Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Nanaki

Rox begins her trial of obtaining a soul


Chapter 2

Lucifer and the other demons vanished from view. Darkness surrounded Rox and before she could react, she was stood staring up at the early morning sky. There were no clouds in the sky and she took in that fresh morning air for the first time in months. She was back where among the living. She noticed there was a small bag by her side. Inside she pulled out a leather bound portfolio which she guessed contained contracts. Rox began looking over the blank contracts she could use on any person she wanted.

Rox became aware that she was being watched and turned. An elderly man aged around sixty or seventy stood watching her. “Hello, I didn’t expect this rubbish to work but hey even at my age I guess you can be surprised.”

“Did you summon me then si- I mean human?” Rox thought about how strange the question sounded but the man seemed unfazed by this.

“Y-yes I did M-Miss.” the man stammered.

“Call me Rox, I will be your demon for today Mr?”

“Baker, Kenny Baker.” The man said.

“Ok Kenny, I am sure you have a perfectly good reason for summoning me to you at this hour? Where are we anyway?” Rox asked.

“New York City Miss Rox.” Kenny responded. “I did have a reason for calling upon you.”

“Which is?” Rox queried.

“My wife.” Kenny started.

“I cannot bring people back Mr Baker I am afraid, not from death anyway.”

“She’s not dead, at least not yet.” Kenny said. His eyes began to tear up.

Rox felt bad for the guy but eternal damnation by the king of hell was a hard thought to shake.

“I am sorry Kenny but if your wife is not dead what can I do for you or her?”

“Please she is ill, Ill do anything to help her. I’ll sell my soul to you right now if you can cure her of what she has.” Kenny pleaded.

Rox  couldn’t believe her luck and she was sure even from way up here Lucifer and Asmodeus could see her grinning. “This is too easy.”

“What is?” Kenny asked.

“Oh nothing, hell matters, you know.” Rox quickly said thumping herself for losing focus.

“Okay Kenny what is wrong with your wife?”

“She needs a Kidney, as both of hers are failing. The doctors caught it late and finding a donor is proving difficult. I’m not ready to be a widow yet and I don’t want to lose her.” Kenny finished speaking and wiped his eyes on his sleeve “Can you help me?”

“You realise Mr Baker, selling your soul to me will result in you going to hell eventually?” Rox asked.

“Of course I do but I’m already going. I may have killed people in the war for my country, yet I still commited the act!”

Rox had to admire this man and wanted to help him but the problem was.”Kenny I do want to help but with this particular problem I have to find a kidney for you. It’s in the rules see?” Rox pulled out the contract to show him. “In a deal to replace an object or body part, the demon must find a substitute.”

“Thats a shame, I thought this was simple and never thought a demon would have the same troubles as a doctor?” Kenny smiled sadly at Rox who nodded back.

“Give me twenty four hours and I will see what I can do.” Rox said finally. She had no idea what she was going to do but the words came before her brain had caught up.

“Thank you Miss Rox. Will you contact me?” Kenny asked.

“Where is it you live Kenny? I have to stay within a ten mile radius of where you summoned me.” Rox began to realise how much harder that was going to make things for her. It may be cruel but in reality she may need to find another human to tempt.

“You had better come to my office instead.” Kenny said “ I’m a CEO at Rolling’s Pharmaceuticals just round the corner.”

“Ok I will as soon as I have a donor. In the meantime I need you to sign and seal this deal so once I have you a donor I can make this happen for you.”

Rox wrote up a contract for Kenny who read through it. “What happens if you fail in finding me a donor for my wife? Am I still bound to you?”

“No” Rox said shaking her head. “If I fail you will no longer be bound to me.” The words echoed in her head and she saw Lucifer smiling at her. It frightened her. He was so calm yet his gaze was downright terrifying.

“Miss Rox?” Kenny said, staring at her.

Rox returned to the matter at hand. Kenny held the contract out to her, he had signed it.

“Sorry Kenny. Right that all seems to be in order.” Rox said looking through it the contract. “All that’s left is the kiss to seal it.

“What?” Kenny said aghast.

“I have to kiss you to seal the deal Kenny.” Rox said smirking at him.

“Well, what a day I’m having. Guys at the office want my job and now a demon woman want a kiss off me. Must be doing something right in my old age.”

Rox laughed and moved closer and kissed the old man on the lips. It wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

Rox watched as Kenny gripped his arm in pain. Rolling his sleeve up, Kenny revealed the black mark of Asmodeus and Rox’s blood red signature.

Kenny eyed the mark, afraid it may leap at him at any second. “Is this to say  I am now yours?”

“It is yes. I am told the burning sensation you feel will last only a few hours. Any other demon in the area will now leave you be as you are bound to me.” Rox stated.

“I’d better keep this hidden from my wife for now.” Kenny said.

“You must have been a real ladies man back in your day hey Kenny?” Rox said.

“Actually Miss Rox, my wife an me have been together ever since we left school at fourteen. This is why I’ll do this for her.”

Rox smiled and walked away “‘ll do my best.”

© 2018 Nanaki

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