Stories told are not Lives lived

Stories told are not Lives lived

A Chapter by TabaD

Now that Furia could reason, Patrick has an interesting conversation with her.


Stories told are not Lives lived

Then the day arrived, my second visit of February. Once I found Furia with my mind, she greeted me.

Each time it takes you less time to climb up here.

Thanks, though you could wait for me at the foot of the hill.

Naaa… I like it more up here.

Come here you silly dragon…

Furia raised and came to me. As she got right in front of me, she lowered her head and my forehead met hers.

Furia hummed as I pet her side… I said…

I was more anxious this week, than ever to see you.

I'm glad to see you too…

Furia arched her neck up and raised her head, walked, as I followed her.

Where are you going? I asked her.

Nowhere; let's just walk. So, how was your week?

Besides college, pretty nice, played some videogames, saw a pair of movies…

Videogames? What are those?

Well, they are… you remember movies, right?

Images and sounds that we seated on the couch and watched before playing again?

Yes. Videogames are the same thing, but putting you into the events of the story.

Wow! Tell me the story of the best you have taken part in.

I told her the story of my favorite videogame.

That's a good story… yet I didn't hear "Patrick did" nor anything, just the characters took part… where were you?

Mmmm… it doesn't work that way. I take part as one of the characters, the main one exactly.

So, you have a second identity? You are indeed a ferocious warrior!

I felt flattered, but, in less than a second, ashamed. I was amazing Furia with a story far from being real; at the moment, I was a great fraud.

Actually, what happens in videogames isn't real, they are just for entertainment.

Why aren't they real?

Because they are manmade, and also, they are programed to work that way, it's like it's supposed you survive and save the day.

I see; still, would be awesome to have a story like that.

Yeah, that's what intrigues me about them…

Do you have any epic story?

I reflected for a moment and remembered a few good stories of myself, some in which I had to show bravery, some others were just funny or interesting. They weren't the big deal, like if I deserved some kind of heroic greeting or something. Yet they were what I was most proud of, besides Furia. I told her everyone I could remember.

so I grabbed him by his arm and told him "hey! The little girl is first in line and I'm next, so calm down!" then the guy backed off and took his place.

I like these stories more.

Thanks, though they aren't as intense.

They are real. That's what matters and makes them even more epic.

Furia said, winking an eye at me. I smiled back and said…

Oh stop it! You are making me blush…

Then my phone rang. I picked it out of my pocket and answered. I had to go.

Furia and I walked to the house, where the vehicle was parked. We met dad and Mr. Flynn. Dad didn't know Furia could reason, he just greeted her like a pet and commented her actual size with Mr. Flynn. Her growing rate wasn't as fast as before; her shoulders were a few inches above my head.

Won't you tell your dad?

I will, but not now.

Well, you are on. See you next weekend!

See ya!

Furia turned around and left. While dad and I bid farewell to Mr. Flynn, got in the truck and headed home. In the way, dad and I had a very interesting conversation.

-How do you see Furia around? I mean, you don't spend a lot of time with her, but still, have you noticed something strange in her? Like… I don't know anything weird?

-I have discovered something pretty interesting, yes. Still, I must ask… why do you ask?

-I was expecting you would tell me first, but, anyway… Cedric told me our cattle's quality had increased inexplicably… and curiously, since we brought Furia. Our customers are happier and want to expand internationally the deal we had.

-Those are great news!

-Yes they are, as they are creepy, but they are. Now tell me… What have you discovered?

-Well, it has nothing to do with the land, though. But here it goes… I discovered… I have some sort of mental link with her.

-What? Like you can communicate with her?

-Yeah. She is also reasonable; I had an interesting conversation with her.

-What? She thinks, reason? Well, that isn't as hard to believe as the whole dragon thing itself. Now you made me feel awkward, I didn't even bid farewell to her thinking she was just our weird guardian dog.

-That's the least to worry about, she knew you didn't know.

We kept commenting the matter; I also revealed the detail of the scar appearing at the first contact I had with her, not it being the result of a fall as I first told him. Dad took it all very well, while having lunch we just watched tv like we didn't talked about it.

That week went quickly. Or that is just the idea I make myself feel comfortable with. Finally is Sunday! That day wasn't very out of my new usual, though I really enjoyed telling Furia more of the stories I knew, both mine and from videogames and movies. It was the next week, the last weekend of February, during which we talked a new interesting topic.

© 2015 TabaD

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