Bad news

Bad news

A Chapter by Storyteller of Dimensions

There are many bad news. One of the worse is the announcement that war has broken out. But in the end news is a message and its important how we act upon them...


I felt it

long before it came

you don't deliver news personally

unless it's a bad news


I remember it very well

the hurried steps

the muffled voices

and finally


the knock on the doors

Knock! Knock!

Then enters

a dark face


is it his or mine

I can not tell

there are so a same

clothed in silence


then words come

every word so dark

every word so sad

every word piercing my hearth


silence again engulfs us

the messenger waiting

waiting for my response

I give none


then he demands knowledge

of what is to be done

what is he to do

with such a news


I stay silent

as I have not the answer

although I knew for a long time

that this message will one day arrive


the power to move worlds

the power to destroy worlds

the power to write history

the power to make difference


I have those powers

those terrifying powers

but they are not mine alone

and I dare not to use them


the thought of it makes me shiver

using it haunts me in my sleep

to call upon it is tabu

yet we live in extraordinary times


the power is my family and my ship

my beloved friends

my home among the stars

that's why it's so strong


yet the news is grim

if I do nothing

many will be lost

same when I act


great leaders of history

how have you dealt

with such horrible moments

with such bad news


the scream of destruction

the silence of death

the drumbeat of war

dum, dum, dum

© 2012 Storyteller of Dimensions

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Added on March 2, 2012
Last Updated on March 2, 2012
Tags: struggle for balance, stars, universe


Storyteller of Dimensions
Storyteller of Dimensions

As you read my writing you probably notice soon that I'm not a native English speaker (I'm Czech), but I'm doing my best and I appreciate you feedback on the story side of my works while I'll work on .. more..