s only worried about your safety; just as I am. But I have faith in you, that you will hold that temper of yours.” Reco stated before pushing her out the door. “Now run along, you have to get ready and say your goodbyes for now. These liaison missions take longer than you think. This last one took Darious a good three summers.”

            Kazira watched as Reco closed the door on her, leaving her out in the hallway. She blinked before going back to her room and getting ready to pack. She took her time getting to her room only to see that the door she thought she closed was open. Cautiously, she looked into her room and saw Nuka sitting on her bad hold an amethyst necklace. She walked in calmly and looked at him. Nuka looked up and his weary eyes landed on her form a small smile placed its self on his lips.

            “You know, since we got here it feels like it’s been years since we saw each other last.” Nuka stated, “I just thought I’d stop in and see how you were doing.”

            “I’m fine. It’s only been a day Nuka, and my mood hasn’t improved.”

            “I can see that,” he stated dryly looking down at the pendant. “I didn’t come here to fight with you.”

            “Then why are you here?” She asked as she began to pick up some things that she would need on the travel and placing them into a bag. “I thought that you didn’t know who I was?”

            “I said that in anger Kazira. I didn’t mean it.”

            She sighed. “Yes you did Nuka. It may have been said in anger but you meant it. Every word. Please just tell me why you are really here.” She looked at her brother.

            “It just hit me that our mother is really gone and I feel as if our family is dead to me. It’s like I hold no more love…For anything.”

            Kazira looked at him in concern. Despite what he said yesterday he was still her brother and twin and she still loved him. She stopped packing and sat next to him.

            “You know. I won’t hold it completely against you. You know if you believe Carrick all I am saying now is that I don’t trust him and I want you to be careful, alright? I do love you brother but sometimes you are too gullible for your own good.” She laughed as she put an arm around him. “You’ll always be my family. Always and forever as momma would say.”

            “Yes, forever and always my sister.” He looked up and smiled instantly looking younger. “I have something for you. I had it commission a while ago and just never had the chance to give it to you.”

            Nuka held out a silver chain adorned with blue and teal river stones and in the middle there was an amethyst heart and a jade dragon in the middle. Kazira looked at it in wonder before looking at her brother.

            “Nuka­­"how did you afford this?”

            “I worked several odd jobs within the town and saved up the money. It’s a birthday present. Do you like it?”

            She nodded and tears brimmed within her eyes. She couldn’t believe that he had gotten her something like this. She threw her arms around him and gave him a hug her tears falling onto his shirt.

            “Oh Nuka, I wish that I could stay here with you but Reco wanted me to go with Darious.”

            “Go? Go where exactly?” He asked suspiciously.

            “Don’t be like that; we’re not going to get married or anything. Darious is going to Camelot. They just thought it would be a good idea to get away from Carrick right now. Seeing as to what happened in the hallway yesterday. They just don’t want things to get out of hand.” She smiled at him causing Nuka to calm down. “Besides I’ll finally get to see the place mother grew up. You’ve seen it when you went with her but she refused to take me.’

            “Alright ‘Zira I won’t make much of a fuss if this is what you really want to do.” He held her hands “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Nuka laughed when he remembered their mom saying that if Kazira couldn’t act like a girl then she couldn’t go. “Yes I remember that. And the fact that you had refused to where the dress, you still looked like a boy and that’s not how she wanted people to remember you.”

            She nodded before standing up again. She held Nuka’s hand for a bit longer before letting them go and then putting the necklace on. Nuka laughed and said that it truly suited her, before he stood up as well and left the room not before kissing her forehead and wishing her a safe journey and hoped that she would come back soon. Kazira sighed. That was the Nuka she knew and loved. The one yesterday was cold and unforgiving. She finished packing and grabbed her swords before walking out of her room and closing the door. She really did hope that she was doing the right thing.

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Regan Meade
What do you think of the story?? The plot? I would love to have some input :) If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me and be brutally honest. ^^ I hope you enjoyed it so far. THANK YOU!

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