The Next Universe

The Next Universe

A Chapter by Shallowed

Chapter 7


            Right when we saw Shax, we all screamed. I’m normally not a guy who would scream when I’m in pure fear. I would usually shut up and cry. And yes, we all stood there looking at Shax and we were screaming instead of doing something about the situation like they usually do in cheesy horror movies. He patiently stood at the door way smiling. But he wasn’t smiling evilly. He was smiling with a face expression that looked like it said, ‘I told you so.’

            “It has taken a few hours to slaughter everyone on campus. Such a shame. There was no need for bloodshed. I knew you five were here all here all along.” Shax said. I choked on my spit.

            “Y-you killed everyone?” I gasped, while coughing (Because I had choked on spit. Man, I looked like a retard!)

            “Well, not me specifically. My comrades did. They wiped out every single person. No one was spared.”

            “Wait- are you going to kill us too?” I asked in fear.

            “Oh goodness no. I said I needed you kids remember?” Shax said.

            “But why?” Chad suddenly asked.

            “I will explain soon enough. But we must go now; officials will be everywhere pretty soon.” Shax replied calmly.

            “I’m not part of the kids that you mentioned. So are you going to kill me?” I asked, and then told myself in my mind that I’m idiot for saying that.

            “No. I mentioned you as well.” Shax said.

            “You did? But… I didn’t hear you.”

           “You must have not heard me call you out when you got up like an idiot and said ‘run’. In fact Jason, I need you the most.” Shax laughed. “Now come children follow me and I will mark a path to your new destiny.”

            “We are not going anywhere with you, you stupid freak! Get away or I will-” Chad began to say.

            “Or you will what?” Shax asked in mock politeness.

            “I- I don’t know.” Chad said lamely.

            “That’s exactly what I thought. Now hurry! We have no time to waste! If you don’t come I will leave you to the officials… Or my minions.”

            That made us jump up. What were we supposed to do? Follow him? He even hasn’t explained everything yet. And how were we to know that he wasn’t going to just kill us himself. Either way, staying here or going with him was a bad choice. I hate it when the two choices to pick are both bad.

            All of a sudden a blinding, beaming, bright light began to shine through one of the walls of the room. A person stepped out of the hard rock wall. This was too much for me. A person coming out of a wall like it was water? Monsters attacking the school? Real people that can communicate to me in my dreams? This was just too crazy. What was even crazier was that the person that came out of the wall was someone familiar. It took me about 10 seconds to remember who the person was as I haven’t seen him in a long, long time. It was Alex.

            “Alex? What is going on?” I screamed at the top of my lungs as loud blaring noise came from the light.

            “No time to explain! Come with me! Shax wants to kill you!” Alex screamed. That was enough for me.

            I dashed toward the light which seemed oddly weird, but if Alex went through it, I bet I can too. The others began to follow me.

            “Lies! The filthy child lies!” Shax shrieked. “I want you children to come with me because you have unimaginable powers that you need to use for the good of mankind!” “Natalia, Drew, Chad, Jessica, and Jason, your loved ones never told you that have they? That’s because they are evil! They want the world to go in damnation! Come with me and we can make the world right!” Shax screams.

            “Yeah, your proof? Oh right, you just claimed that you killed all of the kids in campus.” I mocked. He cringed.

            “Jason! Come through, NOW!” Alex screamed. The others ran inside the light which, teleported them (?) to some far off land. I took one more look at Shax and flipped him the finger. I then followed after the others into the beam of light that would (hopefully, painlessly) take us to another destination.


            The feeling was hard to explain. I had that weird feeling in my stomach when you go down on a roller coaster. It was hard to remember what specifically happened during the transportation. All I can remember was some bright lights. I then landed harshly. One moment I was in a room with a demon the next I was falling out of the sky. I guess that’s where the beaming light teleported us. The others landed in grass; I got to land on a rock.

            I hit my head on the rock and I almost felt myself blacking out. But I didn’t. Thankfully. I wouldn’t want to pass out before even knowing what was going on. I held my head for a few minutes until most of the pain subsided then I got up and looked for the others. They were all laying in the grass and were already brushing themselves up.

            “Whoa.” Drew said simply as he looked around at the vast landscape. “Where are we?” Drew asked.

            “In another planet in another universe.” Alex said.

            “Oh my god this is trippy.” Jessica said moaning while holding her head. “I just encountered monsters and all that crap and now we are on some other universe?” She began to cry. I felt bad for her.

            “I know this all seems a little… weird to you. But you will understand… In time.” Alex said slowly.

            “Alex, were you serious when you said he was going to kill us?” Natalia asked.

            “Actually, no. I just said that so you guys could react faster and come with me. Shax’s real purpose to hold you guys with him was so he can use your powers for evil.” Alex said.

            “What powers? What the freaking hell are you talking about?” Chad asked. “Are you crazy?"

            “Not crazy. OK, maybe just a little.” Alex said with a hint of humor in it.

            “I am being serious Alex. What the hell are you talking about? What is going on? And where have you been?” Chad replied more sternly this time. Alex sighed.

            “I will explain everything right now. I will begin where I have gone… You guys remember those killings where the victims turned all blue and stuff?” Alex asked. We nodded. He continued, “Well, the crime scenes weren’t just by some regular murderers with special poison. The victims were killed by one of the creatures you just encountered.”

            “Shax?” Jessica asked warily.

            “Yes. Shax was one of the creatures that- Nevermind. I will get back to that.”

            “Alex.” I asked.


            “The man and Josh weren’t the only victims that hit hard.” I said sadly. Alex frowned suspiciously.

            “What are you talking about?” He asked.

            “Your parents died too.” I said.

            Alex choked.

            “My parents are d-dead?” He asked unbelievingly.

            “Yes. I am sorry Alex, I wish that-”

            “I will cry about it later. First I need to explain everything. We haven’t much time.” Alex said quickly. “Ok anyways, after I found out that Shax was at work, I left home and everything to find Shax. I couldn’t let him continue on with the killings. But the strange thing is… He didn’t have a good reason to kill those poor people. To attract attention? Maybe. To strike fear into the hearts of every citizens? Maybe. I think that-”

            “Dude, just explain to us what Shax was talking about, by ‘powers.’ Ok?” Chad interrupted rather rudely.

            “Well… How am I suppose to start this off?... Hmmm… Well first of all, all of you have amazing powers that you never were aware of.” Alex began.

            “I always knew it.” Chad said beaming.

            “Shut up Chad, continue Alex” Drew said. If it was me who said that, I would be beaten to a pulp right now.

            “Well, Chad. Your powers is that you have the ability to see through things. And you can also revive a person back to full health right before they die. This is pretty handy. Jessica, you can turn invisible and you have the ability to sense when something’s wrong. Drew, you have super strength but you just haven’t realized the extent of your abilities yet. And Jason…” Alex paused. I was afraid my powers were something crappy like being able to turn small. Alex continued. “You just recently got your powers. You have a special ability called the “visions.” But I don’t need to say more because you talked it out with the vision men am I right?” Alex said. “It’s been sent to you by Jake…” Alex finished.

            “Yeah, the vision people told me everything there was to know about Jake and themselves…. And the war.” I finished.

            “Ah, yes. The war. I need to explain that to these others as well. Jason go find us a place to stay for the night while I explain what’s going on to these little puppies.”

            “Alright then.” I said. I walked away slowly and took in the vast landscape around us. I didn’t know what he meant by ‘find a place to stay for the night’ because as far as I can see, WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF EFFING NOWHERE!

            I climbed over a small hill and saw something burning in the distance. I saw a little tent that was setup. Whoever owned it has obviously left it behind for some reason, so I guess that’s where we are going to stay tonight.

            I started to walk back toward the group and they were all shaken up. Guess the news hit them pretty hard. Jessica looked afraid, Drew looked skeptic, Chad looked boastful and a a*s like usual, Natalia looked like she was going to pee in her pants.

            “We have to fight those… things?!” Natalia screamed.

            “Yep, guess you do.” Alex laughed.

            “So previous people owned these powers and they sent them to us?” Jessica said now seeming pretty calm.

            “Yeah.” Alex said. “That sums it up. Oh Jason! Forgot to tell you, my power is the ability to teleport as you have seen previously.”

            “Wow. Umm that’s cool.” I said slowly.

            “Not as cool as yours!” Drew said. “You can see through the future in your dreams? That’s awesome!”

            “Umm, I guess so.” I said.

            “What if we don’t want to go with you?” Natalia snapped at Alex.

            “Oh, but you have to. You don’t want to hang out with a nasty goon like Shax do you?” Alex asked politely.

            Owch. He’s got her number.

            “No.” Natalia admitted miserably.

            “Then it’s settled.” Alex said as he began to walk away from the group. “Jason, did you find a place to stay for the night?” Alex asked me.

            “Yeah, there’s a little tent nearby with a fire.” I said.

            Alex stopped dead in his tracks.

            “What?!” Alex yelled. “We need to leave now!”

            “Why?” Jessica asked. We all shared glances at each other while we saw Alex freaking out.

            “Jason! There is a fire burning! That means they haven’t left this place! They are still here!” Alex snapped.

            “But I didn’t see any activity at all! And besides, it’s not like they are cannibals or anything right?” I asked.

            As if on cue, dozens of people jumped out of bushes with spears and knives. One was chewing on a leg. Yep, they were cannibals. And they are coming right at us.


            And we are defenseless.  

© 2010 Shallowed

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