The Risen

The Risen

A Chapter by TabaD

Everything is blurry, but at the same time it all makes sense.


The Risen

I sensed I was somewhere. Everything was dark and I couldn't feel my body, but I was somewhere. The only thing I was sure was that I was alive, I could feel my thoughts, and with them I tried to contact Furia… but I got nothing. Within moments I got a little more conscious. I could now feel my body, but I was too weak to move any of it. Flashes of the earlier events rained in my mind and I tried to contact Furia once more… same results.

Furia, come on… answer me. You can't be dead… you just can't; please answer me…

I began to feel so alone and vulnerable, I felt my eyes getting wet. I concentrated into opening my eyes, if I couldn't contact Furia, then I would look for her. After many minutes trying to open my eyes, I realized that I had gained the strength to move my fingers and toes. When I opened my eyes, I was disappointed for my vision to be too blurry to identify even where I was. Everything was mashed in a stain of brown colors. At least I knew a detail about where I was: I was indoors. Not much for a discovery, but at least it meant I was in friendly territory, for I felt soft on my back and front and there were no belts nor ropes holding me down; I figured I was lying face up in a bed with a blanket to the height of my neck.

I saw something move by my right side with the edge of my sight. I tried to turn my head that way to see better, but it was too heavy. It troubled me how weak I was to do the tiniest of movements. At least I was in friendly territory…until I began to question this odd friendly territory.

There's no way I am in the ship… but we didn't have any huts, we all slept by our dragons. All this brown tones mean I'm under wood… The Saddlers! Their houses are made of wood! Are they friendly? I am not tied down or anything… but… what if they are keeping me alive? What if they suffer Costanzo's death? No, that can't be… They would have fought for him, knowing he was outnumbered. I have to find Furia and get out of here… if I could just…

-Ah, you are awake.

That voice belonged to a fully grown up man and even older, and was completely unknown for me. I tried to say "Stay away from me!" but all that went out of my mouth was a tiny whisper.

The man approached and sat, facing me, on a chair by my right side and said…

-Rider Patrick Darst, you are in a very complex state right now. I am Rider Francesco Silvestro and I will answer almost all of your questions.

This is Costanzo's grandfather! I didn't say a thing; I just tried to keep calm and not looking at him with wide frantic eyes. The old man continued…

-I will give you a little more energy, so we can talk. I'm expecting you'll try to generate a weapon and try to defend yourself. But I prefer you don't, because using Vital Energy in your state would mean instant suicide. Blink twice if you perfectly understood what I just said.

He said that deliberately slowly for me to understand. I blinked as I actually understood what the man was telling me.

-Good… Now you'll feel lightly revitalized. You'll be able to move a little more and most important of all: talk comfortably.

The man proceeded to press his left hand against my chest. Suddenly I felt as he said; my breathing was stronger and now it was the injury on my right side what limited my movement. I had nothing on but my pants and a bandage that embraced my whole abdomen. I could now see who I was dealing with. The oldman had no special features on his face, in exception of a big grey beard. He leaned back on the chair and I asked my first question.

-Where is my dragon?

-As I first said, I will answer almost all of your questions.

-What do you mean by that? Just tell me if my dragon is alive at least. Please.

I tried to keep calm and talk with a low tone. It really got into my nerves that the only source of information I had at hand wouldn't speak what I most wanted to know.

-It's too early to speak of that.

A knot formed in my throat for the next words I wanted to say.

-She's… dead… isn't she…

-I won't speak a word about that.

-What does that mean? -I lightly raised my tone.

-It means that I won't tell you whether your dragon is alive or not. At this moment, sorrow would kill you the same as euphoria would. Hope is what keeps you alive right now and I will keep it that way until you are ready for a proper answer.

I sighed with defeat.

-I think I understand… Did you saw how the battle ended?

-Your people won… I counted around forty survivors.

I looked down, thinking… Twenty faces… more than twenty faces I wouldn't see ever again… forty, adding their dragons.

-It was an even fight in terms of ability. What guaranteed victory were your numbers. -He stated.

-Do the survivors know I'm alive?

-No. And they won't until you can tell them yourself.

There was much I wanted to ask him, so I started with the top tier.

-What truly happened… with the world… Why do you think dragons are evil?

-It's a long story… Tell me first what you know, I'll start from there.

I told him exactly what Clyde told me, without my later realizations and theories.

-To begin with, he wasn't mad. His name was Silvestro… the original Silvestro. Now, as dragons were the origin of the divisions, he thought the best way to deal with that problem was preventing dragons from existence. So it was believed until actuality.

-To be franc… It isn't been long after I realized this might all be happening due to a good intention.

-Listen well to this… (he said with a more serious tone) There are neither heroes nor villains in history… only Risen.

-What do you mean by Risen?

-A Risen is the one who rises from the crowd for what he or she believes, no matter the place, the circumstances… For every event in this world, there is a Risen who will respond.

-You lost me again…

-Think about it this way… When a nation occupies another… why the resistance has a leader? Shouldn't everyone want to be free and to fight for their territory?

-So it's like destiny?... that leader of the resistance is destined to lead and fight back and then everyone follows him?

He chuckled before answering me.

-Not quite… because if it was destiny, then it would be everybody's destiny to fight back; they are all in the same occupied nation, don't they.

Right then I knew how it worked. I arranged the ideas in my mind and expressed my conclusion.

-The Risen is that person perfectly fit for the job… that's why it's the first one, but... What about good and evil? Then that division doesn't exist?

-It does exist, but only to the world's eyes… Who do you think is evil… a politician who donates money to charity only to cover his steals from the country's monetary funds or the street robber, who can't find a job to feed his family?

-I think I get the idea…

-You learn quickly, Rider Patrick… But don't misunderstand me; there ARE evil people and good people out there. That's why you've got to pay attention to which ones are actually good or evil and which ones are just BELIVED good or evil.

-Then what am I? I've killed countless innocent…

Francesco raised his tone like military trainers.

-Shhh… Were you just rampaging without reason all this time?


-You are sure you are doing the right thing?

-I think…

-I asked you a yes or no question!

He startled me and I answered almost without letting him finish.

-Yes, I've been doing the right thing!

-Then you are a Risen… as simple as that.

-A Risen… Sorry, but… Why are you helping me survive? I killed your grandson.

-You didn't kill Costanzo. That is what he always wanted since he was born, an epic battle. It hurt me to see him training so hard, getting to be so strong… to then waste all his talents behind a desk. That's why I arranged all this without telling him.

It really shocked me to hear that word.

-What do you mean by "arranged"?

-Yes, I had one of the satellite monitors to hack our servers some years ago, making you and your dragon invisible to our satellites. All in exchange of jubilation here with the Saddlers and his dragon egg…

-How did you know I was going to come here?

-Simple math. Remember Silvestro was a Risen, his actions could be probably misunderstood, and they were. We didn't force the world to do anything, we didn't lie nor did we create anything like in your version of the story. We were just standing there, protecting the world as this Dragon Society you mentioned grew in the shadows. The world is as it is due to itself, not to us. It forgot about dragons and made them legends and material for novels and movies. I'll go make some dinner for us. We will talk no more, you need to rest.

-How long have I been sleeping?

-Three full days plus today's half. Look outside, it's late evening.

He said while standing from the chair and walking away.

Alone again with my thoughts, I waited for him while hearing all the kitchen instruments being manipulated. It was a new melody to my ears; pots were made of iron and made different sounds from the steel ones. Also the oven worked with wood, not with gas as back home.

He came back carrying a bed table and placed it above my legs. As he left it, he opened his hands and held them palms-up in front of me, then said…

-Hold my hands.

Why not?

I held Francesco's hands, and with a flow movement, he pulled me up to a sitting position. That was surprising as it was painful; I pressed my teeth and grunted as I felt my injury move.

He left me there, panting and helping myself with the table, not to lose balance and fall off the bed. Then he went to the back of the bed, I heard some pieces being pulled and then I felt the bed moving. The confusion and the pain prevented me from asking what the hell was going on.

-You may now lean back.  -He said while heading to the kitchen again.

I slowly pushed myself backwards and felt the bed. He up righted half of the bed so I could rest on a sitting position. Straight enough to eat and inclined enough for my body to rest comfortably.

The old man came back from the kitchen with a bowl and a plate, placed the bowl filled with soup on my table and sat on the chair. "Bon appetite" he said before stabbing a piece of meat with a knife and took it to his mouth. We ate in silence until we both finished.

-Thanks… that was delicious. -I said handing over the empty bowl and the spoon.

The old man took the bowl and his plate to the kitchen, washed his hands and came back. He helped me get to the earlier position: holding myself on the bed table; modified the bed to its original position and helped me lean back.

Once again laid down, I said…

-I'm sorry I killed your son's dragon.

-Don't be, that was hers and my son's decision.

-They knew what you were up to?

-Yes. I told my son about how Costanzo always wished for something to come during his time here, so he could be able to employ his abilities. It wasn't pride; I could sense Costanzo was speaking truth when he said he wouldn't go succeed my son to take the charge. I didn't tell my son the detail of the hacked satellite though. He decided to send men under Costanzo's charge, and worst of all, one of them brought a message to my son's dragon: Don't listen to my father and always attend to your orders. I tried to dissuade Saris, his dragon, from attacking you the day you arrived, so Costanzo could deal with you and your men, but she was as stubborn as my son.

-How do you think this will affect him?

-Don't worry for him. We raise our dragons only to train and to protect the island for when we leave to succeed our fathers in the Vatican. Time is the one who teaches us to miss them. That's why we spend here the rest of our lives.

-Sorry for demanding, Rider Francesco, but you still hadn't told me why you are keeping me alive… You told me why you helped me get here, which makes sense, but… why are you keeping me alive? I mean, you already sufficed Costanzo's dream and you know the Dragon Society's objective, why not stopping us? It's like you switched sides.

-That is the second most important question you have asked me so far… and the answer will have to wait. My bedroom is upstairs, call if you need anything; I'm going to sleep.  -Francesco said while getting up from the chair and heading to the stairs to my right.

-I understand… which is the first one?

-Where's your dragon of course…

I felt blankness in my mind, then all the wonders and doubts about Furia's state bombed again. This was what Francesco meant, now I truly wanted for tomorrow to come and get me closer to the answer.

-Good night, Rider Francesco Silvestro.

-Rest well Rider Patrick Darst.

I pulled the blankets back to the height of my neck and tried to sleep. Memories of good times with Furia began to appear in my mind as I held my tears from coming off… I know you are alive… you have to be alive… I had to be strong, I had to keep hope up if I wanted to see Furia again… in the case she was alive. Eventually, I fell asleep.

I woke up next morning confused and scared to what I was feeling. All my body was numb and my vision was blurry, plus my head was hurting so much I swore it was going to explode. I couldn't talk either; I tried to call Francesco, but got nothing to come out of my mouth than a tiny whisper. I had to wait for him to wake up and then have him do what he did yesterday.

I couldn't think of nothing because of the headache; actually, when I tried to think of something it became stronger. I couldn't even play music in my head; this was like a sick joke. When I tried to keep blankness in my mind, something popped up and enlarged the pain. I don't know how long I was there, but it felt eternal.

Finally the old man woke up and came downstairs. The first thing he saw was my wide open frantic eyes supplicating him for help. Francesco approached, pressed his left hand against my chest and revitalized me. In an instant, the headache was over and everything went to its regular state.

-Mornings, Rider Patrick. It seems you had a rough wake up…

-Mornings, Rider Francesco. My head hurt worse than any hangover I've had… besides the body numbness and blurry vision. What's happening to me? Why do you have to do this… I-don't-know-what thing so I can feel ok?

-There will be time to speak of that. Today I have an activity for you, but let's have breakfast first.

We did the maneuver to straighten the bed, and then he went to the kitchen. This time he brought two plates with food; both served with meat and bread.

-I suggest you chew well the food. Bon appetite… -Said Francesco.

The meat was the softest I have ever eaten, and the bread had the perfect texture. I hummed with delight and said right after swallowing…

-This is amazing… either you are an amazing cook or dragons' influence on the environment makes food this good.

-Dragons' what? -He asked in confusion, still with his mouth full.

-Oh, you don't know about it… Well, it happens that dragons have influence on the environment; the animals are stronger and healthier, the trees grow faster, bigger and stronger, their fruits as well… long story short, with dragons around, everything has more quality.

-That sounds kind of odd… Costanzo told me something about it. He was talking with someone at the Saddlers' territory and that popped into conversation. It made sense to him, but not for me. Now that you have knowledge of that; you can't all be wrong, I guess.

-Dragons aren't that bad now, are they?

-We didn't know about this "influence"… I guess, if we had, the first Silvestro wouldn't have taken away something so good for the whole planet.

We continued eating our breakfasts in silence after that. He finished first and took his plate to the kitchen, while I had to chew my food more than I was used to. At the moment I finished, I sucked the tip of my fingers before cleaning my hands and mouth with a towel there was under my plate. He took the bed table to the kitchen along with my plate and towel. To my surprise, he came back with a cane.

-Today you'll get off that bed.

How it gladdened me he said that; this meant we were getting somewhere. Sooner or later I would discover Furia's whereabouts.

Francesco gave me the cane and said…

-Once you can walk the entire house, we'll go outside.

I nodded and smiled, thankful for the challenge. I turned to the edge of the bed, getting my legs out; supported myself on the cane with my right hand and slowly pushed myself up. It was hard and painful; I backed off and sat again on the bed.

Come on, Patrick; you can do this… for Furia.

I tried again, pressing my teeth and holding the pain. This time I succeeded; once I was upright, the injury didn't hurt much. I had a smile from ear to ear and couldn't wait for taking a step.

At first it was hard to walk fluently. With the help of the cane in my right hand and any random furniture I could reach with my left hand to hold on to, I advanced through the house. I circled randomly so the task wouldn't become tedious. Eventually, I could walk holding to the cane with both hands, without need for furniture. I thought of venturing upstairs, but I wasn't ready, how would I hold to the banister? I had to learn to walk with just one hand on the cane before that. Once ready, I headed to the base of the stairs. Due to the situation, they looked pretty intimidating. I held the banister with my left hand and raised my foot onto the step, then placed it. Now came the tricky part; I had to pull myself up to place my other foot on the next step. I took a deep breath and prepared for the move.

I accomplished the objective with a burst of pride. It was one little step for me, but was one step closer to Furia. Suddenly I began to lose balance; I tried to hold to the banister, but my hands were getting numb. No, no, no! Not this again! Then I fell backwards. I was waiting for the floor's impact on my back, but I didn't hit it. Francesco broke my fall and held me up, then pressed his left hand on my chest and I was all ok after a moment.

-Follow me, you are ready. -Said the old man.

-Already? But I haven't reached the top floor?

He chuckled and said…

-Don't you worry; this was what I was waiting for.


-Put this on… -He said throwing a shirt at me- Let's just go out for a walk.  -Then he gestured at the front door.

I put on the shirt and then he opened the door, the light blinded me. I covered my eyes with my left hand and waited for them to adjust. Once ready, I got to admire the landscape before me. It was still early, almost mid-morning; the sun was bright and shiny and the birds sang. Far away was the hill; the wooden houses prevented me from seeing its base, and the smoke coming out of the chimneys, inclined due to a soft breeze, blurred its top. Horrible images flashed in my mind as I felt cold in my spine.

Francesco began to walk first; I then walked quickly to reach his side. I cleaned my mind from the images and made room to what was in front of me: The Saddlers' territory. I recognized it from when my comrades and I came for our saddles. The houses were very separated from each other, but Francesco's was the most apart. When we reached the town and began walking between the houses, the people stared at me and the ones close to someone else murmured as I entered their sights. There were dragons around as well; some were just sitting, ignoring people walking by, except me, they followed me with their eyes. Some others followed their riders across the road without noticing me. And there were others in groups with other dragons and the effects of my presence were the same as with people; they followed me with their sights along with making gestures and grunts to their nearby buddies… raising my wonders about the messages that were being transmitted.

I went close to Francesco and said with a low tone…

-This is far from the reception I had when my people and I came before… Should I worry?

-It's because of what you did… there hasn't been one around since long, long time.

-What hasn't been around? What is this all about?

-Something you have become.

The open character of the answers discouraged me from asking anything else. I felt the sensation that this walk would get me to something concrete soon.

As we turned a corner, I dropped the cane and ran. I couldn't hold my tears of joy as I got closer and closer to her. Furia was lying on the ground and lifted her head a bit, right when I got into her sight. Furia's chest was all bandaged up, a reminder of the horrors we went through just a few days before, and a base for the incredibility of the scene.

Right at the moment I hugged the tip of her mouth, I felt an electroshock. My mind got blown off because of all the emotions I was feeling. I was happy and amazed for Furia to be alive. I was confused because I couldn't sense her with my mind and because I was going through the first contact thing again. And a thousand more questions born from that moment, just to form in line and wait; because right after the electroshock, not a single second passed before I lost consciousness.

© 2015 TabaD

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