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Finally the awaited chapter 6



            Carrick had wander off to his own room sometime after they had entered the building. Though it looked like a church on the outside it was more like a castle with many rooms on the inside. The stairways went down into the ground leading to many rooms and areas where the Order has lived for decades. Reco walked in front of the two prattling on about something or other, not that the twins were listening they were too busy looking around and sighting landmarks so that they wouldn’t get lost within the maze of hallways and dead ends. When they went down another hallway Kazira heard the sounds of grunting and the clashing of weapons. Being the curious being that she is she slowed her pace down to a crawl as her brother and Reco continued walking and when they turned the corner Kazira picked her pace up and looked for the source of the sounds. She found an open door and peered inside; there were fighters practicing with a variety of weapons. Her eyes started to glow as she watched them practice, they were really good and Kazira couldn’t wait to fight them.

            As she focused on what was in front of her, Kazira didn’t notice when someone had come up behind her. She only noticed when that person had leaned over and softly asked what she was doing their breathe tickling her flesh. Gasping she turned around and punched the person. Turns out it was a man of, about, twenty summers or so. He was quite handsome he looked like Reco only younger, taller, and more handsome. He was taller than her standing about 6’7” with pale gold eyes.

            “Well,” he said from the ground. “That was one heck of a punch Milady. I really should be asking what you are doing here; not many women are allowed within this part of the area.”

            Kazira noted that his voice was a deep baritone and mentally sighed when it seemed to wash over her. She wouldn’t mind listening to him all day if she could. She shook her head, what was she thinking she didn’t have time for that. Before she could open her mouth to answer she was falling to the ground with Nuka on top of her holding her.

            “Kazira, don’t you ever do that to me again!” He growled out.

            “Yes spit-fire you gave us both quite a scare, “Reco said walking towards them casually, rubbing the back of his neck with a smile on his face. “With a pretty girl like you it would be a sad occasion should something to have happened. Not that it would but accidents happen.” Reco paused and looked over. “Well Darious! When did you get back, my son!”

            ‘Darious’ sighed. “Father I’ve been back for a week. I ate dinner with you last night.”

            Reco laughed his silver eyes glowing. “Yes, I know. But I couldn’t resist seeing you flush with embarrassment in front of a pretty girl who knocked you down with one punch. Anyways Darious, these are the twins that Carrick brought.”

            “You mean they’re his kids?” Darious asked with some shock while standing up. “The elders are not going to be happy that they’re here.”

            “That may be so but they had promised Carrick that should something happen they were welcome to stay here as long as none of them showed traits he did.”

            “You know I really don’t appreciate being talked about as if I’m not here.” The twins stated at the same time looking at both father and son.

            “Who is this he you’re talking about?” She paused before it donned on her. “You’re talking about our father; aren’t you?”

            Reco’s eye dimmed and his mouth settled in a thin line before nodding. When the twins asked about him Darious stated that they should go somewhere more private to discuss it considering the corridor walls have ears. Reco laughed, jumping back to his original demeanor and began walking back the way they came stating that his room was closest and that they would talk there. The party of four never realized that aqua eyes were watching them from up in the rafters before disappearing. The younger trio followed the older man around the corner and down the hall before they stopped and then entered the fifth door. The room was a moderate size containing a bed pallet, a desk, and a few oil lamps scattered around the room. Reco told them to take a seat on the bed while he sat at the desk. Nuke sat on the floor in front of Kazira as Darious and she sat on the bed subconsciously sitting closer to each other.

            “Alright I will give you two the short version of what happened with your father.” He stated. “It was years ago several before you two were born. The Order came up with a skilled organization called the White Death or the Dragon assassins. This order was made up of the most skilled and elite of those within the Order’s walls. They could handle any weapon and were the most skilled in the art of the espionage. This group was often sent off to…take care of the enemy’s high ranking officials so that they would be easier to attack and defeat without too much trouble. Your father, Kain, was the most skilled thus he was appointed leader. Now you must understand this, at this point and time magic was not that common but certain groups still used it. The Order at that time used it as an initiation of sorts. In order for them to be able to know who was a member they cast a magical brand on each of them. This brand was that of a white dragon circling around the black cresent moon; like the ones on your circlet Kazira. And with this brand it is then passed down through the generations to the ones with the parent’s uncommon eyes. That part though could be a myth.” Reco explained with a few chuckles.

            During this the twins sat still as statues as they took in all of the information. Nuka thought about the Dragon Assassins. They were nothing but murderers with was the thought that passed through his mind. Kazira was thinking of the magic that they had performed. It was only passed to those whose parents were within the organization and had uncommon eyes? She looked up at Reco and noticed him smiling.

            “Reco before you continue, you said it passed to the generation with uncommon eyes? Does that mean that you and Darious are part of the order?”

            Reco looked at her with a mildly shocked gaze; he hadn’t expected her to pick up on that but nodded. “I personally am not part of the group. My wife was though and yes Darious is because he gained her eyes.” He paused before he decided to continue his story not letting her ask any more questions. “Anyways, the organization grew with the order as time passed. The wars had settled to minor disputes until there was a massive outbreak in killings thus starting another war worse than the last, this caused the Order to step in once again to maintain the balance. Rumors from an unknown source began to circulate saying that the dragons were the ones that had been killing people. The Order could not help but fall victim to the rumors as fear gripped many of their hearts; they decided to bring the order to trial. As it turns out one of them had been killing but no one knew who. But Kain was a noble man and stated that as long as the other’s within his group was not harmed nor their families he would take the responsibility for what happened. The Order was just looking for a scapegoat they didn’t care if he had done it or not but agreed to his terms. The others were let go and Kain was labeled as a traitor and was exiled. Turns out that they had planned to have him assassinated but no one could find him. They all thought that he had passed until Carrick, one day, waltz into the Elder’s chambers and stated he knew where Kain was. Thus they tricked him into going to a battle to prove that he was worthy enough to return and in the end they had just murdered him.” Reco finished with a sad sigh as Darious looked down with his eyes closed.

            “So it was basically Carrick who killed our father?” Kazira stated blandly. “He was the one who ‘found’ him. He tore apart our family so that he could have a moment of fame!”

            Kazira stood up her teal eyes glowing with the force of her anger. Nuka jumped up as well but for a different reason.

            “Kazira, Carrick would do no such thing. Our father was a criminal! He was doing his duty.” Nuka yelled at her his eyes not once taking on any other attributes except for anger.

            “From that story Nuka I could tell that Kain, our father, was an honorable man! He took the blame for someone else’s crimes so that his comrades would not die and unneeded deaths!” Kazira felt like she was going to start crying; why couldn’t her brother see what she was talking about.

            “No.” He stated eerily calm. “Our father was a traitor and I hold no love for a man I never even knew. Carrick is more my father than that murderer ever was.” He paused before turning and walking to the door and opening it. “How can you care for a man that was never there for us. Carrick has been the father we never had and you are taking the side of a dead traitor. Kazira I love as my little sister, that will never change, but from this point on I don’t even know who you are at this point.” With that said he walked out the door and slammed it shut behind him leaving a teary eyed and angry sister and two shocked men behind.

            Kazira stood there staring at the door her eyes brimmed with tears that she would never let fall. How could Nuka not see the wrong that had been committed to their family? How could he not understand that they had only killed on orders? She began shaking and her hands clenched, the glowing of her eyes began to grow as the mark of the Dragon Assassin’s appeared on the right side of her face wrapping from her forehead to her cheek bone. Seeing this Reco’s fears were confirmed. She was the one to carry over the tradition. Darious seeing this was shocked before he jumped up and wrapped his arms around her not understanding why he was doing this in the first place.

            “Kazira, you must calm down. You’re brother is just being stubborn right now. Give him time.” Darious soothed. “You must calm down.” He rubbed his hands up and down her arms in a soothing motion this seemed to work as she began to calm down and the glowing of her eyes died. With her now calm the mark disappeared from her face leaving flawless skin behind. Reco looked on curiously. He hadn’t expected his son to jump up and calm down the enraged girl or that she would even calm down when he got near her.

            “Well this is an odd change of events,” he thought with mild humor. “Kazira it seems that you have your father’s gift.” He stated nonchalantly. “And a few extra gifts as well. Listen to me spitfire you must keep that anger of yours under control. The mark of the assassin’s appears to be on your face circling your right eye. If they elders see that mark on you, you will be in grave danger.”

            Kazira looked at Reco and nodded silently. She had a feeling that she was going to be like her father; seeing as she had his eyes and not her mother’s green ones. Why did all of the bad stuff have to happen to her? Did she never get a break?

            “Apparently not,” She snorted.

            “Well now that we’re all call lets go and get some food then maybe I’ll show you to your new room; seeing as how you and Nuka are not on the best of terms at the moment.” Reco stated cheerily as he opened the door.

            “Father would you mind if I showed her to the room near mine? It’s been empty for quite some time and at least she’ll be near enough should she need something.” Darious asked.

            Reco nodded and smiled before motioning to follow him. Kazira, now calm, tried to follow only to realize that she couldn’t move. Looking down she saw that Darious’ arms were wrapped around her. Her face flushing she quietly asked if he could let her go. Darious let her go and watched as she walked out the door to follow his father. He hadn’t even realized that he had still been holding her. He walked out the door and with his long strides caught up to her quickly. Now that he was walking beside her he really looked at her. She was very beautiful and she fit the description of the assassin’s perfectly. He thought back onto her mark, it was in an unusual spot. Most were either on the arms, back or legs. Very few were on the face, in fact there was only one and now with Kazira it was two. The other one who had the mark on their face was him, only his was on the left the opposite of hers.

            “I wonder what it means,” he thought as he walked down the hallway next to the beautiful girl.

            Behind the two young one’s were the teal eyes that glowed with mirth and weariness. As the figure disappeared its final thoughts were these: “Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.”

© 2010 Regan Meade

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