Chapter Six

Chapter Six

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Six


            By Monday morning everyone at campus knew about their little brawl at the party. I was so embarrassed by the whole thing. All weekend long, people were staring, whispering to their friends, and giggling around me. It was like I was so kind of freak show, and worse even Alex was acting weird around me. He avoided me every chance he got. Now I had to spend the next two hours with him let’s just say I was dreading the whole situation. I walked through the hallway constantly hearing people talking. I tried to ignore them and keep moving.

            I got walked to Mr. Kennedy classroom door and peeped in. Alex was sitting in our usual table going his notebook. I walked through the door and toward the table. He looked up at me and smiled. He even pulled out the seat for me. I couldn’t believe how much he had changed. He was no longer the moody guy, and back to normal Alex. I walked over and happily took my seat.

            “How was your party?” he asked, but I guessed he already knew and was just being smart.

            I replied “It was fine. I danced a bit and-“

            “You had a couple of guys fighting over you.” He continued my sentence. “What with you and guys fighting around you?”

            I said “I don’t know.” I paused for a second. “Maybe I should ask someone who had already fought over me.” I turned to him. He chuckled as he knew where this conversation was going.

            “To the truth, I didn’t fight over you. You just happened to be there looking all like a damsel in distress.”

            I said “I did not.”

            “Come on you looked like you were about to cry. Even if the guy didn’t call my mother out her name I still would have to fight him.” He seemed tense up a little. He turned to me. “So tell me about this party brawl.”

            I told him everything from James and Tom arguing right in front of me to their later confrontation in front of the bathroom. He sat there quietly listening to every word I said. He scratched his chin now and then otherwise he just listen to me. I realized it felt good letting all that stuff out. I stopped and looked at him expecting some kind of reaction.

            “Wow,” he said after fifteen minutes of me talking, “Well it seem like Tom hasn’t got over you or it could be that he just doesn’t want with James.”

            I replied “So they really were fighting over me.” I let out a soft chuckled .It was funny that after everything at Tom had done he still had feeling for me. Didn’t mean I was going back to him. There was no way in hell I going back to him.

            “I wouldn’t say that. I think you were more or less just a catalyst for their mutual dislike of each other.” I just looked at him confusedly. “They hated each other before you knew them. You breaking up with Tom and going out with James only added oxygen to the fire.”

            I said “I knew what you meant. I just never thought of it in those terms. So it’s practically my fault.”

            “No, how could you have known about their little rivalry. It’s not your fault it those two fault.” I smiled as I actually really believe him. I could have known about their childish fights. I couldn’t but now I was being dragged in the middle of it. I was about to say something when Mr. Kennedy entered the room with a smile on his face. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing,

            He said “Good morning class,” Everyone turned to him as he stood in front of the class, “Today we are going to talk about cells. Cells are located in every part of our body from blood stream to the brain. Can someone tell me some of different kind of cells?”

            Everyone quickly became silent as he stood there waiting for answer. I pulled out my textbook from my bag and quickly flipped through the pages to get to chapter.  By the time I had gotten to chapter page, Alex’s hand went up.

            “Yes, Mr. Owens.”

            He said “Well, there is the blood cells are organisms that traveled through the blood stream to provide oxygen to our various organs. Then there are the white blood cells that protect our body from disease or harmful substances in our blood. Those two are only a few cells that are located in out body.”

            Mr. Kennedy said “Correct.” For the first time he sounded kind of proud. “Now you are going to look at your own blood cell.”

            Alex shot straight “I have to go to…the bathroom.” He walked straight out of the door without waiting for Mr. Kennedy saying anything. It was kind of weird, but I guessed he just didn’t like blood. That was even weirder as he didn’t seem to mind blood as last Friday.

            Mr. Kennedy said “Okay class, get out your microscope.” I turned to the table and started getting all the equipment; the microscope, lens, slides, and the liquid. Mr. Kennedy watched us patiently as we put everything together. It didn’t take me put long to figure it out, but I wished my partner would come back from the bathroom. I sighed as looked at the door with no avail as he didn’t returned.

            I put some alcohol on the tip of my finger and pricked it with an needle we had to heat up to make it was clean. Then I pricked my finger, blood oozed out, and I put it on one of the slides. I put the slide into the microscope. I looked into the lens and saw my little blood cells. After the experiment, Mr. Kennedy gave us some more notes. By then Alex had returned, Mr. Kennedy gave him a look as he walk to our table.

            “You missed all the fun.” I whispered as he took his seat. Mr. Kennedy continued his lecture and writing the different types of cells.

            He whispered “I bet.” He sounded a little off when I noticed he was staring at my pricked finger. He looked up at me. “Sorry, I’m just not a fan of needle.”

            He returned his attention to the front of class. I couldn’t believe it. Mr. I know kung-fu and not afraid of a gun to my head was terrified of needles. I tried my best not to laugh out as I turned my head away from. Alex keeps getting weirder. After class, we went out separate way and I went through the dullness of the rest of the school day until lunch time.

            I entered the cafeteria and immediately saw James who was sporting a black eye from Friday night. I hurt my heart to see his face like that even he didn’t seem to mind. He laughed as he joked around. He took one look at me and called me over.  I took a seat next to Molly who was looking at lap with Jane.

            “Yeah, he moved just like that.” Jane said. I was curious about what exactly they were looking at. I leaned over and there was a video of two men fighting each other. They both were tall, but one had a weightlifter body while the other was still lean yet smaller.  One of the men was wearing a mask and little shorter than the other like he was still in his teens. I immediately recognized some of the moves both men were using same that Alex used on the four jackasses.

            “What are you guys watching?”

            Jane said “UFA, it pretty much an underground fight club. Last night I found it kind of weird that I recognized some of Alex’s moves from this guy.”

            “So what you think Alex and this guy was taught by the same dojo?” I felt it was the right word to say. I wasn’t into any of this fighting thing, but Mom and Dad was crazy for it. They would watch all these old school kung fu movies all the time. I didn’t really care for it then and I don’t care about now.

            She replied “Either that over they are same person.” We continued watching the fight between the two men.

            The mask figure was amazing as he blocked every single one of the other man’s attacks. He used both his legs and arms. The man grabbed him wrapping his big arms around the mask man. The man’s grip slowly started to get loose until the mask guy broke free. He pushed his shoulders apart breaking free, grabbed his opponent’s shoulders, and head but the guy. Then he kneed the man in the stomach with his powerful leg. It looked like the guy was about to cry. The masked figure backed up a little and then unleashed a powerful spin kick to the man’s face. The opponent crashed to the ground. It looked like he wasn’t going to get out anytime soon. The crowd went wild as they cheered and clapped their hands

            The masked figure didn’t go crazy like gladiators in movies. He walked over and picked up the man. Using amazing upper body strength, he lifted the man up. He carried the man off the arena. We waited to see if he was going to take off his mask. He never did even as he walked into the backroom.

            “That was pretty cool.” We all turned around to see Alex standing behind us. He smiled at us.

            I said “Did I forget my textbook again?”

            “No, actually I came here to sorry to you all. I was a big jerk that night to you all.” I could see everyone at the table silently accepted his apologize. They smiled at him and nodded their heads. I already forgave, but I was still want to know why he was so upset.

            Jane said “Actually, there is a way to repay us or to me personal” I knew what she was up to as she reached into her purse and pulled out a camera. “Can you show me more of your moves?”


            She smiled “Your martial arts techniques.”

            He let out a deep breath as he seemed relieved “Oh, I thought you meant dance moves.” He shuttered that a little. “I don’t dance, but after school I could show you some more of my techniques.”

            Jane said “Really that will be great.”

            “Well see you later.” He said waved at us and then walked away. I watched him fade in the distance. All day, the images of both masked man’s and Alex’s fight. I compared the two fighters. They both were every skilled full fighters and were about to win against the odds. I couldn’t wait to see more of Alex’s martial art. Then I remembered I had to go to cheerleader practice. I needed to defend my title as cheer captain from Natalie. I also expected Vicky and Ashley to give me a hard time. I almost regretted talking them into joining. 

            After gym class, I went straight to the football field. By the time I got to the field, the football team was already started going through their practice. Coach Redstone had them do jump-jacks across it.  Redstone was short, kind of chubby with grayish black hair, and blue eyes. Tom was in front of the team leading them through the exercise.

            “Come one, ladies pick it up.” he yelled at the boys. They silently speed up. I could see sweating coming off some of their face as I walked by. My cheer team was on the other side. They were doing sketches as they waited patiently for me. After going to gym with Coach Spelling, I was warmed up already.  Coach Spelling was the gym teacher and coaches the cheerleading team. She was on the stand talking to Natalie. Coach Spelling was good-looking woman with long blonde hair which she kept in a ponytail and cool blue eyes. She is normally a cool person until you get her mad.

            “No one wants here anyway.” Natalie said. I had a funny feeling she was talking about me. I guess this was one of her scheme to be cheer captain.

            Coach Spelling said “In no one you mean you. I don’t care what you want. I actually care about what the team needs. We need Lindsey so get over it.”

            Natalie stomped off like a child who was just told she couldn’t get the toy she wanted. She joined the girls who were already on the field. Coach Spelling sighed as she lightly shook her head. I approached her. She didn’t even look at me as she said

             “Natalie is great, but she can get on my nerves.” She looked up at me finally, “You are going to have you full with this one.”

            I turned to my team to see Natalie was talking to them. I took a deep breath as I walked toward them. It felt like I was going to my execution. I stood before the team with a smile on my face. I clapped my hands stealing their attention away from Natalie.

            With all their eyes on me, I announced “Come on ladies, let’s get this start.” We started practice some our routines. The girls seem to have been training up some over the summer, because they were prefect. We flipped around, performed cheered, and even caught the attention of some of the football player.

            “Okay, ladies let’s do the pyramid.” One by one the girls started forming the pyramid and I started making my way to the top. Once I got top putting my feet on top of Amanda Wise and Sally Rogers’s shoulder. I didn’t really know them that well and ironic those were the only two people I could trust not to throw me off. At least that what I through when they started wobbling. I could feel myself slip backward. There was nothing I could do as I fell off their shoulders and pummeling to the ground. I was ready to feel the impact of the hard ground, but it never happened. I looked around to Alex holding me up. He had his arms wrapped around my legs and my arms. I looked at Alex’s face as he smiled sweetly.

            He said “Got you.” I could feel the heat coming off of his body as he held me close. He slowly let me go as the girls started coming especially Vicky who was trying to flaunting her looks.

             “Nice catch.” She said smiling at him.

            He smiled “Thanks.” Then he turned to me. “Are you okay?”

             I nodded my head silently. “Thanks this second time you save my neck.”

            “Yeah, I prefer saving you from falling then saving you from a bunch of thugs.” We completely forgot that we weren’t alone. “Now, I have to go meeting up with Jane.”

            I said “Sound like you are becoming popular.”

            He looked a little surprised “Yeah, I guessed so I could actually be making some friends. It’s your entire fault.”

             “What, you don’t like making new friends?” I asked him.

            He replied “Somewhat.” Then he began walking away when he turned to Vicky. “We still on for tomorrow. “

            She smiled “Yes, we are.” He nodded his head and began heading to the street at the edge of the street. Across the street in the little plain, Jane and the others were waiting for him. I turned around to Vicky ready to interrogate her about her plans with Alex. Then I heard a scream that sound like a lot like Molly’s. I quickly turned around to see a black car speeding away as Alex collapsed to the ground. Everyone ran over to him. He eyes were still open and he was still breathing a little. Blood was coming out of his chest. I kneed down and took off his jacket. I started applying pressure to the wound.

            “Someone get help.” I screamed at the people around. I didn’t want him to die. I really didn’t want that.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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i dont blame alex i am not a fan of needles either i hope alex dont die i hope they get help i hope lindsey can try to save him i cant wait to see more of this book it really good keep up the awsome work

Posted 9 Years Ago

This was amazing. I loved it. I can't give much constructive criticism because there really aren't that many problems here. Just look for grammatical errors and consistency errors and you're good. You exceed the name "writer." You are more than a writer, you are a talented one.
Keep up the great work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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