Part Nine

Part Nine

A Chapter by Flame DM

“You’re just as silent as Louie was!” she yelled. Her face looked defeated and tired, but that was nothing compared to the hunter’s. “Look, how was I supposed to know everything would go fledge circle? I didn’t even know the old man’s name!”

          He just stared at her. Ink was all over his face, his mouth, and even his clothes. The pen he had been chewing on exploded. He had clamped down to hard when she mentioned the cross and the old man. The hunter just never took the time to wipe it off; he didn’t even realize what had happened.

          “How does a cross break chains?” he asked.

          “It’s demonic chains. Dactylius had a problem of always using devil tools,” she shrugged. “You think it would be safer to use normal shackles, but Luna just used what he had around. All the old man had to do was touch the cross on the chains and BAM! They would dissolve.”

          “And she never thought of this happening?”

          “No,” the vampire sighed. “Again, what kind of vampire carries crosses around?”

          The hunter clamped down harder on his broken pen. “What happened next?”

          “Two days happened after that,” she answered. “And I was just getting weaker and hungrier. I was even beginning to wonder if I should have taken that bucket from Piper. Talking didn’t help anymore either. So I just slept all day. If I slept that just meant that I wasn’t feeding and at least Louie was safe…




To be continued…

© 2008 Flame DM

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hmm good transition piece

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Flame DM
Flame DM


Hey! Not sure what to really put in my about me, but I'm just gonna wing it, so everyone just bare with me. I don't really give out my real name, sorry, buuut that's just the way it is. You can know m.. more..

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A Chapter by Flame DM