Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Three


            The classroom was almost full as we walked thru the door. Everyone sat in pairs at work tables. There was one more table in middle right by the table. I sat walking through the classroom to the desk. I took my seat near the window. I turned around to see the boy talking to Mr. Kennedy about something. He was talking so softly I doubt anyone could here expert Mr. Kennedy.

             After a short few seconds, Mr. Kennedy simply nodded and the boy walked toward me. His face was completely blank, but even that he looked like a movie star. Everyone looked at him as if he was. He sat right next to me without saying a word. I didn’t say anything either instead I looked around the room. The class was small and there were some people I knew like Vicky, Ashley, Tom, Gabby, and Stan.

            The gang was all together I thought to myself. Then I wondered who this mysterious boy sitting next to me and what was that feeling I had when I touched him. It was like some weird attraction connection us. I felt it and I knew he did too. As Mr. Kennedy started calling roll, I tried to move my hand closer to his. His hand was on the table and as I move a little closer. He looked over at me and gave a little smile as if he knew what I was trying to do.

            “Alex Owens?” Mr. Kennedy called out. My sudden attention was back on him.

            The boy said “Here.” His eyes turned to the teacher as he lifted up his hands.

            “And Lindsey Peterson, you are here too.”Mr. Kennedy knew me from when I was a freshman. He was my general science teacher and that was the worst class I have ever had. It was a true miracle that I even pass. I watched as he pulled out a stack of paper from his suitcase.

            “Welcome to Biology 101, now if you expect on easy class. I’m sorry, but you sadly mistaken.” He walked to me and gave me a very weird glare. “You may be able to easy thru most class because of your connection, but not my class. You must pay attention, must take notes, must do your homework, and most importantly you must study.” He walked back to the front of the class.

            “Otherwise you will fail the course. I don’t care who your parents are.” He looked at his watch. “We only have a few minutes left so tomorrow you all going to be in uniform. I also expect you to read the whole syllabus.”

            The bell rang and everyone quickly ran out of the room. I quickly got up from the seat and began heading toward the door. I looked back and Alex was still sitting in his seat reading the syllabus. I walked over toward him.

            “You know the bell mean that class is over.” I said to him.

             He looked up at me. “Oh yeah, this class seem really easy.” He got up the seat. I couldn’t believe he just said that.

            “You’re joking, right?”

            He smiled “Yeah, this class is going to be a real pain in the a*s.” We began walking to the door. “By the way, I’m really sorry about bumping into you early.”

            “Are you kidding me? You’re not the one who fell flat on your face in front of the whole class.” We walked through the door and entered the hallway.

            He replied “I doubt the whole class saw anything. Anyway this is where we go our separate ways.”

            “Okay, see you around?”

            He smiled “Most definitely.” He turned right as I started heading left. I know the rest of day would never measure up to those five minutes. I snapped out of it. I was the type of girl to fall madly love with anyone. I didn’t even completely love Tom when we were together. I did have strong feelings for him, but I never called it love.

            Maybe that’s the reason our relationship didn’t go well. Then again it’s not like he ever said it. Anyway I unlike some people respect the L word. I don’t say unless I really mean it. There was something about him that burnt into my brain leaving images. Whether it was his short black hair or those deep brown eyes, I really didn’t know. I spent all morning thinking about him.

            At lunch, I sat with my new group of friends as they talked and laughed around me. I stared at my Caesar salad for some reason I wasn’t that hungry. I just played with it moving it around with my fork. My mind was still on the new boy.

            “Lindsey! Earth to Lindsey” Molly said smiling at me. I snapped out of it.

            I said “Huh!” I stared blankly at them.

            Gabby replied “You are still thinking about that guy.” They looked at her and then me. James and John walked up to the table carrying a plate of food.

            “What guy?” They said in unison.

            I smiled “Just some guy I met in Biology. He seems like a nice guy.”

            “And he’s not that bad looking either,” Gabby added with a smile.  Well I shouldn’t be surprise that I wasn’t the only one who thought Alex was something else.

            Stan said “He was nothing special, but you should have seen the way they were looking at each other. “

            “What? It was like I was star struck or anything.”

            Gabby said “Are kidding me? You two had that dark romance like in the novel.” We all silently laughed when just then Alex Owens walked through the doors. He had his jacket hanging from his arm. He had a tight gray shirt revealing his solid muscles. He was lean, but his face was so serious and tense unlike the way he was in the morning.

            “Wow, I thought you said he wasn’t bad looking,” Molly said to Gabby, “He’s gorgeous.”

            James said aggressively “I’m with Stan. He’s nothing special.” Then he took a bit out his cheeseburger. Molly shrugged silently still staring at Alex. I looked over there too. He walked to an empty table and took a seat. He seemed so lonely sitting by himself.

            Then Jane said “You should invite him over.” Everyone turned to her. “What we have all been there. It’s not cool sitting by yourself.”

            She was right, it can get really lonely. I got up from my seat ready to walk over and talk to him. All of sudden a boy walked over toward him. He was tall, skinny, and kind of geeky looking with his big glasses.  I didn’t really know him.  I turned to Molly. “Who is that guy?”

            Molly turned to look. “Mike Wilson, Baxter Academy’s brain child. I can’t believe you never heard of him. He is part of all the academic clubs. I heard everyone from Harvard to Oxford wants him.”

            I took another look at him “Wow, is he really that smart?” Everyone at the table nodded their head. My parents always wanted me to go to Ivy League university. At first I didn’t care that much about it because I never knew what I want to be. I imagine a huge smile in both my parents’ face if they saw a big white folder.

            Jane said “Alex is a smart guy too. In Advanced Calculus, we had to take this practice test to see how we do. He and Mike were the only ones who got full score and it only to them a few minutes to complete it.”

            “So what I bet it wasn’t even that hard.” John said smugly.

            Jane said “Trust me, it was. I doubt you would even be about to finish it. I took me all class period to finish and I still got two wrong.”

            “So what you are saying is they are smarter than you.” James said jokingly.

            Jane said “Which almost means they are smarter because I’m definitely smarter than you two.”

            “So Baxter Academy has a new brain child,” Gabby said looking over at him, “It’s like someone else is interested in Alex.”

            I looked over and saw Vicky walking toward trying to look to what I guess was sexy. She sat next to Alex and started talking to him. She looked over at me and smiled. I quickly realized exactly what she was doing. She was trying to start a fight by flirting with Alex. If she thought that was going to work than she was sadly mistaken. I quickly turned back to my salad. I tried to eating it to avoid looking over. The others continued watching as I started moving the lettuce around.

            Stan said “Wow, she is really putting him on.” I started forking my salad. “If it makes you feel about he doesn’t look interested. I looked up and found Alex smiling at Vicky as he got up. He headed to the door as Vicky looked at him angry. Wow, he must have let her down hard. She got up and stormed away back to her friends. Ashley, Tom, and the others laughed as she took her seat by them.

            This was the first time I ever saw someone reject Vicky Lee. Usually she was the one doing the rejection. It seem like Alex knocked her down a level. I wondered why. Maybe she wasn’t his type or maybe he was a gay. Before my mind could wandered more the school bell rang ending the lunch period. I had one more class before I was done for the day.

            It happened to be a computer class. I walked to the classroom slowly as I expected it to be slow and boring last hour. When I arrived at classroom, it was still half empty as only five computers left. I guessed this would be a short class.  I took the seat closest to the window. I need something to distraction from the boredom of Computer Programming. I hated my dad for picking this class for me.  I began looking out of the window dreaming of somewhere far away like Paris. I had never been to Paris before.

            I was deep in dream when I saw Alex walking out of the building. It couldn’t be. Everyone either has class or doing study hall. Even though everyone bails at study hall they at least stay the first hour. It looked like he was one of those people. He walked causally down the stairs and through the courtyard to the parking lot. He threw his black book bag over his shoulder. He also had black helmet under his shoulder. He walked up to a black motorcycle before he got on. He turned around and looked like was staring straight at me.

            I turned my head away then I heard the roar of the cycle. I turned my head back to get one last look at him. He was already gone and the noise was getting lost in the distance. I quickly turned around to reality that is computer class. I sighed when I saw the teacher entered the room. Let the countdown begin.

            After class I returned to my dorm room ready for a nap. It was going to one of the rare moments where I would find free time seeing that I wasn’t quitting the cheerleading. I walked into the room, Molly and Amber was already there. Amber was looking at herself in the mirror. Molly on the other hand was reading magazine. I closed the door and instantly got Amber’s attention. She turned around and smiled at me. I immediately didn’t trust it.

            “What do you want?”

            The smile faded “I need you to quit the cheer squad.” I started laughing at her right in her face.

            “I’m sorry,” I was still laughing a little, “Did they really think this was going to work?” She looked a little confused so I thought I help her out. I stopped laughing as I was about crush this girl.

            Amber said “What are you talking about?” Molly was now paying attention.

            I took a deep breath. “They’re not going to let you into cheer squad. They thought you would be able to talk me down or you promise them you could. Anyway, they will have try outs to make it seem fair to everyone else. You’ll go in and feel like you already won it.  Then in the end, you will somehow didn’t get in. Next thing you know they laughing at you in the locker room. Trust me I know.”

            With that over I made my way to my bed. I dropped on top of it and prepared myself for tomorrow. It was going to bad since class times were going to be longer. My mind started drifting away when I remember I was supposed to call my dad. I reached into my purse and pulled out my phone. I called his cellphone and it only took one ring and he picked up.

            “Hey sweetheart how was your first day of school?” he said sweetly. I made me feel even worse about the way I treated him.

            I said “Yes, everything is fine. I just called to tell you how sorry I am about what I said earlier. I really didn’t mean it.”

            “Yes, you did and you were right. I put you through hell this summer and watched you put on this fake smile. I knew you were just bottling up all those feelings. It was going a matter of time before you unleash it. Now how do you feel?”

            I replied “Relieved, kind of calm, but still kind of angry at you.”

            “I expected nothing less. I love Lindsey.”

            I smiled “I love you too, Dad.” I hung up the phone and looked up into my ceiling. Now all I have to do is deal with my mother.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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I wonder if Alex and lindsey will get together and if I was lindsey I would the s**t out of Amber

Posted 9 Years Ago

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