Search For A Missing Brother

Search For A Missing Brother

A Chapter by Rose

The story of how one ordinary human girl who became immortal and more than a plain human. This chapter shows how Rose and her family - except Anthony - go in search to rescue him.

Chapter 9 - Search For A Missing Brother

As everyone - big bro Morgan, big bro Shizuo, little sis Jynx and I - slept. I sensed something strange approaching the house. I woke and got up, heading down to the door, as I wasn't wanting anyone to wake up the rest of my family. I was still worried about my big bro Anthony and hoping that he was alright, so I never expected that once I opened the door, I was going to be grabbed. I squirmed and struggled, trying to get free. Before I got the chance to scream, everything went black. I think I got knocked out. Once I had came around, I noticed that I was in that same abandoned warehouse from before. However, I wasn't the only one there. Someone else was there, someone I thought was missing. Anthony.



As Rose and Anthony were held prisoner in an abandoned warehouse, the others started to awake. Jynx had to share a room with Rose, so she was the first one to notice that she was missing.

"Sis?" She blinked, getting up, rubbing her eyes. "Where are you?" Jynx was always a little groggy in the mornings - yet again, who wasn't. She got up, reluctantly, out of bed and went to see if her older brothers - Shizuo and Morgan - were awake. They weren't. So, she walked into, first Morgan's room, and shouted. "GET YOUR LAZY A*S OUT OF BED!!!"

He was so surprsied by the awakening, that he flailed and fell out of bed. "OUCH!" He sat up, rubbing his head. "What the heck little sis?" He blinked, slightly confused and looked at her. She was gone.


She was heading to Shizuo's room, however, he was already awake, thanks to her shouting at her other brother. He walked out of his room, just as she reached it. She smirked a little. He clearly looked sleepy.

"What was all the shouting for Jynx?"

"To get you two out your bed to tell you that Rose is gone."

At that point, Morgan had just came out his room and heard that. His eyes widened. "She's what?!" He exclaimed.

"She's gone. She wasn't in our room when I woke."

Shizuo being on of the sensible ones said, "Maybe she's downstairs?"


All three of them headed downstairs to see if Rose was there. She wasn't and that got Morgan and Shizuo worried. They started to look all around the house for her, until Shizuo found a note and Rose's Millennium Ring.

"GUYS!" He shouted. Both of them - Morgan and Jynx - were there in a flash.

"What is it big bro?" Jynx asked, concern in her voice.

"Look what I just found." He replied, a sad and slightly angry tone to his voice, as he showed his younger brother and sister the items.

Morgan's eyes widened. "No... I-It can't be..."

"Rose's Millennium item..." Jynx finished.

"Where the hell is she?" Morgan growled.

Shizuo gently placed a hand on his little brothers shoulder, trying to calm him down. "She is at this rondevous point, near the abandoned warehouses."

"We have to go get her! Maybe big bro Anthony is there as well!" Jynx growled, grinning slightly, eager to go and kick some a*s.

"NO!" Shizuo shouted. "We're not going. I don't want you two getting hurt, or even captured as well."

"But big bro!" This time, Jynx wasn't the one to complain, Morgan was.

"NO BRO!" Shizuo clenched his fists. "I'll go." He had calmed down slightly, "I'll go get big bro Anthony and Rose."

"What if they get you too?" Jynx quietly said - which she hardly ever done - and looked down, a few tears in her eyes. "We don't want you hurt big bro."

"I'll be fine." He reassured her and patted her head.

"Big bro... We'll go with you," Morgan started to say. "that way we can all look out for each other."

"Have each others back!" Jynx interrupted slightly.

Shizuo thought on it for a few minutes, then sighed. "Fine."


After they had had breakfast, they called all the others to let them know what happened. Shiro was wanting to come help them, and even though they didn't want anyone else helping, they knew that they wouldn't stop him so they let him. They agreed to meet him at the park, so that then they all could head to the warehouses. However, Morgan had believed what Rose had said about her nightmare possible being a vision, so he had made a clone of himself, and the clone was the one that would go to the rondevous with the others, while the real Morgan went around back.


"SIS!!!" Morgan (clone) shouted. "WHERE ARE YOU?!?!"

"ROSE!!!" That was Shiro.

"Sis!!!" Jynx shouted, not as loud as Toshiro and Morgan though.

"You will see her soon," A voice evilly said, from the shadows. "and your other brother." The voice laughed darkly, before fading away into silence.


Rose was starting to wake up, now realising where she was and having a fairly good idea to what had happened.




As I awoke, I had a very bad headache from having presumably being knocked out. It hurt. I tried to look around, to see where I was and straight away I realised what was happening. My nightmare, the vision, was coming true. I was determined not to let any of my brothers be hurt, although, I was too late. I noticed my oldest brother Anthony tied up to the wall, covered in blood and scratches. He was hurt. He was hurt, because of me. Tears started to slowly fill my eyes, not just because I was upset that he had been hurt, but because I was also angry at who had done this. I looked around and could've sworn I heard my big brother Morgan shouting.

"Big bro?" I blinked. As I had said that, a figure walked into the room, smirking.

"Well, look who's awake." The voice was feminine. A girl had done all this. She had blood red, long hair and eyes a cat-like, emerald green. She came over to me, grabbed my arm and dragged me out. "I want you to see what I'm about to do." She smirked.

"Who are you?"

"My name's Ivy."

"A poisionous name, for a poisionous girl." I growled a little, although, she slapped me hard. I couldn't retaliate because I was tied up.


After a while, a was suddenly flung over to a group of people. It was dark, so I didn't recognise them at first. Ivy just stood there smirking, while Shizuo helped me up.

"You okay sis?" He asked, but I just nodded.

"She might be, but none of you are." Ivy smirked, pulling out a gun, pointing it in the direction of my family - Shizuo, Jynx and Morgan (clone).




While I stood in the shadows, watching all what was going, I heard a small whimper. I headed in that direction and gasped at what I found. Big bro Anthony.

"Big bro!" I shouted and ran over to help him. He was badly injured. So I tried my best to help him.

"I-I'm fine lil bro." He coughed. He was covered in blood. "T-That girl... I-Ivy... S-She's part d-dragon..."

"She's got big bro Shizuo and our little sisters. She's got a gun."

"How h-has she n-not got you?" He coughed again, some blood coming out.

I grinned, "She thinks she's got me... she has a clone of myself."

Anthony laughed a little. "Very clever little bro."

I smiled, like a little child. I loved my big brothers very much and wasn't wanting anything to happen to them. So I would take whatever was given. If they were going to try kill anyone, I would stop them or take the hit instead.

"What is she planning?"

"I think she wants to kill us big bro." I gulped a little. "We should get back to see what goes on with the others." I suggested, getting up.

"Ya." He smiled, getting up. "Lead the way bro."

We walked to where I had been hiding in the shadows and seen that nothing had changed from before. Although, Shizuo was getting so annoyed that his hands had slight flames on them. He was starting to turn into the ghost rider and sometimes it could be a good thing, but most of the time... it wasn't.


© 2012 Rose

Author's Note

If there is anything that you think could be made better; grammar, spelling, ideas, etc. please feel free to leave your ideas and changes in comments please and I will take them into consideration and possible change it to what you suggest. This is not fully a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, only parts of this are relating/based on Yu-Gi-Oh and I don't take any credit for those parts. Anything relating/based on any Manga/Anime, I don't take any credit regarding those things.

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Shizuo... Hmm... He looks like a very interesting character >w<
I really like this and I think it's great. But I'm not a big fan of Yu-gi-oh though... :3

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Awesome sis i love it and can my Character become evil and betray them please

Posted 10 Years Ago

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10 Years Ago

Maybe sis I haven't decided yet, but in the next two chapters at least it is only really gonna be ba.. read more

10 Years Ago


Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Not many mistakes :L
Rondevous should be rendezvous, and poisionous should just be poisonous =]

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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