School Drama-_-

School Drama-_-

A Chapter by RainDancer1997



                                             Life's a trip, don't forget to tie your shoelaces!- Unknown




   Second block wasn't so bad. Though, maybe that's because it was art, and none of the preps had signed up for that. Michelle didn't have a problem with that! Taking her books she headed for third block chemistry. This happened to be the only class that Michelle couldn't concur. Miss. Grady was ruthless when it came to grading test! Almost as ruthless as Michelle's uncle Kazan when it came to feeding time.



   "Three more seconds and you would have been late Miss. Sky," Miss. Grady called as Michelle walked through the door. Michelle just ignored her as she took her usual seat in the back. Maybe she needed to introduce Miss. Grady to her uncle Kazan. Michelle pulled her hair into a messy bun before taking notes. All through the lesson she kept hearing her name. She was sure it was coming from Carry and her followers. Just before she was about to say something to them the bell rang for lunch.



   "Some people just shouldn't come out in the daylight," Carry smirked walking in front of  Michelle.



   "I agree," she said walking up next to Carry " good advice for yourself Carry!" Maybe that will shut her up for a while?! Why do people get joy over making other people miserable? The day vampires go outside during the daylight is the day the world ends. Taking her lunch which consisted of an apple and a bottle of water, Michelle took a seat at her very own lunch table. Only she was aloud to sit there! Which was Carrys rules not hers. She watched all the other teens laughing and carrying on. That's all she ever wanted. Someone she could talk to and laugh with. After a while she got tired of looking at them all so she threw her apple core away, and left. The more she thought about it the faster she walked. One more bend and she would reach the girls restroom. She could hear footsteps coming from somewhere.



   "Bammm!!" Michelle collided with what felt like a brick wall. Her hair sprung loose, red curls covering her face. She dropped her bottle of water and hit the floor. It almost knocked the breath out of her, and she gasped.



   "Are you ok?! I'm so sorry!!!" All Michelle could hear was the most masculine voice. Her head was pounding, but she still managed to open her eyes. She was instantly insecure. Sea green eyes bore into her blue ones. She took in his black hair and tanned skin. She must look awful right now spread out on the floor like this! He grabbed her bottle of water, but the look of worry never left his amazing face. He looked to be her age, or atleast that's what she was hoping. 



   "Spencer, did you knock the nobody off her feet?" Carry laughed walking up. You've got to be joking!!!



   "I didn't do it on purpose Carry," he told her "and I feel horrible about it."



   "It's ok," Michelle said faking a smile. She lifted her sore rear end off the ground and walked away just as the bell rang for last block.



   "Hey red head," Michelle heard from behind her. She turned to find Spencer holding her bottle.



   "Thought you might want this back, and I'm so sorry for running you over," he said handing her the water.



   "It's ight I guess," she answered.



   "Just ight?" he asked running his hands through his thick black hair. He was doing that on purpose!



   "I have a headache and it's your fault," she said wanting to take it back the instant she said it. So while he stood there trying to come up with something else to say she grabbed her math book and practically ran away. Not her best escape, but it was necessary.



   "Talk about un graceful," Michelle heard walking into the math classroom. Great, now the mishap would be tomorrows new gossip story. She took her seat in the back, but the memory of how rude she was to Spencer killed her. He was so great looking and sweet. Though her parents would never approve to such a thing. Even though she's a human her parents insist on her being with a vampire. One human in the family was enough disappointment already she guessed. Being the family horror story was enough damage to her life already. She didn't know if making her family hate her more was a great move. Michelle was coming to the understanding that if she didn't start taking control of her own life nothing would go her way. But taking that first step would be the real challenge.   


© 2013 RainDancer1997

Author's Note

IK there short but I have a very short attention span lol

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really good in my opinion! loved it! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Only she was aloud to sit there! Which was Carrys rules not hers. - i guess it should be 'allowed'.... 'Carry's rule'.

Its still going on interestingly.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thanks you for showing me that:) I'm glad your still reading:) I'm posting a new chapter some time t.. read more

7 Years Ago

you are welcome :)

7 Years Ago

I just posted the next chapter lol
A very strong chapter. I like her thoughts on her school and her family. A good ending. You must control your own life. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thank you so very much:)
Okay, so this is pretty good, but still a bit whiny. In the beginning it moved a tiny bit fast, but this is good. Keep going, cuz I'm gonna keep reading. :) still a few grammar errors, but good.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Silent Wolf

7 Years Ago

It's okay. Sorry, but I'm a bit lazy and have a short attention span as well, so I like how short th.. read more

7 Years Ago

That's why there so short lol... I have a short attention span also. But they will eventually get lo.. read more
Silent Wolf

7 Years Ago

Cool. :) can twain for more. :)

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