Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Nanaki

The final short chapter to conclude Rox's story


Chapter 7

Jacobs pain ceased immediately. He looked down in shock. The hole was gone. Not a scratch. He still had Rox’s brand on his arm but no gaping hole. Rox went over to the telephone dialled Kenny’s line “Kenny dear, it’s Rox. You will have a phone call this evening for your wife’s transplant. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

“Thank you Rox.” Kenny replied.

“Take care.” Rox hang up and made for the door. “I expect we will meet again sometime.”

“Jacob I hope we don’t see each other again anytime soon. If I were you I would take notes from the man up the hall. He’s going to hell when he dies for saving his wife’s life. He is passing on his job to someone he trusts as far as he can throw him and above all, he is the better kisser.”

Rox’s last view of Jacob was him hunched against the side of his desk looking like a sick puppy licking his wounds.

She got into the elevator and hit the ground floor button. It began to descend. The elevator began to pick up speed. “What the?” Rox said. The elevator soared past the ground floor and kept going. On and On it went until ‘Ding’. The Doors opened revealing a very pleased Asmodeus.

“There’s my star pupil!” He sang. “That was amazing! Come on we need you back in the trial room.”

Rox headed back toward the big mahogany doors and entered the trial room. Applause erupted around the room as Rox entered. She looked toward the head of the room and saw Lucifer led the applause front and centre. “That!” He bagan “Was some good work! Now then I can say you did pass your trial scoring not one but two souls for your collection and our pool.”

A cheer went echoed around the room. “I have watched you deal out contracts all day but now I have a question for you!”

Rox approached Lucifer keeping eye contact not feeling as fearful as she had been a few hours ago. “My Contract of Words to you is the job offer. What say you Rox?” Lucifer gazed down at her as he handed over the scroll. Rox re read the contract with care. The room with a view was a nice touch. What Lucifer expected of her quarterly, she felt was manageable. She even had a bit of leeway until her own power surfaced, although now she had tasted of what she could do. Rox had hoped Lucifer would have allowed her to keep the power what he had gifted to her.

“I accept.” She said finally bowing before Lucifer and signed.

“Excellent!” Lucifer cheered. “Now be on your way Asmodeus will arrange everything for you.”

Bowing low Rox made her way back out of the room through the mahogany doors. She looked back but they were gone. Asmodeus led her through stone corridors until they arrived at a oak door numbered 1198. Inside there was one desk with a laptop and a phone. On the front of her desk was her name ‘ Roxanne’ in gold letters next to the words ‘Crossroads demon’.

Rox wandered in and took in her new office. She pulled back the blinds and gasped. She stared out to a late sunset across central park in New York City. “It’s beautiful” She breathed. It was her old office view.

“Welcome home” Asmodeus said  placing a hand on her shoulder.

Rox smiled “Good to be here.”

© 2018 Nanaki

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