Bite Me, But You Already Did That Didnt You ? Chapter 9

Bite Me, But You Already Did That Didnt You ? Chapter 9

A Chapter by Bella Bites

Im sorry no description...

   Everyone paused that instant. David stepped between me and the jack a*s protecting me. My hero. (Sarcastic Tone) I pushed David out of the way and looked at all of them then in to Johnathan's eyes.

"Can you guys do me a favor and give me like a minute ?" I asked staring at the guys then Charlotte then finally David. The guys ran. Then Charlotte winked at me with a weary smile and left. I Stared down David till he left. Then turned my attention back to Johnathan. I closed the door behind us. He sat on my bed.

"What do you want ? Make it fast i have things to do. Oh, and if your going to hit me..tell me so i can put David in front of me..." He looked up at me.

"I'm not going to hit you. I'm...I'm Sorry." I looked at his eyes. Oh my lord. I started to laugh then i went mental and clutched my stomach. I wiped away the tear and looked at him.

"Get the f**k out of here." I said stopping myself.

"What ?!?"

"You must be joking. Right? You cant f*****g hit me ruin my face and then apologize. Okay ? So no, apology not excepted. I don't want to see you or know you. Don't you get it ? I'm not taking this s**t from you. You obviously hate me for some reason. Okay that's nice for you ? But just stay away from me. "

"Im not leaving until you forgive me...and...i-i dont hat..e you.."

"Alright tell that to the right side of my face."

"What do you want me to do ?!?!"

"Get out...Johnathan you dont like me...Okay....but if you cant be a normal person in front of me than you wont be any one to me at all." He stood up now looking me in the eye.

"You know what i don't have to do this. Okay ! I shouldn't be apologizing you should. You little s**t. I'm the f*****g prince. I came her to say sorry and your being some whorish b***h. You know what go f**k yourself." He did not just say that. S**t ? W***e?

"Get out..." He stormed out the room i kept my head down and my my hands formed in to fists. Then of course the first person to walk in David.

"You Okay ?"

"Peachy..." I gave him a fake smile.

"What needed something ?"

"Um considering you ruined my life... can i have some cash i need to go shopping. Plus ill have Charlotte to protect me from anyone."

"Winter you just got here.."

"David please... I said in an innocent tone looking down about to cry.

"I cant stay in this house right now. Ill be back before dark."

"Alright here.." He took out his wallet and gave me about 10 hundred doller bills.

"Holly s**t you keep that much in your wallet ?"

"Perks of being royalty."

"Okay Thank you. I you David.Your probably the closest thing ill have to family." I walked over to him and gave him a soft hug. He put his hand on the back of my head and i nuzzled my face in his neck.

"I promise ill always be here. When ever you need me...just think of me." He whispered in my ear. Never in my life would i have thought me and David would be so close.

"Thank you"

"But um go eat . You haven't ate anything for about a day. "

"Yeah I will." I let go of our hug and he left the room. I sat on my bed and thought. David is amazing even though all those times we have hated each other. I have always had a soft spot for him. Hes like an older brother i always wanted. Some one to look out for me. To hold me and tell me it would be okay.

"Hey what are you smiling about? Princess." I looked up and saw Peter leaning on the door. Well he just caught me smiling. And i just caught myself smiling about David. That's nice.

"Urm, nothing. I was just thinking how nice my room is."

"Yeah Okay. I just came here to talk to you."

"What about ?" I said patting the spot on my left on the bed. He came and sat down next to me.

"Don't worry about Johnathan. Hes rough around the edges. And, you cant lie to me I know he hit you." My body tensed and i sat in silence for a second.

"I honestly don't care anymore. My life at this moment is worth less to me. You guys need it more than i do."

"When we turn you...It wont be so worthless anymore. Then you have all eternity to find your sole mate.  Some one special to share your life with. When you do nothing will matter but how you feel. Plus, you'll be the most powerful-est person in the whole Universe. " He said poking my side. I giggled.

"We both know that's not true. One of ..them.. has to fall in loe with me."

"Yeah but, you can always rebel."

"True...Now you have to get your a*s out of here. I have things to do." I gave him a warm smile ..then did the most  unexpected and kissed my lips. Then left me in the room shocked as can be.


Oh. Charlotte

I was calling her name in my mind.

She ran in to the room.

"You ready ?"

"DUH." She answered back smiling. I got up and we ran down stairs. I wil never get sick of this. We came to a stop at the door.

"Um, we have a problem."

"What ?" I gave her a confused look.

"We don't have a car."

"OH ha ha don't worry about that. I made the guys bring both my cars here ." She gave me a smile and we both go out of the house.  She led me to a huge house. It wasn't a mansion it was a house. When we got in it looked like a parking lot you would see in a mall. The cars would come in from the back. And from the front the people would come in. They had about 60 cars in here. How the hell would i find my car. We stopped in front of a little glass door and Charlotte taped on it. The glass window opened and a man or boy. Popped his head out. He had short black hair and had really big eyes. He looked like a cute little boy.

"Hey, Ronny." She said and gave him a smile.The boy wouldn't stop staring at me in amazement.

"Uh uh hey Charlotte..Goddess."

"Ha hu urm you can call me Winter." Then and awkward silence broke out. Charlotte quickly broke the silence.

"Well, Um we are looking my for Winters car its a ...."

"Its a Bentley Hunaudieres." I finished for her.


"Um yes...." This boy is woohoo.

"Uh its upstairs, to your left. Look for 2W. Here are the keys. "  He handed me my keys and me and Charlotte darted for the car. I got in the fornt seat and Charlotte i the passenger. A flood of memories flooded in my mind as i looked at all the photos i had in the car. Oh god how i miss her. The scent of back home hit me. Even though there is nothing there for me its like a part of me. It just feels right to be there. I thought i heard my name but ignored it. I was feeling so home sick. I grabbed the picture of me and Ashley when we were 14. We were so happy. What happened to me ?


"WHAT ?!?!" I turned to see a very concerned Charlotte.

"I think i should drive considering i know the streets." Agreeing i got out the car and switched places with Charlotte.

*After about 7 hours of shopping* (At a cafe)

"Why are all these people staring at you ?" I looked around to see a bunch of peop-vampires staring at her.

"Ha ha they arent staring at me their looking at you."

"I bet their smelling me."

"No, they cant your blood isnt all blood its something else."

"Chosen one thing ?"

"Yup." She took a sip of her milk shake.

"So they are staring cause im human."

"Maybe. Or cause your so darn sexy." She smiled and nudged me. My faced started to heat up. Well that gives away the human thing. The next thing i knew two vert attractive guys were coming up to us. Very confident and cocky i see. The first one had blue hair with black highlights, his eyes were orange...snore...and his body was of course great. They all look alike except their hair and nose and mouth and body. Haha Okay. He was wearing a black polo shirt and skinny jeans.Preps.... The other one had Black hair with blond highlights he was pretty fit and was wearing a Band Tee with skinny jeans. Ha wow.

"Hey baby." The guy with the blue hair said pulling up a chair. The other guy looked really pissed. Hmm...maybe ill butter him up. Charlotte let out a soft giggle. What a girl...

"IF your here to get in our pants we aren't interested, if your here for a date we have better things to do, if you want our #'s i broke my phone, if you wanna buy me a drink it'll be all over your pants, and if your here to annoys us then just remember i know people that can rip off your balls in the middle of the night.So think wisely." I gave him a really wide smile and his friend was laughing really hard he was crying...blood.

"See what you did know ? You screwed up my shirt." He said still smiling and laughing.

"You could have used a napkin." I said pointing to the metal box. He came over to me and pulled up a chair then put his hand over my shoulder.

"Same goes for you preppy pants." I said looking at him.

"I'm Luke that's Dale."

"Winter, and that's Charlotte." She nodded her head and smiled. Shes so shy its cute.

"Okay... So considering we took our time to come sit with you. We might as well buy you drinks."

"Im guessing you want me to ruin your wants." He gave me a cocky smile and came close to my face.

"You bet i do." EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW did i just say that!

"Grrr.." I growled at him.

"Well ladies what are you gonna have ? " Dale dared to speak.

"Nothing, We have to leave. BYE." Just that second me and Charlotte both got up and walked to the car. Then a cold hand grabbed my wrist. Luke's face came close to my ear and he whispered "Ill find you...Winter." He breathed his minty breath down my neck and disappeared. WHAT THE F**K DID THAT MEAN ?!!?!?

"WHY DID U HAVE TO MAKE ME LEAVE !?!?!?" Charlotte whined.

"Uhh...A)Those guys were pervs, B)Those guys were creeps, C)THEY ARE JACK ASSES. What did you possibly like in that ? "

"How bout choice D) Super Hot guys actually took interest in me once...even though they came over for you." She looked kind of sad.

"No they didn't your amazingly beautiful. I'm just a human."

"They didn't know that.."

"Oh the blue eyes and tan skin wasn't enough." I said with a giggle in my voice. Charlotte laughed a little too.

"I don't know..." I nudged her shoulder.

"Hey smile there are plenty of them out there. Plus look at all those bags of clothes and crap we bought. Itll fill up my new closet and your old one."

"I promise ill pay you back.."

"Oh shut up its not my money anyway."

We both started to laugh and she started to drive. I looked back at all the bags. Im pretty sure i had one in every different color. Things in here were very expensive though. I looked over to look at Charlotte's face
.Shes so beautiful. I wonder what ill be like as a-a-vampire...

"You don't have to worry about that yet." Charlotte said reading my mind. God i hate that.

"What do you mean ?"

"Well, we have to wait till a red moon comes along."

"A what ?"

"You know a red moon. A full moon that appears to be red."

"Oh yeah but why ?"

"Because your the chosen one dummy."

"Right, right. So what im going to stand under the moonlight and someone will bite me ?"

"No silly girl. The one that falls in love with you must change you. But that crap they told you that it has to be the princess isn't necessary. It can be anyone that loves you and you love back. It can even be like family love. So your sister can probably do it."

"Great. Everyone knows my sister except me."

"Well she was mistaken for you. So shes part of the study for the chosen one."

"Theres a study on me ?"

"Well of course you lean it in what you humans would call high school. They tell the whole story and how they cant ever find you but after this year thatll all change."

"So everyone knows who i am ?"

"Not unless they have been in the castle."

"What do you mean."

"No body knows or knew what you look like it was only described to the royalty family. The old king hid the portrait the painter made of you somewhere in the huge castle. It could be on the abandoned floor. But the king doesn't even go up there. He said that there is absolutely nothing on the floor. He made a bat search on the floor. The man said there wasn't anything there."

"A bat ? So the stereotypical things are true ?"

"No ha ha. There are vampires with special gifts. Some are shape shifters. They can take form of anything. Even a rock ! Isn't that sick ?"

"Yeah sure...kind of strange...ill make sure never to step on a rock again.... Wait so NO one knew what i looked like only by description."

"Well of course. So back to the changing you thing. First there has to be this huge feast then when the moon begins to rise, the tables are taken away and everyone stands. Then the two love birds ha ha are taken in to this gazebo type of thing straight under the moon light. Then Aphrodite must stand there and say some weird words and stuff. I never really learned the vampiric language its way to hard. Then your 'lover' will bite your neck and go chomp and then he/she pretty much has to drain the blood out of you until the red moon ends. Then you'll be pretty much dead and Aphrodite will say some more crap and youll get your full powers then we all go oohh ahhh then you awake and bite your lover for his or her blood. Then you have to go hunting yay."


"Yeah i expected that ha ha."

"Hey Charlotte um can i tell you a secret ?"


"Um..Well before we went shopping i was in my room and peter kissed me."


"What do you mean and..."

"Well was it like a goodbye kiss or a i want to do you kiss ?"

"Goodbye kiss."

"Oh Good."

"Why do you like him ?"

"Oh god no im not his type."

"Are you kidding your amazing."

"Oh ha ha i didnt mean that. Hes gay.

"WHAT ?!?!?!"

"Yeah hes fruitypatooty."

"NO WAY ??!!?!?!?"


I sat there in silence. Well this is intriguing.

"Hey look who's waiting for you." She said wiggling her eyebrows.

I started to laugh and looked out the window. Then my mood dropped.


© 2010 Bella Bites

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Bella Bites

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i have no idea :( im gonna try re-posting it again

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lol hell yea where is the chapter, lol

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