Only Those Who Call the Shots

Only Those Who Call the Shots

A Chapter by TabaD

Loss is one of the worst things to endure. All Patrick and Furia can do now is not letting it end up in vain.


Only Those who call the Shots

won't end up among the Dead and Lame

Nor Furia or I said a single word during the flight to Clyde's lands. His body was strapped to the saddle; we were taking him with ourselves to give him the deserved burial. I couldn't believe Clyde was dead, that he gave his life for me. I felt somehow responsible for this. I couldn't imagine myself arriving with a dead body, with a corpse that just a couple of hours before was a friend, a son, a brother.

When Furia and I arrived, the guys and Clyde's family received us with joy and cheers… until we got close enough for them to see Clyde. The mother rushed in… crying… and hugged her son. I got off Furia, unstrapped the body off and faced them. Everyone was expectative, looking at me without blinking. The lump in my throat was unbreakable. I opened my mouth slightly to say something…

-It… Ambush… the City Manager…

Thomas approached me and put a hand on my shoulder as he said…

-You don't have to do this now…

I took a deep breath and nodded, my eyes getting watery… Thomas spoke again…

-Go take a bath… you can tell us what happened later.

-I'm sorry…

-This wasn't your fault…

This time I forced my words out. Clyde had died because of me; I wouldn't simply accept their understanding just because I was a Rider.

-The Government knew me… The City Manager tried to shoot me at the second he saw me… I should have thought of this long before.

-And you would be accompanying him anyway because of a simple reason; the only way to get close to a politician is unarmed. If you hadn't gone, anyone who occupied your place would be dead or worse, caught along with Clyde. Now go take a bath… you are very shocked… We'll talk about this when you are ready.

It made sense... but it still didn't take away this feeling of guilt on my back. I unsaddled Furia and took a shower while they wrapped Clyde's body with blankets and put him on his own bed. I finished, put some clothes on and went outside next to Furia. She was lying on the ground and arched her neck up as I approached. I pet her and turned to everyone. I cleared my mind and began with the story.

When I finished, Clyde's family went inside to calm his mother. While I and the guys stayed outside. We deliberated about following the lead the security guard told me. He helped us get out and was a member of the Society; we didn't have anything more to say about it. We would wait until after the burial to start the planning for the trip. We all suffered from this loss; still, we had a mission to accomplish and there was no time for mourning. A political leader was dead; we didn't know how this would develop… for the whole world, nothing more than a successful terrorist attack; for The Government… a threat? a coincidence? a reason to take action? And if in that case, what kind of action would they take?

Next morning was silent. Clyde's Grandmother was contacted and came by for her grandson's burial at early noon; along with Clyde's Aunt. I told them the story of his death, and then we proceeded to the burial. Each of us said something thoughtful for Clyde. His brothers carried the body to the grave the guys and I made behind the house. While he was being lowered down into it, I thought… I won't let your death end up in vain… I will fulfill this debt by finishing what you started… even if it's the last thing I do.

Even if it's the last thing WE do… I will bring Hell upon them for this! -Furia added, letting out a puff of black smoke from her nostrils.

Once the body was in the grave, the guys and I buried it. We stuck a tombstone behind the head-end of the grave. It had a carved message…

"Here lies Clyde Barton

Carrier of History, Trainer of Heroes

Lived for his Family… Died for his Friends

Rest in Peace

For your cause will never be forgotten"

© 2015 TabaD

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Added on April 12, 2014
Last Updated on January 5, 2015
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