Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Two


            Inside of the dorm room, I was unpacking my suitcase putting clothes into my closet. The room was completely silence as everyone was doing their own thing. Molly was putting up some posters of bands I didn’t know. Amber was sitting by the vanity mirror putting on some makeup. I walked over to my bed with freshly sheets and sat down. I began looking out of the window. The sun was hung high in the sky. The day was still young, and I wasn’t going to spend it inside. I decide a go for a walk.

            I got up from the bed and started walking toward the door “Does anyone want to take a walk with me?” I didn’t really think they would go. I was really just being nice.

            Molly said “I’ll come.” She started heading to the door. “You are not leaving alone with her.” I knew by her she meant Amber. I had to admit Amber didn’t hide her dislike of us.

            “I guess I will go too. I have nothing else better to do.” She got up from her chair and walked toward us. Molly grunted as she walked past us.

            We walked out of the school building onto the courtyard. Once it looked like a ghost town now there were people everywhere. I found students sitting underneath trees, sitting at tables, and walking around the place. There some people I knew and others didn’t know. I turned to Amber who clapped her hands happily and walked off. Molly and I just watched her walk toward the cheerleader team. Then Molly started walking away too. Then she turned to me.

            “Don’t get me wrong, you are way cooler than Amber is, but I don’t think you are ready to my friends just yet.” She started walking again only to stop. “Actually maybe it’s the other way around.” I watched her walked over to group of people. She started talking to them then they all turned to look at me. It made me feel a little uncomfortable.

            I sat down on the stairs and looked at the jungle called high school. I wondered where I fit in now. I used to know my group, my friends, and…I need to snap out of it and moved on. I couldn’t change the past, but I could still reshape the future. I got up with new plan and started walking down the stairs. I am Lindsey Peterson and I wasn’t some weak flower that can me step on. I step onto the ground and I saw Natalie walking toward me with her group right behind her.

            “Hello again Lindsey, we got a present for you.” She pulled out a piece of paper and pen.

            She handed it to me. I looked down and quickly scanned the paper. I was shocked when I realize this was a cheerleader resignation paper. They wanted me to quit the squad.

            Natalie smiled wickedly “We could vote you out, but I thought this way you get keep some dignity.”

            They were all together on this. I have known these girls from years. Although I didn’t value them as friend, but as I did value them as teammates. I was sad yet more anger. How dare they kick me out of team I started? I balled up the paper and threw it at her face.

            “If you want me off the team then you better get some better than a piece of paper.” I said smiling and then I walked past them. That felt so good and it like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder.

             I want through the crowd of people. It seem like everyone was watching my little talk with Natalie. It remind me how nosy people are, can’t have a secret in this place without someone finding out. I continued moving to the parking lot hoping to get away from the eyes and ears of people. I stopped horrified when I saw a red Porsche pulled up into a parking spot right in front of me. I immediately recognized the car and tried to get away, but it was too late.

            The car doors opened and out of the driver’s side stood Tom Moss. He was handsome, rich, and a complete jackass. I would know I dated him three years before I found out what a jerk he is. Tom is a senior, had a body of athlete, and short blonde cropped hair. Tom was practically every girl wet dream and he knew it. He flashed everyone winning smile. I watched as every girl’s face just melted.

            Then he reached into the back and helped a familiar girl out of the car. I couldn’t believe my eyes as my old friend Ashley got out of the car. Ashley hadn’t change a bit. She was still the same short pale face red headed b***h she always was. She smiled at Tom as he kissed her hand like gentleman. It made me sick. She turned to the crowd as her green eyes fell upon me and she smirked.

            Then out of other side emerged another one of my old friends, Vicky. She had been my oldest friends and her betrayal hit the hardest. Out of the three of us, she was the most beautiful with her long black hair, light brown skin, and figure that put every woman to shame. She looked at me with those cold brown eyes. It was the same glare she gave me when I found out that Tom not only slept with her, but other girls. I continued to look at her not willing to break glare to seem weak.

            A car alarm broke our concentration and I used the time to walk away from the group. Vicky called out “So is that it? You’re just going to walk away.”  Ashley tried to grab her arm, but she broke free of her grip.

            “What do you want from me?” I said turning around to face her. “You want me to run away crying, because I’m tire of that. You want me to be angry and punch you. Sorry I won’t do that neither. I won’t do anything that will give you any sense of happiness.”

            Vicky responded “When have you ever cared about someone else’s happiness?”

            “I care about you and Ashley. You were like my sisters. You two broke that bond not me.” I said. Then I turned around not wanting to hear anymore. I walked away fast trying my best not to cry. All these emotions I tried my best not to cry. Do cry! Don’t let anyone see you cry I told myself. I walked to an empty table and sat down. I watched as people went back to doing their own thing.

            “Are you okay?” I turned around to see Molly taking a sit on the opposite side. “I know it must be hard for you.”

             “How would you know that?”

            She smiled pleasantly “Let’s just say in my old school I dealt with a similar situation.” She got up and walked over to me. She grabbed my hand. “Come I want you to meet my friends.”

            “Are you sure they ready for this?” I said jokingly as I got up and followed her to a table of people I barely know. I took a deep breath feeling a little nervous.

            Molly said “I should warn you. You already made a bad first impression.” Oh good I thought to myself I was going to talk to people who already hate me. Maybe this was a bad idea. It was too late to turn back now.

            I stopped in front of the table with everyone looking at me.  There were five of them sitting at the table. Three boys and two girls all were wearing some form of black clothing. “Hello.”

            They simply looked at me not saying a word like inspecting me or something. It felt very uncomfortable and a part of me wanted to walk away. However Molly held me at place with an iron grip. It seem like I was going to meet her friends no matter what.

            She said “Everyone, this is…”

            “We know who she is.” They said in unison.

            “Then say something.” She commanded. It was kind of scary hearing her talk like that. The others just took a deep breath and smiled.

            One of the girls said “Hello, I’m Gabby. Nice tops.” Gabby was cute short girl who looked she could still be in middle school. She had short brown hair and blue eyes.

            “Thank you.” I replied. The guy next to her looked away before he jumped a little. It seem like Gabby had hit him in the stomach. He was handsome boy platinum blonde locks, childish face, and blue eyes. 

            He smiled “Hello, my name is Stan.” The other girl was about say something when other boys cut in. They were twins, each have jet black hair, have sparkle blue eyes, and looked like they could on the football with their muscles.

            One of the twin said “I’m James nice to meet you.” The other twin said “I’m John that really is a nice top.”

            “Well thanks again.” I said pleasantly. I had a feeling they were looking at something much more that my top. I looked at the last person who was sitting by the twins. It was the last girl and she looked like a shy one with part of her dark brown hair hanging in front of her face. Then she looked at me and smiled.

            She said “Hello, I’m Jane.” We shake hands. I guessed looks really can be wrong. She seemed like an okay person.

            I sat down next to her and began listening to all of their stories about their vacation. I learned a lot about them like Jane can speak three languages; French, Spanish, and of course English. We actually speak some time talking to each other in French. I realized that we got a lot in common. Gabby and I happen to like the same band Fear of the People. I learnt that John and James’s mother is my favorite author Janelle Pierce.

            Everything felt different, I didn’t have to pretend to like what they like what they like or agree with their opinion. It seemed like they just wanted to get to know me. I really wanted to get to know them. They seem like great people. Then I heard the school bell meaning the first period class was about to start. A light bulb went off in my head. I left my schedule on my bed. I had no clue where my class will be held at.

            I quickly got up from my seat and said my goodbyes to everyone. I ran quickly through the crowd. I ran up to the courtyard toward the building door. The hallway was full of people all trying to get to class. In the middle of the hallway, the only thing keeping everyone in order was Vice Principal Wells, Mrs. Wells’s husband. Now some vice principals can be a bit of jerk, but Wells can be a pretty cool guy with stay on his good side.

            “Come people let’s get to class.” He said looking around as they past him. Mrs. Well walked out of the main office and whistled something in his ear. He simply nodded on his head.

            I didn’t have time to watch the happy couple I still had to get my schedule. I raced into my dorm room and grabbed the slip of paper. I looked at it as I left the room. Just my luck, I had biology with Mr. Kennedy the worst teacher in the whole school. I walked down the almost empty the hallway dreading every step. Mr. Kennedy’s classroom was far so I didn’t worry about being late.    

            I looked down at my schedule. The rest of day seemed fine, most of the teachers already know and a lot of the classes sounded interesting. I was so busy looking at my schedule I wasn’t paying attention of where I was going. I bumped into something so hard that I fell backwards onto the ground.

            “Oh sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” I looked up and saw the most gorgeous man. He was tall, muscular looking through his grey hoodie and black leather jacket, and he had deep brown eyes. He held his hand to help me up. I grabbed his hand and my heart skipped a beat.

            He said “My fault, I was too busy looking for the right classroom.” He pulled me up and slowly released my hand. For moment we just stood there looking at each other.

            “Excuse me, but you are both in my class.” We turned to the door and saw that it was open. Whole class was looking at us and a tall bald man wearing a lab coat stand in the doorway.

            The boy smiled “After you.” I walked into the classroom feeling surprisingly better. 

© 2011 .quan.011.

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So far I am enjoying this book it is a great book so far I can't wait to see what happends next

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