A Concerned Brother and Old Friends

A Concerned Brother and Old Friends

A Chapter by Rose

The story of how one ordinary human girl became immortal and more than a plain human. This chapter introduces in more detail Rose's friends.


Chapter 5 - A Concerned Brother and Old Friends


During my sleep, I screamed. "N..N..No!! Kill me!!" I must have screamed very loudly as I was woken up by my big brother, Shizuo, shaking me.

"Wake up Rose!" He shouted a little, trying to wake me up. I screamed again, as I quickly woke up. I was trembling with fear, thanks to that nightmare. "Are you alright Rose?" Shizuo asked, worried. I just managed to nod but I was still too frightened to speak. "Jynx! Morgan! Here...NOW!" Shizuo snapped. He would never shout at any of us, younger siblings, unless he was worried like crazy, or seriously pissed off. I could clearly see, as clear as crystal, that this was one of the times were he was worried like crazy, not angry.

"I..I..I'm fine... big b..b..bro.." Was the first few things I managed to say. He wasn't up for believing it. Neither was Jynx or Morgan when I said it to them as well.


I don't know how but later on that day, the last of my three older brothers - Anthony - was at our house. Shizuo must have told him about what had happened, and Anthony - being Anthony - got very concerned. Anthony was the kind of brother who would try protect his family no matter what the costs. Blonde spiky hair, sapphire blue eyes and a demon side to him as well. It was clear that all three of my older brothers were worried about me. Jynx on the otherhand, I wasn't entirely sure about.


After a few moments of being told how worried they were about me and wanting to know what happened in my dream, I finally decided to tell them. I know they would not like it one bit. "Tell us what happened sis. Please." Morgan asked, tears showing a little in his eyes.

"Rose... talk to us." That was Jynx. I guess I had been wrong about her not worrying. She had tear streaks down her face. Clearly she had been crying from worry. Shizuo gently hugged Jynx to comfort her and just looked at me.

"Rose...Please..." I hated hearing how worried his voice sounded when I wasn't acting like myself and keeping secrets.

"Please don't lie to us. You can trust us. You should know you can.." Anthony said calmly and woried, gently placing his hand on my shoulder, but I just looked down.

"Fine..." I sighed, having had enough of them worrying about me. "You won't like it though..." I let out a soft quiet growl, as I had not wanted to talk of that nightmare again.


After hours of explaining what my dream was about. All our friends had came over to our house and I had to re-tell the entire thing. Although, this time, there were two extra friends here who nobody had seen - or heard from - in years. Crystal, with her silvery, blue hair and bright green eyes and Nicky, with his emerald green eyes and his dark brown hair. Also, our friends; Gobi, Kazumai-chan and Momo had arrived as well. Although, to be honest, I think Kazumai-chan only really came because Shizuo had been the one to tell them all. Everybody could clearly see that Kazumai-chan liked Shizuo. Everyone, except Shizuo - although, if Shizuo did know, he was very good at hiding it.


"You are kidding me right, Rose?!" Gobi growled. Her eyes always seemed to be different colours, probably depending on what mood she was in. Her eyes at this point were two different coulours, one eyes was red and one was brown. "Someone tried to kill Morgan, Anthony or Shizuo in your dream?!" I just nodded. "That would NEVER happen!!" She clearly didn't believe that anyone would be able to kill one of them, but that dream just seemed so real that it actually made me start to think that it could be possible. Someone could actually be able to kill one of them and I would be able to do nothing about it. I started to feel so helpless.

"ROSE!" Nicky shouted. He would usually hide the fact that he was a neko, but this time was one of the times he didn't. He knew he was with friends who knew what he was, so he just didn't bother trying to hide it. "Stop daydreaming! We're trying to figure this out and you are the only one who knows what all happened!" I started to feel as if I was a criminal standing trial infornt of a panel of judges.

"WOULD YOU ALL STOP SHOUTING AT HER!!" Jynx growled, louder than usual. "Can't you tell she doesn't want to talk about it anymore?" She sighed and gave me a gentle hug. Jynx was being nice to me.. That was a first. Usually, she would just joke around and occasionally, argue with me.


After all the shouting had died down. I suddenly remembered that I was still wearing Tristan's Millennium Necklace - Pendant. "Here Tristan... I believe this is yours.." I smiled a little, handing him it back.

"Thanks Rose." He smiled, taking it from me. "Did it show you anything?" That's when it hit me. That nightmare must have been something that the Millennium Necklace must have shown me. I didn't want to tell them that I fully believed that it was a warning from it, so I just decided to tell them that I thought it might have shown me something.

"What do ya think it showed ya sis?" Anthony looked at me, curiosity across his face.

"I think.. I'm not sure though... But I think that nightmare I had may have actually been the Necklace showing me something."

There was suddenly an errie silence throughout the entire house.


I decided to try forget about it all, and make them forget about it as well. It was going to be a hard thing to do but I knew that it had to be possible.

© 2012 Rose

Author's Note

If there is anything that you think could be made better; grammar, spelling, ideas, etc. please feel free to leave your ideas and changes in comments please and I will take them into consideration and possible change it to what you suggest. This is not fully a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, only parts of this are relating/based on Yu-Gi-Oh and I don't take any credit for those parts. Anything relating/based on any Manga/Anime, I don't take any credit regarding those things.

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