Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Nanaki

Be careful what you wish for


Chapter 6

Rox finished writing up the new contract. It would give Jacob ownership of his soul once more in exchange for a Kidney and the job he so wanted.

“We just need Kenny to sign now” Rox said.

“I’ll call him down.” Jacob said and leaped to the phone.

“Mr Baker hi, can you come down to my office please, there’s a young lady here who wants to talk to you.” Jacob teased.

A moment later Kenny appeared and smiled at Rox but glared at Jacob. “Is it done dear?” he asked Rox.

“Just need your signature Kenny.” Rox replied.

“First name basis, good for you Kenny.” Jacob mocked.

“It’s still Mr Baker to you!” Kenny spat as he read through the contract “Do I lose anything more to you Rox?”

“No Kenny, in this deal you only sign over your job to Jacob. The contents of our previous deal are our business only.”

“Very well then” Kenny said and signed the document.

Rox looked between them both “One kiss each and the deal will be sealed.”

Kenny obliged winking at her as he kissed her. Rox smiled after then kissed Jacob quickly the greedy taste returned. Rox allowed a glint of pure happiness to flash across her face, then composed herself. “Perfect.”

Jacob looked over the moon “Thank you Mr Baker, I will begin packing my office immediately!”

“No you will not!” kenny shouted. “I will resign once my wife has her kidney and then I will tell the board you are my successor. Any funny business or talk of this and the deal is off and this one will hold your soul again!”

Jacob stared at Kenny as he marched out of his office. “I should have waited, he would have been gone in six months anyway!”

“You had better get moving Jacob, to the hospital I mean.” Rox said smirking.

“Why’s that demon, I’ll go at my own pace!” Jacob sneered.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. You may bleed out.” Rox teased and stood up.

“Why would I bleed out?” Jacob asked. Rox watched him begin to look concerned.

“You did read the document? A man in your position making deals across the world must read all the fine print?” Rox motioned to the contract again. “This bit here in particular.”

“I can’t read that it’s not english, what does it say!?” If he wasn’t worried before he was now.

“It says and I quote said demon may take the object in question. In this instance one Kidney. If all parties sign and agree to the proposition above. So Jacob I hope in your future deals, they are more thought out. I do have one last question for you though.”

“Which is?” He stammered.

“Left or Right?” Rox asked in a cruel voice.

Rox began to advance on the man. Jacob was sweating and fear in his eyes spread across his face. “Stay back!” He cried “Help!”

Rox’s phone bleeped “Hello?”

“Ah Rox, this is fun watching you.” Lucifer sighed down the phone.

“My king!” She exclaimed.

“For your efforts, I am going to help you out. Your power hasn’t surfaced yet but it will, so for this greedy pile of nothing I will lend you some of mine.”

Rox felt a burning sensation in her chest followed by a surge of strength and energy. “Thank you my King.”

“Thank me later and Rox have fun with this, I want to see some creativity here please.” Lucifers cold laughter boomed down the phone as he hung up.

Jacob screamed and ran for the door. Rox whipped her arm through the air causing the door to slam shut and lock. Jacob stared at her, scared out of his skin he backed himself into the corner of the room. Rox advanced. The room darkened as she engulfed him in Lucifer’s power.

In a last act of desperation Jacob grabbed the brandy bottle and charged at Rox. He brought the bottle down on her head as hard as he could in a hope of knocking her out. The bottle smashed  against Rox’s temple but she felt nothing. There were no cuts and there would be no bruises.

Jacob stopped in horror and Rox saw the last bit of hope leave him as she plunged her left hand into Jacob’s right side. He screamed and collapsed to the floor. Rox felt round until she clasped his right kidney and ripped it from him.

Blood erupted everywhere. Jacob screamed in agony. Rox looked at the kidney in her hand, she snapped her fingers in her right and the kidney disappeared. “Oh I can’t wait until I can do this.” She mused.

Smiling down at Jacob, Rox gazed into his frightened eyes. “Pleasure doing business with you Jacob. Good luck with the new job.”

The darkness of the room vanished and Rox started for the door when Jacob grabbed her heel. “Please, don’t leave me here. Not like this.”

Rox looked down at him. “You want me to make the pain go away?” She teased.

He nodded, howling through the sheer agony from the hole in his side.

Rox smiled and pulled a contract from her bag. She hoped Lucifer was watching this.

Rox would have liked more time writing out the contract but Jacob didn’t have a lot of time on his side. “Sign here Jacob. Your soul for your life.”

Jacob stared at her then down at the wound calculating what he wanted more. A life of riches or a death with his soul intact.

He reached for the pen. Rox again her face impassive, businesslike. Inside she held nothing but disgust for this man’s greed. Jacob signed the document and lay back.

Rox put the contract a away and knelt down. Jacob tried to back away but couldn’t. Rox took his head in both her hands and kissed him one last time.

Smiling to herself she stood up looked down at him. She snapped her fingers and her gifted power disappeared.

© 2018 Nanaki

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