It's not easy being green

It's not easy being green

A Chapter by Storyteller of Dimensions

From sonnet to slam. I think that the slam is infinitely more better.



they say that history is a loop, no need to alarm

trapped in foreign land I watch history repeating in the light

although it's fall, in streets it's spring, that's what they wish

fear striken and an outsider I cannot call to them, to warn them

they are all tired and sick like me, of the injustice

terror, lies, war, prejudice, police abuse and brutality

of the politics, debt and getting poorer and poorer

yet I'm an outsider, I'm forbidden to interfere, just like reporter

the signs and acts are all there, I know what does it lead to, history loops

my country has been there before, it took us fifty years to come back

is there something I can do to help to prevent the same here

the voice of freedom must be saved, it must not be corrupted

and as much as I feel guilty of interfering, too much is at peril

I will help the strongest way, with pen through words




They say history is a loop

no need to be alarmed

trapped in foreign land

I watch history and I go:

I saw this before,

but the names are wrong

I know how this story goes

I open my mouth, but then shut it

“No! No, no, no!”

The man in the uniform shouts at me.

“Aliens are not allowed to interfere!”

But I'm not green!

I don't understand

at first, then it hits me.

Like the baton from the man in uniform

I was just standing on the public sidewalk

But in their eyes we are all guilty

and now I understand

I am an alien, I must not interfere

I'm not allowed to help

even if I pay the green papers

I guess it's not easy being green

© 2012 Storyteller of Dimensions

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Added on March 2, 2012
Last Updated on March 2, 2012


Storyteller of Dimensions
Storyteller of Dimensions

As you read my writing you probably notice soon that I'm not a native English speaker (I'm Czech), but I'm doing my best and I appreciate you feedback on the story side of my works while I'll work on .. more..