Chapter 3: A warm welcome

Chapter 3: A warm welcome

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Ruby Pokedex gets a welcome from a few locals in ponyville.

Chapter 3: A warm welcome
I opened the door, and I was blown back by something...
My eyes opened to see.... Confetti all around me. This is the moment where I regret all my life choices.
(Or, well, the choices I have made in this small timeframe of amnesiac confusion)

"SUPRISE!!!" A mare yelled at the top of her lungs covered in balloons with a cannon by her.

She was the mare I saw while on my way to my new house.

"I saw you walking by and I was all like 'Oh my gosh! I've never seen THAT mare before!'
Then you bumped into me and I got all surprised! I just HAD to give you a welcome, and TWILIGHT said somepony new was going to come over and that we should WELCOME her!
Under CELESTIA'S orders! What an honor! You know, this is-" She said, going on and on, laughing and laughing.

She then started jumping around with the balloons attached to her rubbing against each other.
I swear to... whatever deity there is here... that people here are strange.

"Um, What is your name?" I asked politely.

"Oh, It's Pinkie Pie! I'm a local party-pony AND baker!"

Then, I could hear someone calling her name in the distance.

"Oh, Twilight's here!" She said happily.

A purple alicorn mare with streaks of magenta in her hair came trotting in.
She took a minute to catch her breath and looked to me.

"Are you the new pony?" She asked. "My name is Twilight Sparkle. Im sorry about Pinkie Pie. She can be... Really enthusiastic, so to speak."

I just smiled with a quiet laugh.
A quiet... nervous laugh.

"Just the thing I need right now." I said. "Things have been crazy for me."

"So, where do you come from?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

I was silent.

"Heck if I know." I shrugged. "Canterlot I guess. That's where I was found with amnesia."

I looked at my bracelet, which had a gorgeous ruby adorning the gold-like bracelet.

"You say you have amnesia?" She asked almost sympathetically.
"And Celestia sent you here?"

I nodded, Kind of smiling.

"She wanted me to study these potential 'anomalies' here." I explained "Most likely here because it seems like a safe environment."

I trailed off looking at my two 'Pokemon'. They were standing there, speaking their own names as language. 

"They sure are... Unique." Twilight said. "They look like regular dragons and chickens, but with fire."

"They're so CUTE!" Pinkie Pie said. "Do they BREATHE OUT fire? 'Cause it looks like they do! Y'know, they could really help with the ovens,and OOH! Can they learn TRICKS?
It would be SO great if they could learn tricks! Maybe Rarity could even make COSTUMES for them! That would be AWESOME!!!" Pinkie cheerfully squealed while bouncing in constant circles.

There she goes again, I guess.

"So I thought we could show you around!" Twilight said. "You know, as a fellow pony sent here by Celestia!"

Twilight turned around to see the Pokemon, and smiled.

"Those are truly fascinating." She said. "I've never seen them in any book I've ever read!"

"Yeah, Fascinating..."

My mind went blank staring at the Pokemon.
I mean, I don't know much about them, so I was pretty curious.
The torchic came to me, hopping around.
Poor little girl, if it is a girl...

"Aw, are you hungry Girl?" I said.

I don't know why, but it was almost easy to tell that it was a girl.

"Well, we could go somewhere to eat." Twilight said.

"I was actually planning on looking for a place to work." I explained
Pinkie Pie just jumped right in front of my face.

"OOH! I could help you get a job with ME at sugar cube corner! You could help take orders, and It would be super duper FUN!" She said jumping in a circle around me.
"That would be the greatest thing EVER!"

"No, You don't have to-"

"It's fine! Also, your little buddies here could REALLY help out! And a unicorn like you can be GREAT with baking!"

I took a little while to think, because I was being hired out of the blue.
An interesting mare such as Pinkie would be fun indeed, but what would the job actually be like?

Well, I was going to take what I could get, no matter how out-of-the-blue it is. 

"Actually, that sounds like a good Idea." I said.

She was incredibly (Emphasis on incredibly) exited to hear me accept, and blew confetti up into the air.
Today was a big day for me for the first day I could remember.
I have a job, an important task, Possibly two new friends, and two amazing creatures to call my own.

"Well, Let's go, shall we?" Twilight said. "It could help you get more used to this town."

I happily followed with the two Pokemon in their Pokeballs.
Now, I've been thinking about this for a bit.
The names of my two new companions have been constantly revised in my mind.
They are kind of like their species names, but they were the best I could think of.

"Torchlight and Charmie." I whispered to myself walking down the streets with Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.

Twilight told me about how their friendship as a group of six mares stopped many villains with the power of their friendship.
Pinkie Pie told me how exited she was to work with me and contributed heavily to Twilight's stories.
But despite how happy I was, I was still thinking and thinking.
Well, Who was I?
I keep forgetting about the key elements here.

It's only a matter of time, I guess.
Later that night, I wrote this to send to Celestia as I sat in my new living room.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today, I met two nice mares who greeted me at my new home.
I didn't find much about my Pokemon, But I created names for them.
Torchlight (The Torchick) and Charmie (The Charmander).
I heard the same voice I heard when I caught them, suggesting I give them names.
Tonight was amazingly fun as well.
The two mares told me that them as a group of six defeated many villians.
I will be working with one of them at a bakery, and I believe the other is your student.
They said they were called the "Elements of Harmony", but their necklaces lost
the elements. So... just harmony?
My two new "Pokemon" have been shy towards me, but I will try to forge
the best possible bond with them as time goes on,
Despite all that, I want to find out who I was.
I hope you could help me find it, as well.
                                                                                          Forever Confused,
                                                                                 Ruby Pokedex (Apparently...)
P.S. Tell Luna I said Hi!

I finished writing the letter hoping to send it first thing in the morning.
But then the voice came back.

"You can use your magic, you know." The voice in my bracelet said.

"But I'm not that good..."

"Just concentrate on who you are sending the letter to. Think you are levitating it to her yourself."

I struggled and struggled.
The letter lifted, and in a quick pop, it was off!

"Great job, Ruby. Voice out."

I laid my head on the arm of the couch (As I have not gotten a full bed yet), and Closed my eyes exited for the next day.
In my hooves was an address, with the words "I can't wait to work with you" on the slip.
That night, I fell asleep quickly with a slight smile.

© 2016 Ruby Pokedex

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Ruby Pokedex
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I really do hope you like this chapter, but tell me if theres anything that needs fixing!
-Ruby Pokedex

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