The Meaning of Self Sacrifice

The Meaning of Self Sacrifice

A Chapter by TabaD

It takes a certain kind of strength to do certain kind of things. But what matters the most is what exactly impulses that strength.


The Meaning of Self Sacrifice

As soon as I felt conscious, I got to a sitting position and saw Furia in front of me. She hadn't move since I lost consciousness; her head was now resting on the ground. I approached by her side and knelt, placed my forehead against her head, in front of her eye and pet her. I had no words for Furia at the moment. Being there, feeling her mind after so long, her joy, her contact against my head and my hands as a couple of joy tears slid by my cheeks. We said everything we wanted to tell each other with our presence.

After a minute or so, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and turned my sight to notice it was Francesco.

-She will be able to walk after a week from now. And after that, it will take her a month to fly. Not much later she will be as strong as she was.

I pushed myself up to my feet and told him, looking straight at his eyes.

-Thank you... Francesco… I…

He raised his left hand with the palm towards me. I saw his scar, quite different than mine, and stopped talking.

-Follow me.

I was reluctant; I really didn't want to leave Furia.

Go… he will tell you things we both need to know.

I turned to her and looked at her eye. I thought of protesting, but Furia was right. I simply nodded and walked with Francesco. I thought of the cane, but I didn't need it anymore. Neither was it where I dropped it. The injury just reminded me of its presence with a constant weird sensation on the side but it didn't hurt anymore.

We lasted around a minute walking in silence. I noticed the sun had moved a lot and felt my stomach was empty. I spend a couple of hours unconscious and now was early noon.

-You gave your life for your dragon… that is both a reckless and a noble act.

-I wouldn't let her die.

Francesco smiled and said… -That's why I kept you alive.

My face changed to an expression of confusion, to what he answered…

-The answer lies on your scar, Rider Patrick.

I looked to my palm and got even more confused. My original scar was duplicated and the new one was perpendicular to the original, forming a weird "X".

-What does this mean?

-It means your braveness knows no boundaries. It means you will go on until the end for what you care for; be it a fight, an ideal… your dragon. The Double Scar means you have faced Death itself and have enough will to live without energy.

-But… Living without Vital Energy is impossible.

-It's impossible if the Rider lacks on will. That's why it's impossible to create a Double Scar.

-Explain that…

-Let's say a random rider wants a Double Scar, ok? So he calls a buddy to keep him alive, like I did with you, for when he has ran out of energy, to then get more from his dragon and gain a Double Scar. Got the picture?

I nodded with interest, in expectative of where was this going to. He then continued…

-Then this random rider uses all of his Vital Energy, which is actually hard, but in this case the rider reached the point of no return. Then his buddy comes by and tries to fuel him with his own energy. As the purpose of this rider was just an ordinary whim, it will be impossible for his body to use someone else's energy. It takes an incredible strength to survive without one's Vital Energy. Strength which comes from the purpose you gave all your energy for; just like you did with your dragon, Rider Patrick. You wouldn't let her die; you gave your life for her and still had the need to see if it worked.

I looked again at my palm, now with solemnity; aware of what was required to earn this new scar. Francesco continued…

-That's why I couldn't tell you about her at first. If I would have told you she was ok, you would have lowered your guard and the strength would be released as there is no more need for it. You would have died for not being worried about her.

-I understand… What if I wouldn't have turned into a Double Scarred… if I would have just defeated Costanzo and continued being a regular rider?

-I would have killed you and your people.  -He said looking straight into my eyes.

The answer was hard, but I didn't say a thing. After a pause, he continued…

-Regular riders born and die continually in this town. My lineage has always been composed by regular riders and so it will in the future. I wouldn't let an opposite regular rider to mess with the purpose of my lineage, which is preventing dragons from existing. But, coming from a Double Scarred Rider… It's a whole different story.

Francesco took a deep breath and sighed deeply before saying…

-The world has been guarded by my lineage since long. Now I look at it and I realize this isn't what Silvestro envisioned when doing what he did.

The old man stopped walking and looked at me. As I faced him, he said, putting his left hand on my shoulder.

-The world needs more people like you, Rider Patrick. You showed me that it needs the times when Double Scarred Riders were acclaimed and respected if not feared. That is why I will not stop your rising, Rider Patrick Darst.

After a moment, he turned and began walking again and I followed him. We took a corner, and then the next one. We were now going back by taking a parallel road.

-Now that all of your doubts have been cleared, why don't you tell me your story?

I thought for a moment, looking for the right words to start with. I started making a quick introduction of who I was before finding Furia's egg; which felt horribly weird. As I traveled in time and remembered that person I used to call "me", I felt like I was talking of someone else. I didn't relate anymore to Patrick Darst the College Student. I found amazing how Patrick Darst the Double Scarred Dragon Rider born from a guy like that.

Later I understood that I have been Patrick Darst the Double Scarred Dragon Rider since the very beginning of my life. I realized that I have always been myself; all this happened to me because I was being myself the whole way. Through this journey, there were always high odds of failure, but I didn't back away nor did I fail. This wasn't my destiny; this was my rising out of the crowd to become the person I truly was.

We reached our starting point near Furia and the story was just half way. We continued back to Francesco's home and, while telling him the story, I helped him with the meal. Right when we were ready to eat, I reached the end of the story.

-… the last thing I saw was a shadow covering us. I guess that was you (I chuckled) and the rest you already know it.

-I'm sorry for what happened to your friend Clyde. It was brave from him to save your life.


Breaking the moment of silence that had born, Francesco snapped…

-I can help you with your situation about the murder of Hobbs' City Manager…

My eyes got wide open in expectative.


-As the eldest member of my lineage, I will command those with power among my subordinates to plead for you and the future newborn riders. Also, I'll have the actual Pope, close friend of mine, to reveal the story behind humanity and to declare support for your actions, and to protect you. He will also declare peace with the Dragon Society and our intention to bring dragons back by working together. The Guardians will be stripped of their duties; they will now encourage and help people to find eggs instead. And for the eggs already here, something will be thought… that and anything else you need, Double Scarred Rider.

I looked for the piece of paper Owen gave me, but suddenly Francesco raised his hand holding it and said…

-I was wondering what the purpose was for this.

-That is Owen's number. I would appreciate if you gave them priority to get them here and help them find their eggs. My promise to them would be fulfilled… and also the families of my fellow surviving riders.

-You have my word, Rider Patrick.

As we finished eating, he said…

-Take Tanith, my dragon, and tell your people all what you have learned. You may bring them into town if you wish.

Francesco then stood up from the table and took both plates. As he went into the kitchen I answered…

-Thanks, but I'd rather cure Furi…

-NO! -He screamed and came out of the kitchen in a rush- I knew there was more for me to tell you.

-What's going on? Can't I cure her?

-You have just received fresh energy. It's strong energy, yes, but it's still fresh. At this moment you are, in Vital Energy terms, as strong as you were the day you received your first Vital Energy. It will grow faster this time, but still you have to be patient.

-Can you do me that one last favor?

-I would like to, but a dragon can only be cured with his rider's energy. Between people it doesn't matter, though.

-When will I be ready to use Vital Energy again?

-In a couple of months… sadly you'll be restored to just a fraction of your earlier strength.

-And the mental link?

-Give it a couple of days, this one will get to its full earlier state. It's a blessing it is this way and not otherwise. Vital Energy can be trained; but what you have lived by the side of your dragon… that cannot be replaced.

-Got it… -I sighed- I thought for a moment there was something wrong.  -I ended with a smile and offered Francesco my right hand for a handshake. -Thanks, I really mean it… for everything.

Francesco shook my hand and said.  -Go, Tanith is already saddled and waiting for you near your dragon.

I nodded and headed out. On the way I tried to contact Furia, but got nothing. In other times I would have panicked; now knowing I just had to get closer due to the weakness of our actual link, I was fine. Later I saw Furia and was able to feel her from around twenty meters away. Right at that moment, she said…

Finally I reach you. There's something wrong with our link…

I know, Francesco explained it to me. I will tell you everything, but I have to do something first.

She sighed and said… All right, what are you going to do?

I'll go to our camp and bring everyone here; they don't even know we are alive.

That's very far away, if I was… why haven't you cured me?   -Furia demanded with a lightly high tone.

I can't right now, and won't be either in a couple of months. You'll have to recover the traditional way. I'll go with Tanith. I said approaching her and petting her side.

Francesco's dragon? -I felt a little alteration in her voice.

Yes… if you are ok with this…

It's ok, go…

I'll spend each day and night on the ground until you can fly again.

Furia laughed lightly and said, still with the laugh… Oh don't be dramatic, just go…

All right, see ya later.

Later, Pat.

I tried to look for the dragon and realized… I have never seen Francesco's dragon. After giving the issue a little thought, I decided to call out for her.


After a few moments I heard a roar and headed towards it. After turning in a corner I saw this huge pale blue dragon lying on the ground, one and a half times Furia's size.

-Tanith? -I said still impressed.

The dragon nodded and gestured at me with the head, ordering me to hop onto her. I climbed to the saddle awkwardly, my injure didn't hurt me on basic movements, but as this required of effort to be accomplished, it made the task pretty hard to succeed.

Finally on the saddle, I strapped up and the dragon stretched and walked to a clearing, where she fast paced and took off.

Tanith's muscles felt awesomely strong, way more than I remember Furia's. If Francesco's Vital Energy is as strong as his dragon's flying, then he was speaking truth… He would have killed us all if I wouldn't have become a Double Scarred Rider. Other than that realization I just enjoyed the ride… but still couldn't stop thinking of Furia… it wasn't the same as with her.

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