An Unexpected Reunion

An Unexpected Reunion

A Chapter by Rose

The story of how one ordinary human girl became immortal and more than a plain human. This chapter introduces Rose's boyfriend, Toshiro and how there is a sudden strange noise.


Chapter 2: An Unexpected Reunion


As we walked into the park, someone came up behind me and covered my eyes. All the others laughed quietly as they could see who it was. I couldn't.


The person - who had covered my eyes - laughed a little. "Guess who?" The sound of his voice was kind and caring.

"Umm... Well, it can't be Morgan, Paradox, Blare, Tristan or Sparky, since they were walking beside me. So.. I'm gonna say... big bro Shizuo?" I laughed a little, knowing too well, that I was wrong.

"No." He giggled.

I just was in too good of a mood to answer right. I felt like it would be more fun to joke about. "Liam?" I smiled, guessing wrong again.
The person just laughed and uncovered my eyes.
"It's me." Toshiro smiled, his genuine smile, as he kissed my cheek. My cheeks went a light red. His eyes were a bright blue, that glistened in the light and his hair was a luscious, light brown colour. "How've you been Rose?" Toshiro like all of us was different and not human. He was part vampire and part neko - although, he hardly ever showed his neko side.


At that moment, everyone else suddenly decided to speak at the one time. "'Sup Shiro?" Jynx smiled lightly.
"How've you been mate?" Blare grinned. Blare was annoying at times and especially, whenever it came to Shiro and myself. He would always go too far.

Tristan and Paradox weren't that much bothered about him being there, so all they said was, "Hey." and strangely enough, they said it at exactly the same time.


Even though Tristan and Paradox had said it at the same time, they never really got on well with each other. To be honest, no-one - not even his own brother - liked Paradox one bit. Paradox was the kind of person who would, if he got the chance, betray his friends and family. Paradox cheated in duels (thanks to his Millennium item); he always annoyed everyone and occasionally, he would plan to try and hurt Jynx or myself, just to get Morgan pissed off. Paradox looked like a typical, average kind of guy. Purple hair and dark brown eyes - if you had seen him from distance, you would of thought he was a girl.


At this point, I was embarrassed with Jynx, Blare, Tristan and Paradox - maybe also, a little annoyed at them - as I hadn't seen Shiro in a few months and I had missed him. Morgan must have realized that they had interrupted me, so he grabbed Jynx and Blare, by the arm, and dragged them off, with Paradox and Tristan following closely behind him. Sparky, being one of the sensible people, had already went and sat down under a tree. Morgan took Jynx and Blare and went over to him. Even though Shiro and myself were standing on our own, I could hear some of the things the others were talking about. I was pretty sure Shiro could as well.


"Why the hell did you do that big bro?!" Jynx was complaining. "I wanted to talk to Toshiro!" She snapped.

"Just be quiet sis... Can't you see that Rose missed Shiro?" Morgan sighed, shaking his head. "Don't tell me you've forgotten that they are going out..."

"Oh..." Looking down, Jynx sighed. "I did forget that... Sorry."

Morgan smiled and ruffled her hair. "It's alright... I had forgotten as well." He laughed. "I only remembered once I seen Rose blushing.. only a little though." He grinned.

Jynx just laughed. Blare on the other hand, wasn't happy at all. "Thanks a lot Morgan..." He growled. He had obviously had something planned, which would, in his mind, break Shiro and myself up.

"Anytime Blare." Morgan laughed. He knew that he had annoyed Blare by doing what he did.


After they had finished talking, I looked at Shiro and smiled shyly. I was always shy - only a little - whenever he was around. He was the only guy I wanted to be around. Shiro smiled as he kissed my cheek gently, taking hold of my hand, as we walked over towards everyone else. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a loud crashing noise. Morgan was the first one to hear it - Jynx heard it just as quickly however - and got to his feet. "What the heck?!" He growled.

Everyone just shrugged. "No idea Morgan." Sparky murmured. Everyone looked in the direction that the noise came from, when there was a crash that came from behind them. Jynx had fallen out of the tree. "Ouch!" She groaned. "What ze oof?!" Everyone looked at her and laughed.

"Here sis, let me help you up." Morgan smiled, extending his hand, allowing her to take it to stand up.

Jynx dusted herself off. "Thanks.." She looked at the rest of us - not in a normal way. No. She glared at us all and we stopped laughing.

"Sorry..." Blare said, looking down. "Mutt." He mumbled, grinning. I just rolled my eyes and slapped him on the arm.

"Shut it, Dragon-Boy!" Jynx growled.

Morgan sighed. "Shouldn't we go see what that noise was?" Everyone nodded in agreement. He was always able to get us all to concentrate back on what we were originally going to do. Going to find out what that crashing sound was. Or rather, who.

© 2012 Rose

Author's Note

If there is anything that you think could be made better; grammar, spelling, ideas, etc. please feel free to leave your ideas and changes in comments please and I will take them into consideration and possible change it to what you suggest. This is not fully a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, only parts of this are relating/based on Yu-Gi-Oh and I don't take any credit for those parts. Anything relating/based on any Manga/Anime, I don't take any credit regarding those things.

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