Hands Of Fate

Hands Of Fate

A Chapter by Shallowed

This is the final chapter to Colt! It will continue on to Force


Chapter 9


            I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before! I can’t believe that I had to be TOLD of what’s going to happen! I couldn’t think of it myself because I was too wrapped up in my own stupid emotions! Now because of that these people were in danger! No… Not yet. I still have a chance to save these people.

            I ran out of my bed and slammed open my door, a little louder then necessary. Justin and Craig sounded a little urgent, so is the attack about to be unleashed in 1 hour? Or 5 minutes? But of course there’s always a possibility that the attack will happen in a week.

            I went up to the front of the cabin door and swung it open. I felt the strong gush of cold wind lap around my face. I was only in my pajamas so I was shivering. But I didn’t care. I ran out in the open looking for Troforus. I had to go up to the palace and go to his room to warn him.

            I skidded corners, jumped over boxes, and ran on the side of some walls; I can even almost say that I was doing pretty good Parkour. But no time to take pride in that, this attack could begin any moment now.

            Yes! I see the palace! It was extremely big compared to the little small huts everyone else lived in. It’s amazing how the king could even afford to have such a palace when the forces of supernatural are at work.

            I run up the steps to go to the huge doors. I tripped over a step, got a nasty cut on my leg, and got back up limping my way to the front door. As expected I saw a guard in armor standing at the door keeping his post.

            “I need… to… see… the king… NOW!” I said through crooked breathing.

            “None are allowed into the palace without permission or if they aren’t in the Glory class.” The knight said. I figured that the “Glory” class was a special class structure.

            “You don’t even belong here do you? I never see you.” The knight said.

            “I’m not a intruder or anything! If I was why would I show up right on this doorsteps if I was? That would be too risky!” I answer quickly. “And besides I actually DO belong here as a matter of fact. I become an official villager by today at midnight!” I say.

            “Ahh, so you’re a newcomer? Yes but your still not allowed even if your already a villager. Now beat it.” The knight said.

            “Please! I need to come in its urgent! Please!” I cry.

            “I said BEAT IT!” The knight growled. He hoisted me off my feet just like Chad did before, I shrieked and punched at him, but this guys hard as rock. He threw me down the steps. Which is about 4 feet down. Ouch. I hit the floor hard and begin to cry realizing I can’t save the city from their horrible deaths since I can’t get to the king.

            I thought of an idea where I can taunt the knight to the point where he starts chasing me. And with luck, since I’m in light clothes and he’s in heavy armor, I can run past him and go into the castle. But that probably wouldn’t make him move and he might just sentence me to an execution or something. But then a better idea popped into my head.

            I walked up the stairs again and walked right in front of the knight. I began to state my business. I tried my best to keep my cool this time.

            “This village is in danger. I need to tell the king so he can evacuate the whole entire cottage.”

            “What kind of danger?” The knight asked suspiciously.

            “I can’t explain right now! I need to see the king!” I said panicking again.

            I think he saw my desperation because he backed up a little. But then he regained his posture and stared back at me.

            “Get out of here.” He said.

            “You don’t understand! I, I-” I stop talking. I realize this would just be a waste of time. I decided to find another way into the palace without getting caught. I just hope I get to the king and deliver my message before I’m stabbed to death by a knight.

            Then I had a better idea.

            “Hey, I think I have the rights to see the king.” I say to the Knight.

            “Look here, beat it or I will-” The knight begins.

            “I’m related to Jake Colt. I’m one of the Colts.” I finish.

            The knight just stares at me shocked and, afraid? He went slack jaw. Then he blinked twice then looked at me grimly.

            “Permission to enter.” He says. He then steps aside to let me through. Yes! I did it! Now I had to get to the king and fast. But where? This palace is so huge I might never know where to go. I pushed open the doors to reveal the place. It was amazing. And I mean AM-AZ-ING. But I had no time to admire it, the cities in danger.

            “A worker will show you wear the king is.” The knight said then he nodded to a tall man standing near the doorway. The man nodded back and motioned his head at me to follow.

He walked quickly but with short steps. But I still had trouble keeping up with him. “So what’s going on and what’s with the need to see the king so badly?” He asked.

            “Your village is going to be attacked by the Zugrufs.” I said simply and to the point. I hope I didn’t say the message to bluntly or he might think I’m pulling his leg. But he didn’t give me any suspicious sideway looks or question me about it.


            We must have walked about a whole mile because when he finally arrived at the king’s room I was panting and out of breath. The man put a finger to his lips to silence me as we approached the king’s room.

            As we got near the room I heard smooching noises. I guess the king was having it with the queen. The man hesitated then knocked on the door.

            “Permission to enter?” The man asked.

            There was a short pause then,

            “Permission to enter Jarrod.” The king said. The man opened the door and we walked in. Have you ever seen a master bedroom? Yeah well this master bedroom is so sweet that a regular master bedroom would have looked like some measly thing you can but for 2 cents.

            As it turned out, the king and queen weren’t making out, they were just watching a movie. What a shame.

            “And what is it that you need Jarrod?” Troforus asked. I noticed when he said “Jarrod” he pronounced it “Jar-odd”

            “Sir, this young child has an important message to deliver to you.” Jarrod said.

            “Well, if it isn’t the vision boy. Long time no see eh? Deliver your message child.” Troforus said. I cleared my throat, stood up straight and looked the king square in the eye. I’m not sure if it was just my imagination but it seemed to spook him a little as I did that.

            “Sir, you need to evacuate the whole entire village. Because it will soon be attacked by the Zugrufs or the Zenrez knights as you call them.” I said it calmly but quickly.

            “What?!” The king roared. “The Zenrez are coming tonight?!” He shouted.

            “Sir, I’m not sure if it’s exactly tonight, but it’s going to be soon.” I said.

            “How do you know of this boy?” He asked.

            “The visions.” I said.

            “Oh right.” He replied dumbly. Duh. The king didn’t ask anymore questions; instead he got spoke into a little hole in the wall and shouted,

            “EMERGENCY! EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY! Do not waste time brining any unnecessary items! The Zugrufs are going to unleash an attack!” Good, the king made it simple, quick, and to the point. I started hearing screaming and panic outside of the walls of the palace.

            The king looked up to his queen with sad red eyes and said,

            “We need to leave home.” I felt bad. This palace must cost a fortune and they needed to leave their wondrous home to live out in the open. Unless they find a new home of course.

            “Jarrod you may leave and get ready.” Troforus said. Jarrod nodded, bowed and left. I stood there not knowing what to do now that my message was delivered.

            “What do I do?” I asked.

            “You leave too, and don’t forget to get your friends. Since you are newcomers we haven’t created a speaker in your room so your friends couldn’t have possibly heard my message. I bowed like Jarrod did and began to leave. When I was at the doorway the king said,

            “And Jason. Thank you. You may have saved us all from a horrible fate.” I didn’t know what to say. I just did realize that I really might have saved all these people. And it felt good.

            I ran out of the room (not caring about being respectful in the halls) and pushed past people, jumped over banisters, it felt great. I swear, this palace was the perfect place to do Parkour. But I landed on my butt at one point from a high fall and it hurt like hell. I groaned, rubbed my butt, got up and began to run but I stopped doing Parkour. It wasn’t time for epic heroism.

            I ran out of the palace, and all though I  was out of breath I kept running. I kept running until I got to one room. Jessica’s.

            I slammed open to door. Jessica immediately woke up.

            “J-Jason?” She asked with disbelief.

            “Yeah, yeah it’s me. Hurray, now hurry, we need to get out! The Zugrufs are bound to attack this place some time now.” I reply.

            “I doubt it, they even said that-” Jessica began.

            “No, I’m not talking about my own instincts, they really are coming I heard it from one of my vision dreams.” I said a little annoyed.

            “Oh my god! Like, right now? Or…”

            “It doesn’t matter! We need to get out! NOW!” I shouted. She finally got the message.

            We went to our other friends cabins and woke them all up. We all ran to a secret hiding underground base that the Zugrufs were hiding in. It was one of the things they taught us about in our daily lessons.

            Everyone was afraid and excited all at once. Some people were crying. But most people were just plainly scared. I admit too, I was as well. I even wanted to pee in my pants. But that wouldn’t have been cool in front of Jessica.

            “Holy crap! Those demonic monsters are attacking? When?” Natalia asked when she was calm enough to even talk.

            “No, they aren’t Natalia. That’s the reason why we are all cooped up in this little underground basement.” I said with sarcasm while rolling my eyes. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the message.

            “Oh really? There aren’t any monsters? We can go?” She asked with a little sparkle of hope. I hated to break that little connection of hope but I had to.

            “I was being sarcastic Natalia.” I said.

            “Oh.” She said embarrassed and looked to the floor.

            “Yeah you stinking idiot! Look at facts!” Chad snarled at her. I didn’t like it when Chad did something like that but I didn’t want him to get in MY face so I let it go.

            I felt a hand wrap around my hand. I blinked once in confusion to look down at the hand and look up to whose hand it was. It was Jessica’s.

            “Jason, I’m scared.” She whimpered. I didn’t feel like acting all macho like I was so tough and brave so I just gave an honest response.

            “I am too.”

            “Are we forgetting someone?” Alex asked breaking in the awkward moment.

            “No, I don’t think so,” Chad began, then stopped dead in his words. We all exchanged glances then said simultaneously,


            “Ugh! I completely forgot about him! Why did his cabin have to be so far apart from ours?” Jessica moaned.

            “I will get him!” Alex said bravely.

            “Are, are you sure Alex?” I asked.

            “Dude, trust me. I have gone through this before.” He said in a cocky voice. I saw the old Alex in his eyes that I used to know behind that entire grim exterior wall he had now. I wanted to know what he has gone through before but decided that’s irrelevant for now.

            “I’ll go with you!” I said.

            “No! You don’t have any Sorvius training at all!” He barked.

            “What’s Sorvius training?” I asked.

            “It’s, Nevermind that!” Alex said. He began to take off. But I grabbed his arm to pull him back.

            “No Alex! Remember what you said to me a long time ago in 3rd grade?” I asked him. He sighed then said,

            “We are in this together. Friends to the end.” He said.

            “That’s right, so I’m coming with you.” I said. He looked at me with steady eyes, there was a long silent wasteful but necessary moment between us. Then he said,

            “Are you up for it… friend?” He smirked. It was officially on.

            “Hell yeah, whadya think?” I grin back. And then a unexpected reply came too.

            “I’m coming.” Jessica said.

            “And me too.” Natalia said.

            “Not me!” Chad said quickly. “You guys can risk your lives acting like your big time, but you’re all just going to die in the end!”

            “Perhaps.” Alex said with an insane weird smile. Just the way I like it.

            “You’re all crazy!” Chad shouted.

            Then we left to go get Drew.


            We couldn’t do much but run around yelling out DREW! We didn’t know where his cabin was so that’s what the problem was. This place was real big so there were plenty of cabins, and dozens or so were empty. I screamed at the top of my lungs but still couldn’t find him.

            “We are never going to find him!” Natalia moaned while catching her breath.

            “Hey! That’s quitters talk! We are, and so will, going to find him!” Alex yelled between all the chaos of rampaging people running for their lives.

            We began to cover more blocks but it felt hopeless. I was beginning to lose hope and I started thinking that maybe Drew went for a potty break and one of the Zenrez caught him. But I suddenly put that morbid thought out of my head. And besides, we haven’t seen a single one yet. Then a strange thought said in my head, “Keep running until you see the house with the big tree next to it. That’s the house you seek.” The voice sounded like… Craig! They can also communicate to me even when I’m awake!

            I did what Craig said and I stopped when I saw the big tree. Right when I looked at it I suddenly felt real depressed and I don’t know why. I felt so depressed I was to the point of being in tears. I shook my head, once, twice. What just happened? I can’t… Remember. Whatever, I needed to get Drew out soon!

            I ran inside the house. I saw Drew sleeping in his bed. I went up to the bed and shook him awake.

            “Wha-?” He asked.

            “We are going to be attacked follow me!” I snapped. He didn’t ask any questions. Good. He immediately got up and began to follow after me. While we ran I explained to him what was going on. Then while explaining, I tripped over something.

            I cursed and then looked down at what I looked at. It looked familiar but I didn’t completely understand what it was. I walked down this same path and it wasn’t there before. Drew pulled it out from the ground so I can take a better look at it. What I saw, shocked me. It was an arrow. The Zenrez were nearby. The fights just begun.

            Drew and me sprinted to the underground base. We ran inside and my friends cheered when they saw me come in with Drew. They must have gave up and come back inside.

            Just then an old woman shushed us and closed her eyes.

            “WELLLL, excuse me!” Natalia snapped. I asked Alex if I missed anything. He told me that the warriors went outside to fight the Zenrez but he looked sad as if he know that we wouldn’t win. He said that this base could not be found by anyone because there was a special magic to it that made it invisible to anyone else who wasn’t from this village.

            “It’s impossible for any other villager from another town to see it, and its also impossible for the Zugrufs to see it.” Alex said. Right after Alex finished talking, Alex looked around to see everyone dead silent.

            “What?” Alex said. “They can’t hear anything we say when we are inside.” That must be another spell. No one looked at him. Not even acknowledge he was there. They were all looking in one direction. To the entrance steps. And standing in the entrance was someone I never wanted to see again.

            Shax. And standing next to Shax was someone else that through me for a loop hole. Churnov. The big warrior that saved us from the cannibal monsters. He was smiling evilly.

            “Why is Shax here? You said he can’t see this place!” I said to Alex. He stared at me blankly then said,

            “He can’t, but Churnov showed him this place. Probably to save his own a*s from being killed as a warrior. Churnov has betrayed us. Now we are all doomed.” Alex said flatly.

            We are trapped. Churnov is a traitor. Shax is here. We are stuck and there’s nothing to do.







To Be Continued

© 2010 Shallowed

Author's Note

Final Chapter For Colt

Sequel: Force

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