Guess Who?

Guess Who?

A Chapter by Shallowed

Chapter 4


            Josh was one of the most unfortunate people in the whole school, and HE was the one who had to die. I bitterly thought to myself that Chad deserved it, but then decided that I didn’t have the choice to choose who deserves to die.

            It happened on a Monday. The worst day of the week. We were all starting to forget about the incident but right after this, our fears came rushing back. I will explain what happened that day.

I was eating lunch in the cafeteria at the same table I always eat at. Alex’s table. Alex’s dirty friends were throwing food and laughing loudly like the slobs they are. Alex’s friends treated me like a dog. They only respected me when Alex was around. But it was fake respect. They hated me for some apparent reason. What really ticks me off was that a long time ago, people hated me for no reason. I never acted like a jerk to anyone, I wasn’t weird, but people just made fun of me anyways. It’s like how people make fun of Justin Bieber just for the sake of hating him.

“Well, well, the little runt has the guts to be at our table without Alex?” One of Alex’s s****y friends named Joevan said. I turned around with my teeth gritted.

“Hi… Joevan.” I tried my best to smile, but if I took a picture of myself right there, I would have looked like a lunatic that was trying his best to be patient with an annoying kid.

“Why the f**k are you here dumb s**t?” Joevan smirked.

“I e-eat h-here.” I said my best trying to not crack under the strain.

“Yeah, but Alex ain’t here is he?” He cocked his head to right like a dog. He smiled evilly.

“What has that got to do with anything?” I asked although I knew it had to do with EVERYTHING.

Joevan grabbed me by my collar and hoisted me up. I squealed like a little piggy. I started to slap at him and yelled at him to let me go. He just smirked like a goblin.

“So what’s the game today Jason? Will it be toilet fisher or door gore?” He laughed.

I groaned and whimpered softly to myself. Toilet fisher was a game where Joevan and his thugs shoved my face down a toilet and I had to fish stuff out with my mouth. Door gore was a game where they get to slam me in the face with a door 3 times. And if I wasn’t bleeding yet they got to do it another three times.

“Joevan you dirty little b*****d! Let go of him!” I heard Jessica yell very loudly and harshly behind us.

Joevan quickly let go of me. He was afraid of her! I fell to the floor like a baby and slowly and groggily got up.

            “Lets beat it.” Joevan muttered to his friends, and they got up and left. I stared at them walking away with fire in my eyes. Tears wanted to burst out but I held them back.

            “They mature physically but not mentally.” Jessica said rolling her eyes. She then looked at me and gave a helping hand. “Here grab my hand.” She said sweetly.

            I grabbed it and she hoisted me up to my feet.

            “Are you ok?” She asks.

            “Rarely.” I replied softly. I felt lame letting a girl save me from bullies but yet again she is a girl and everybody listens to a popular girl in this school.

            There was an awkward silence, us just standing there. The people that watched me earlier slowly turned back to their regular conversations. Then I turned toward Jessica and slowly said “thanks”. She nodded as if she was waiting for it then she walked away.

            The rest of the lunch I just ate by myself at the table. I was about to get ready for my next class when I heard a scream. Followed by another volley of screams. I quickly got up to my feet. What’s going on? I thought.

            I ran to where the screams were. Then what I saw made me double over. I began to cry as I saw the second victim, Josh was lying dead in front of me.


            Josh looked exactly like the man who died earlier. Blue, with reddish cracks all over his face. Everyone freaked out now. A lot of other kids began to cry, realizing that the man and Josh wasn’t the only ones that were going to die. I felt bad that I was never Josh’s friend. I made up my mind to go to his funeral next week. The thing that freaked everyone out was that the killer was unknown and that the cops had no evidence on who did it.

            On this same day the same kind of accidents happened, but not only at our school. Two more people were killed at a home. The whole city freaked out and a lot wanted to move out. But the police knew that there was some supernatural work at hand and the government put our city in a lockdown so no one can enter and no on can escape. We had to carry out our usual lives, but there was policemen and SWAT people everywhere around the whole city. Every corner there was a marshal or some official.

            No place was safe. Home was no use because the killer committed murders for people at home. So I had to go to school. There was plenty of guards everywhere to make sure anyone suspicious would be put into interrogation. Even Joevan and Chad seemed shooken up about this. Now let’s get back to what happened after I saw Josh’s corpse.


            I was in total shock. Some people fainted. I almost fainted myself. Then the SWAT team burst through our windows a few minutes later and checked the place. Every single student was to be put into interrogation. The parents were called to come over to pick up their child after the interrogations. But after a few each day they decided it would take too long. So they decided to do 50 interrogations a day. It was my turn on a Thursday. I was in line waiting to be called upon. My stomach winced when they said strictly,

            “Jason Colt!” I got up from my seat and walked slowly into the meeting room which was temporarily turned into the interrogation room.

            “Sit down.” The man said. I sat.

            There was a long pause until he began talking. He first stared my face like he was studying me.  Then he said,

            “How are you?” What? Well, first off someone’s just been killed and we are all in constant fear so why the hell would you ask that?

            “Umm fine. I guess.” I mumbled.

            He stared at me again. He squinted his eyes at me. Whoa, it really looked like he was studying me now. I shifted uncomfortably.

            “Are you scared?” Was his next simple and stupid three word question.

            “Well, not really. After all someone has just been murdered and this wasn’t a normal killing scene. His f*****g face is blue ya know and-” I began sarcastically.

            “So you are scared?” He replied getting impatient.

            “HELL YEAH!” I yelled louder then I should have. I thought he was going to beat me up but he just nodded and wrote something down in his files.

            Then he started to give REAL questions.

            “Do you know anyone that has been acting suspicious to you?” He said calmly.

            I was about to say “no” when I thought of Alex. He was gone for an extremely long time and no one knows why. He was acting suspicious to me. But for all this time I hadn’t ratted on him because I was his best friend. But now because of that Josh was dead. If I kept this secret all tied up, more people could end up dying the same gruesome fate and maybe eventually Alex might catch up to me- What am I saying? He would never do that! But I can’t let this game go on forever. If the police need facts, then I’m going to give them damn facts.

          “Alex.” I said softly, hating myself for saying his name to the police. What kind of lousy friend am I? He protects me and then I tell on him like a little kid to the police.

            “Sorry, could you say that again? I didn’t hear you.” He asks.

            “Alex.” I said more clearly this time.

            “Alex who? What’s his surname?”

            “Alex Scott.” I said.

            “Ah, yes. A few other kids said that too. His parents were worried sick about him, but not that they can anymore now that they’re dead.” He says with no emotion.

            “ALEX’S PARENTS ARE DEAD?!” I shouted. I couldn’t believe my ears. Alex’s Mom and Dad were like my second set of parents to me. So these were the people that died at their home! I suddenly got a sick suspicion. If Alex goes to this school then he can have easy access without having to go to the office. And he also has access to his own home so… No. Alex can’t be the murderer. I just won’t believe it. But why would Alex kill his own parents? He loved his parents. Of course they had an occasional fight like every family but that’s about it. The man continued to talk.

            “Yes, they had the same type of infection that the other two victims had. We are worrying that this may grow to a phenomenal scale and that the whole world can be soon infected.” He said.

            He thought this was a disease! I couldn’t believe it!

            “Well, if you guys keep up the good work then maybe you will catch the bad guy.” I said.

            “Yes, perhaps.” He said but he didn’t sound convinced. “Well you can go now Jason, thank you for your time.” He began to shuffle papers as I got up from my seat. Then I heard him gasp.

            “Wait! Your name is Jason COLT?” He shouted as if in shock. His calmness broke. I got jumpy and fell to the floor.

            “Umm yes?” I said stupidly. “W-why?” I hope he didn’t think I was a murderer just in case there was a murderer from the past with the last name of “colt” and he thought I caught the killer’s jeans.

            He blinked once, twice, three times. Then he suddenly became calm again.

            “Nevermind, you may go Jason.” He said.

I walked out dazed and confused wondering what had just happened with him in there. As I slowly walked out I was barely able to make out the words he said next. But since I heard it before I knew what he said.

“Colt Jake, save us all.”


© 2010 Shallowed

Author's Note

The stories beginning to sink in now...

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