Part Seven

Part Seven

A Chapter by Flame DM

He had listened to her for hours and was compelled to know more than what he was receiving. This creature, this vampire was so unique it was intriguing. Any man of science that had the chance to speak to Lucy and learn about evolution would understand what Briggs was feeling now. But at the same time it still scared him. She was immune to it all. The lights barely burned her and the sun caused her to sizzle instead of decompose like the rest of her blood type would. Her own kind couldn’t be healed by her own.

          She was more of a danger than any creature he fought. It wasn’t because what she was, it was because she was immune! What would happen if she just-so-happened to change sides and still had that immunity? They’d be screwed! And if that immunity could be passed on? It didn’t matter what he did in the west then if this little vampire could just pass along her special trait.

          And how could she be immune to holy water? She had Satan’s blood running through her! She may have not killed people but all the animals? Those were still murders, still deaths.

          Briggs was contemplating so hard on this vampire that he hardly noticed that she stopped talking.

          “Sir…we’ve been at this for hours,” she said, her voice cracking. “Mind if I can get a drink of-”

          The hunter clasped a hand on his throat and narrowed his eyes.

          “Water…geesh, blood’s not going to help my sore throat!” she tried to yell but her voice was harsh like sandpaper. “Please sir…I came here on my own, at least I deserve is some water.”

          He got up from his seat brushing past the dead girl as he headed towards the door. A cold shiver crawled through him when he did not smell the usual deathly and lustful smell that all her kind shared. His hand gripped on the knob cursing under his breath.

          Was she even immune to death’s mark? How was that possible? A vampire wasn’t righteous, that was just the way it was.

          The way it had always been.

          “Do you know what you’re going to do?” she asked innocently, her voice still quiet and hoarse. “Please tell me you finally have an answer for me…because the longer we wait here the-”

          “I’ll tell you when you finish the story,” he said not even turning to look at her. Staring at those different color eyes was soon going to drive him mad.

          Briggs shut the door behind him and did not return for hours, leaving one locked up tired little vampire alone in the dark.

*                              *                              *

          The one thing Briggs didn’t expect to see was seeing the vampire, he left shackled, sitting on his desk with the shackles place neatly on the wooden chair by the door smiling pleasantly at him.

          “How did-”

          “When you leave someone in a room for six hours you really don’t have much right to go and complain on what they do to occupy time,” she smiled placing her arms over her head to stretch. “Did you figure out the answer while you were gone?”

          “Those were ordained by a priest, holy relics! You shouldn’t have been able to get out of those!” He gritted through his teeth. His fingers tensed on the water bottle in his hand like it was some sort of stress ball. The hunter took a deep breathe calming down his nerves. The damned thing didn’t do anything but sneak out of the locks and occupy time. There was no reason to be angry about it.

          Except that she could get out.

          “No, I haven’t,” he said, his voice calm and his face maintained composure now looking placid. Briggs watched the girl hop down off the desk and take his water bottle. “I went to check it out for myself and discovered nothing so I’m still undecided. I’ll have it when you finish that story. You left off about Louie and you getting captured.”

          “Why are you into this anyways?” She asked taking a swig. “You already know the outcome. Louie came back nice and safe and Ellie’s tucked up in bed somewhere listening to your brother tell her a good night story.”

          “Well, you still haven’t told about those eyes of yours, have you?” Briggs took a seat watching her very warily, but his eyes and face never showed his precautions.

          “You humans and your curiosity,” She sighed taking another swig from the bottle. “Right after Luna smashed my face in, I don’t know how many boot smacks that was, she took Louie and I to the dungeons that were loca-”

          “Wait,” he stopped her. “How did you have dungeons if you just moved into the area? Colonies of vampires can’t move that fast.”

          She laughed. “We didn’t make a colony, Mr. Briggs. When you were gone out west, another clan was planning to do what Luna was doing. She just kicked them out. They waited too long and Luna took that to her advantage. We had an underground city right when we arrived.”

          He said nothing this time. This was expected, it was just something he didn’t want to believe.

          “Damian had been thrown in jail as well. Luna was still pissed off he tried to end you before she was ready. He was stepping into her territory. She also figured that he wanted to take over as well. That just brought her anger level over the roof. Because of that I expected no leniency from her. If she decided to go easy and back off after a week then that just wasn’t my sister.

          “When I was first placed in that cell I never saw Damian and maybe that was a good thing. He probably would have made that week and a half hell, well worse hell than it was.”

          “You were in there for over a week?”

          “Mmhhmm,” she nodded. “Mimi’s blood left me during the middle of it as well. But I managed to sit in a corner and contain myself. Talking helped. Talking always did. Louie heard a lot of stories, probably more than I wanted him to know. I guess I even talked in my sleep because he began to know things that I made sure not to talk about and that seemed to be the only explanation.

          “Luna still wanted me to feed and she sent Piper down to check on me every day to make sure I wasn’t feeding on rats or anything to ruin my new ‘life style’.”

          “Who’s Piper?” he interrupted once again.”

          “She is probably my only friend in my ‘family’”, She said. “She isn’t the greatest friend but she’s the only one that still talks to me. Being a vampire, you can’t be too picky on who’s your friend or not can you? Unlike humans we don’t get the opportunity to get away from your kind. Vampires, we’re stuck with each other for all eternity.”

          “Interesting way to put it,” Briggs laughed. “Now continue and stop trying to avoid it.”

          The vampire just shook her head. “I just don’t get you, Briggs. It’s just one iddy biddy question, but whatever.

          “There used to be a time when I really did rule half of the clan. I even got them to go veggie. But there was a split, a division I guess, between my followers and Luna’s. Luna was also threatened about it as well and soon took care of the problem. She got full control and everyone was afraid to speak to me. Only people that would were Damian and Piper. I hated Damian so it just left Piper to talk to. She respects me but at the same time she won’t do anything against Luna’s rule. But only an idiot would go against my sister.”

          Both vampire and hunter smiled at that last comment.

          “With Piper checking on me, I didn’t get to sneak anything into my system to prevent myself from doing the unthinkable. No matter how much I try to fight it, I’m still this horrible monster. If I waited until I starved myself my primitive instinct would have take over and I’d act more like an animal than anything else. Piper saw it coming too, when the week went by and she noticed I was just lying down and barely moving she knew I was trying to conserve energy to maintain control. That was when she suggested that I just take a nip at your son.”

          Briggs narrowed his eyes at her.

          “I didn’t do it and you know it!” she retorted crossing her arms. “It’s just that it only takes one nip to turn someone. We just have to prick them with our fangs and their screwed. But Piper thought differently. She made a good argument actually. She pointed out if I didn’t I would eventually rip him to shreds when I went crazy. She said that if he was turned then I would have tasted human and Luna would be  happy. Everybody wins, as she put it.”

          “But not you, right?” he asked clamping down onto his pen. “Because you’re a ‘righteous’ vampire?”

          “I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, alright?” she sighed staring down at the ground. “At the time it was the most logical and safest decision. Your kid wouldn’t be gouged apart…he’d be damned but he wouldn’t be shredded to pieces like tiger meat. Luna would be pleasantly pleased, and Damian would still have been in jail.  I just couldn’t do it!”

          The hunter leaned back in his chair trying to hide his surprise. The vampire’s gold eye began to tear up and swell with the stuff. He thought Louie and her were lying on that teary part. Vampires couldn’t cry.

          Could they?

          He bit a little harder into his pen letting the thought slide. He had to let this thing continue before he began falling for this incredible act.

          “And what about Damian? Does he ever come back into this story? Or was that one encounter with Ellie it?”

          She looked up at him, her gold eyes glowing while the blue remained the same. Briggs tried to control the spreading of goose bumps. “No…unfortunately his jail cell was closer than I thought and he heard everything that went on that past week. Guess I was stupid to forget him in part of this wretched equation I call my life.”




to be continued…

© 2008 Flame DM

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alright great story ya got here

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A good continuation. I'm looking forward to the next part.

P.S. sorry it took so long to continue reading it :P

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Hey! Not sure what to really put in my about me, but I'm just gonna wing it, so everyone just bare with me. I don't really give out my real name, sorry, buuut that's just the way it is. You can know m.. more..

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A Chapter by Flame DM

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