Chapter 7: He is Velveron.

Chapter 7: He is Velveron.

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Today was like any other work day. I stopped at home for lunch to see Velveron reading a book. He looked to me, then looked straight back at his book.

Chapter 7: He is Velveron
Today was like any other work day.
I stopped at home for lunch to see Velveron reading a book.
He looked to me, then looked straight back at his book.

"Hello, Ruby Pokedex." He greeted, reading a book in his usual flat tone. "The alicorn lent me a book earlier, so I plan to finish it by the end of this weekend."

"You know, you can just call me Ruby." I said. "Using my full name just sounds too formal, you see."

He just nodded, focused on the book.
Despite me trying to start a conversation, he just kept reading his book.
He then gasped, then looked sadly at the book.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He quoted the book.

"I flew through the sky, and tried to land only to crash into somepony else. He was a unicorn stallion who was exploring the mountains like me... We talked, and he told me about his homeland, a place called Dalverta. 'I would love to go there sometime. Sounds like a blast' I said before flying off."

He just looked off at the window.

"Is that where you come from?" I asked.

He nodded.

"It's a beautiful place. The world's source of elemental magic. Unlike regular magic, elemental magic runs,Obviously, off of the elements."

"What does regular magic run off of?"
He gasped, then face hoofed with a long groan.

"You don't know? I mean- You SERIOUSLY don't know? Friendship between ponies, for some crazy reason to to with the alicorns of this country, and some prophecy..."

I just nodded.

"Well, it's my break so I thought I could come." I said.

"That's nice." He said, still reading his book.

He was acting dull and unexpressive.
I just chuckled, shook my head, and went into the small dining room to eat the quick snack I got from the market.
I noticed something.
He still had that cloak on him.
What a dumb thing not to notice, though...

I just shook my head and ate my daisy sandwich, which is not as palletable as I had thought.  I mean seriously, who puts flowers in a sandwich?
I finished my lunch with enough time to walk around.

"Ruby." Velveron called out.

I turned around to see him getting up.

"Do you mind if I follow you? I still haven't seen a lot of this town."

I just nodded, and we went down the sunny street.
He asked me questions like, "What is it like commanding these creatures?" Or,"Is your job enjoyable?"

I carried my pokemon on my back.

"Charmie and Torchlight really have enjoyed our time together so far."

"Torchic!" Torchlight chirped in agreement.

I just smiled and walked along.
Later on, I asked him what his home was like.
He stood silently, then answered.

"It had crystals growing from the ground, and it was a mountainous place with elegant cities dotting the mountainousl landscape. In the center was the capitol, my home. I am the heir to that country, but... other ponies want to take over our mountains rich with many minerals. Including a most dangerous group of terrorists worshipping a powerful unicorn dark-lord who was defeated about a thousand years ago,"

I just looked to him as he continued his story.

"One night... One came into my bedroom while I was sleeping. A unicorn like me, he tried to kill me in my sleep. It kept happening until they decided to send me away. Sadly, spies kept finding me and finding me... Until an ally agreed to send me here."

"Princess Celestia?" I asked. "That queen really seems to find the time for ponies like us."

"Yes, it was her. She was a friend of my kingdom. We always have admired her and her sister. Long ago, we gifted the power of elemental magic to her unicorn subjects as a sign of trust."

He went on about his kingdom, and he seemed homesick through all of it.
I just laughed in quiet pity of the stallion, hearing paranoia causing his nocturnal activities lately.

"So now I know why I see you wandering the house in the middle of the night."

He just blushed with a surprised look.

"Uh, Yeah." He said, and looked away embarrassed.

I just smiled, but he looked solemnly all of a sudden 
(What they hay is this Stallions deal?), so I playfully bumped into his side.

"You don't need to be so sad." I said. "You're safe with me. My Pokemon took down a vine giant yesterday. We found a pretty rock inside it, too!"

He still looked solemn, then shrugged.

"I'm just afraid for my country." He said. "I'm the heir, and they just throw me aside protecting me from what I should me dealing with. I am the only child of the rulers of my kingdom, and I should be the one putting myself in danger."

"Well, as heir you need to be preserved for a last resort. I know that you want to be there for your people and everything, but it's.... Actually pretty nice that you came, Y'know?"

He just looked at me, looking confused.

"I thought it was just going to be me and two pokemon I didn't even know much about. Despite the great companions they have proven to be, It's nice to have somepony to understand this world with."

He just nodded.

"It's true this town has been kind to the both of us." He said. "That party the ponies threw for me really showed me that this could be a good thing. You have a great future on your hooves, Ruby."

I shrugged unknowingly, then realized the passing of time. 

"I should get going." I said disappointedly.

He actually smiled for once, but it was a smirk like I usually had on.
"So soon? Well, I shall see you after work. I have some personal matters to get to."

I just waved him goodbye and went our separate ways.
But I saw Velveron do an amazing thing.
He leapt up, and gusts of wind he created made him look as if he was walking on air!
I just smiled and continued on.

"Maybe I could learn that someday." I whispered to myself.

He looked happier as he blasted off.
It's rare to see a stallion like him loosen up so quickly.

"He seems to like it here." My bracelet said. "And you found that stone?"

I nodded. Strange series of nodding here.

"Good. Keep it close. You could use it later on, Ruby Pokedex."

"Will do, miss voice-in-my-bracelet."

"Your Pokemon need care as much as you do. I hope to see you forge a great bond with Charmie and Torchlight. They will help you greatly with your life. I have so much to teach, but I can only contact you for so much time a try. I have to go."

I just nodded agreeably again and went along.
Somepony bumped into my side.

"Sorry!" She said, then gasped.

She had a flowing red and yellow mane with yellow eyes. There was a short instance of the most awkward silence you can imagine, then she finally spoke.

"Are you that mare with those strange fire creatures?" She asked.


"Well, It's nice to meet you. My name is fireflower, and I want to know where you got those wondrous creatures!"

Her eyes shone with excitement, but I shook my head.
Oddly eager, but kind of in a nice way.

"To the best of my knowledge, but they come from another world, as Celestia told me."

She looked at me happily.

"I knew it. And I assume your bracelet won't come off?"

I nodded again, and she seemed to have a bit of a "geek moment".

"Work of the titans, I presume. Fascinating ponies, them. But there is no trace of them to be found."

She seemed pretty fishy right then. Not like she was weird enough.

"How do you even know this?" I asked.

She chuckled.

"I just like to know these things, Ruby Pokedex." She said slyly.

"Wait, How do you know my name?" I asked.

She smirked.

"Your name has been flying throughout the town. You have Twilight and her friends to thank for that. Well, It's been a pleasure meeting you, Pokemon trainer."

She walked off into the bustling crowds.
I shook my head, and trotted off to the sugarcube corner.

"Ah! Just in time, Ruby!" Mr. Cake said at the register.

"Yeah. Was there any trouble?" I asked.

"No. This rush wasn't as bad as usual." He answered

I just smiled and took my turn at the counter, letting my Pokemon go around to wander. (Where they wouldn't potentially cause trouble, of course)
I looked to charmie and smiled.

"Be careful with that tail, Charmie. You don't want to burn something." I said.

He nodded and went to go play around with Torchlight, which was adorable as heck.
I smiled, and would look at them whenever somepony wasn't ordering at the counter.
Later, I saw that mare again. Fireflower I think?
She didn't speak to me, but she would look at me from the book she was reading.

How does she know so much about these "Titans" I heard Velveron mention?
I guess that's for later.
When I got home, Velveron wasn't there.
I guess I can write a letter about my Pokemon.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I met a mare today named Fireflower.
She seemed pretty suspicious judging by the fact she was asking about my Pokemon and mentioned these things called "Titans".
My bracelet said to forge a bond with my Pokemon, and to keep the stone I found after defeating a living mass of vines yesterday.
(I'll tell you about that later)
Before I met Fireflower, Velveron told me about your kingdom's partnership with his. 
He seemed pretty homesick, but I think I cheered him up.
(Can't really tell with that Stallion)
When he left, he used air magic to fly somehow. 
I can't wait to learn from him whenever I can.

                                              Ruby Pokedex
I then heard the door creak open.

"Hello, Ruby." Velveron said.

I turned from where I was writing and saw him with his cape still on him.

"Where were you?" I asked

He just looked at me.

"I went around Ponyville for a while. I met some of the oddest ponies. One would only talk about the vine gargantua from yesterday. I never knew something like that would pop up. Come to mention, is there a place of paranormal phenomena around here?"

I just nodded my head.

"I've heard strange things about the everfree forest." I answered

"Oh, and I almost forgot..." He interrupted.

He just opened up a folded paper.

"Theres a new library opening up," Velveron said. "and Princess Twilight would like me to be the keeper for as long as I stay here."

It sounded like something interesting, A prince becoming a Librarian.

"That's great! When does it open?" I asked.

"It opens this monday." He said excitedly. "Even Celestia is pitching in with some books. She was happy to donate some!"

I just smiled, and sent my letter to Celestia.

"It looks like you have that spell." He said. "Don't dragons usually do that instead of the unicorns?"

"Well, the only technical 'dragon' in this house can't use that spell."

I just looked around the house after a while.
There is an empty bookcase, but I saw something in the top shelf.
A very thick book.

"It looks like somepony left a book here." I said.

I levitated it to myself, and read the title.

"The Many Schools Of Magic by Starswirl The Bearded."
An strange selection of book.
I opened to see the author's autograph on the blank page.

"To, -The name is somehow burned out- Lovingly from Starswirl."

I just skimmed through the pages and read the different schools of magic and each chapter explained how to learn said magic style.
I read out loud.

"Basic Magic: Levitation. A vital spell for all unicorns everywhere. It helps the unicorn with carrying a large sum of items with ease. Simply concentrate on the item as if it were floating, and keep it that way until you choose to put it down."

I just looked through the book on the couch, and I barely noticed Velveron hovering over me.


"What are you doing?" He asked.

I jumped from being startled, not knowing he was there, then sighed.
A quick chuckle was heard before he sat down with me.

"You found a magic textbook?" He said, then gazed at the book and gasped.

"Starswirl The Bearded?"

He flipped through the book and gasped.

"And it's signed! Who it's signed FOR is... not specified, but this is a great find!"

He just went to pace around the house.
But me, I just stayed on the couch and cuddled Torchlight.
So warm...
I saw something in the book that was a "fire proof spell" Which I used on the couch so Charmie could sit on the couch with me without protection.
"Heh. First try and I got it right... Go me, I guess."
I stroked my two Pokemon staring through the window.

© 2016 Ruby Pokedex

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Ruby Pokedex
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-Ruby Pokedex

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Can you please add more I LOVE it

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Ruby Pokedex

8 Years Ago

Thanks! I always thought my first chapters in this were a bit shaky... I'm just having some trouble .. read more

8 Years Ago

It makes sense and thank you I LOVE it
Does anyone Like my story?
*Sigh* Nopony gives me reviews... So I never know... :/

Posted 9 Years Ago

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