A Dream Becomes A Reality

A Dream Becomes A Reality

A Chapter by Rose

The story of how one ordinary human girl became immortal and more than a plain human. This chapter shows how Blare's jealousy gets the better of him and how much Rose's life is in trouble.


Chapter 6: A Dream Becomes A Reality


I tried to distract everyone by suggesting that we all go out somewhere for the day. It worked. They all agreed that we should go out and get some fresh air. However, Paradox and Blare had to promise to be nice and not try anything that would try break Shiro and myself up, or get anyone injured or hurt. "Fine...." They both growled, simutaniously. I knew that they would probably end up causing some chaos or some kind of trouble for everyone.


Blare was, and has always been, extremely jealous of Shiro and myself. Anything we did together, he would always try plan something that would annoy us - it usually did annoy us. Blare had silvery, white hair and dark blue eyes. Although, whenever he went into his dragon form, he was a pure black dragon.


As all of us headed towards the park, once again. Shiro took my hand and stopped me from walking with the rest of them, as he was wanting something - to talk or what I didn't know. As I was trying to figure out what he wanted to ask or talk about, while the others walked to the park, he suddenly kissed me. Not on the cheek. No. A proper kiss. I couldn't help but feel my cheeks go a light red colour. None of the others had realised that we were not with them anymore. All... except Blare.


Blare had noticed we weren't walking with the others well before anyone else and he, in my mind anyway, decided to take the opportunity to embarrass me even more infront of Shiro. "Ah-hem! Rose.... Toshiro...." Blare was looking at us grinning evilly.

"W-what Blare?" I stammered, while blushing a little darker.

Blare just couldn't resist an opportunity to bug Shiro and myself. Although, Shiro didn't seem to be too bothered about it, he obviously had a feeling that someone would notice at somepoint.

"Not in public." Blare chuckled.

"Shut it... Dragon-Boy!" Usually, I would not call him that - since it was Jynx's thing - but I had had just enough of him and just couldn't help it. Crystal must have heard me shouting, as within a few seconds she was beside Blare, fangs showing.

"He bothering you two, Rose?" Crystal may not seem like the kind of person to hurt people but she would if she needed to. Being part angel and vampire made her just a little more scary than an ordinary girl. Especially when she was bearing her fangs.

"Yeah.. just a little Crystal. Please get him away from here." I sighed and looked down. My cheeks were still a light red colour, thanks to Blare.

Crystal nodded and grabbed Blare by the arm and walked off. Blare just glared at me and walked off - well more or less got dragged off. I had a feeling that things were just going to get more worse with him throughtout the day. Boy, was I right.


As the day progressed, everyone was relaxing and chilling out. Even Blare. Blare and Paradox just seemed to be arguing and whatever it was about the couldn't seem to agree on what to do.

"Why don't we..." Was all what Paradox said loud enough for everyone to hear.

"No. Cause then they could..." That was all what Blare said out loud. It went like that, back and forth, for a few hours. It was kind of getting annoying but the rest of us just ignored it.


"What do you all want to do?" Sparky asked.

"Well... I want to train. You never know when you may need to fight someone to protect the ones you love." Anthony grinned.

"I'll train with you big bro." Morgan smiled, showing his fangs.

"Sure thing lil bro." Anthony chuckled, his eyes going red and fangs showing, also.

"Why would you train, when you can just relax with friends... and family?" Shiro giggled. He gently hugged me and I looked down a small faint blush showing.

Shizuo grinned. "True... but you two seem quite happy." He laughed.

"B-Big bro..." I blushed.

"Big bro Shizuo, let Shiro and sis be." Morgan laughed quietly. He got into a fighting stance, ready to train.

"Yeah lil bro... Leave them be." Anthony smiled, getting his kunai out and ready to train and fight with Morgan.


As Morgan and Anthony started training and Sparky had decided to start to draw; Jynx, Gobi and myself noticed that there were two people missing - the Yuki-Kaiba brothers; Blare and Paradox. "Where ze oof are those two nimrods?" Jynx asked, looking around the park just incase one of them - maybe even both - decided to come up behind her and try to scare her. That probably wouldn't happen as Jynx rarely ever gets scared. "No idea." Gobi, Shiro and myself had all said at the exact same time. Everyone had noticed that, along with the three of us, and we all just laughed.


As the rest of us were busy enjoying ourselves: Sparky drawing; Anthony and Morgan training; Shizuo and Kazumai-chan talking; Gobi and Momo chilling out; Crystal reading; Jynx sitting in a tree (again); Tristan listening to music; Nicky doing well... nothing and Shiro and myself sitting beside each other under the tree Jynx was in. There was a sudden distrubance. Morgan and Anthony exchanged a glance with Shizuo, who just shrugged, not having any idea what was going on. The rest of us got to our feet and stopped what we were doing. Well almost all of us managed to get to our feet, Jynx unfortunately - being Jynx - fell out the tree once again. "Dam it!" She growled. "Why ze oof does this keep happening to me?!"


After Anthony had helped Jynx up. Everyone went into three seperate groups to try and locate the source of the mysterious noise. Jynx, Crystal, Shiro and myself in one group; Anthony, Morgan, Momo and Nicky in another and Shizuo, Kazumai-chan, Gobi and Tristan in the last. I had a strange feeling that this was all leading up to the dream I had and I wasn't taking any chances on letting Jynx get hurt or captured. While we were in the three seperate groups we had no ways of keeping in contact with each - well, that wasn't entirely true, we all had our mobiles on us but we would hardly ever use them.


As Shiro, Crystal, Jynx and myself headed in one direction, I felt an odd presence coming behind us. It was - like when Sparky first appeared - a familiar and nearly recognisable presence. Was it Paradox? Or maybe, Blare? I couldn't completely tell the difference between everyone's presences but I knew it was someone we knew. "Guys... wait.."
"What is it Rose?"
Crystal asked, curiously.

"Someone's comin'.. Right sis?" I looked at the three of them and nodded.

"Yeah. Although, it's a familiar presence so I don't think we need to worry."


I was right. It was a familiar presence. Our old friend Liam had been just relaxing on the grass, when he heard all the shouting, so he decided to check it out. Or so that is what he told us. All four of us were so surprised that Liam was even here. We all had thought that he had moved away. Obviously, we were wrong.


Liam was a kind and caring type of person, there was hardly anybody he wouldn't try be nice to at first. Light brown eyes and hair a dark brown with suttle light brown highlights. Out of all of us, Liam was the most.. human-like of us all. He wasn't a human however, although, most of the things he did: the way he talked; the way he walked; the way he helped everyone not just his family. Everything he did made him seem the most human of us all. He was only a vampire. Nothing else.


As the five of us walked around the park, trying to meet us with the others, everything went pitch black. I mean everything. It was like all the lightness had been taken out of the world. "What the heck?!" Liam exclaimed.

"I have no idea." Jynx growled.

"It doesn't seem as if anything good is going to happen just now." Crystal looked around, making sure no-one was going to come and attack us.

"No it doesn't." Shiro sighed, hugging me close, not wanting anything to happen to me. It seemed like that anyway.

"This seems a little like my dream..." I whispered, looking down.

We eventually met up with the others again and they were wondering, just like us, what was up with the sudden fade to darkness. Just as we were all going to head our seperate ways, a sudden bolt of lightning almost hit us. Paradox. Paradox had tried to hit us with his thunder power, but luckily, he had just missed. "What the hell?!" Shizuo growled.
"Paradox!!" Why?!"
Jynx snapped.

"I have been ordered to kill Toshiro and Rose...." Paradox grinned, and shot another thunder bolt towards us all. We all moved out the way quickly.

"What did we ever do to you?!" Shiro growled, eyes turning red and fangs showing just a little. Before Paradox replied, there was a loud roaring noise. Blare. Blare appeared beside his brother, wings out and in all out dragon form, eyes focused on all of us, but mostly, Shiro and myself. I realised that this was the start of something worse than I had imagined.


Ages ago, before I knew Shiro and any of the others - except my family - I had dreamt that there would be a day were all my friends and family would be in danger because of my love life. There was a dragon and a stranger who would try to kill whoever my boyfriend would be and myself and they would stop at nothing until they had accomplished their mission and now all of that was coming true. A dragon and his brother were trying to kill my boyfriend and myself. Maybe it was all out of jealously, but we would not find out, unless we managed to get them to think straight. If we had to hurt them to get that to happen, we would do so.


© 2012 Rose

Author's Note

If there is anything that you think could be made better; grammar, spelling, ideas, etc. please feel free to leave your ideas and changes in comments please and I will take them into consideration and possible change it to what you suggest. This is not fully a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, only parts of this are relating/based on Yu-Gi-Oh and I don't take any credit for those parts. Anything relating/based on any Manga/Anime, I don't take any credit regarding those things.

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Great chapter! Your evil with your evil cliffhanger though! I hope they can get away from the traitors or defeat them. I wonder who Paradox and his brother are serving...

Cant wait for more!

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10 Years Ago

Thanks a lot. :D And you'll just have to wait for the next chapter to find out what is going on wit.. read more

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