Book Two Continues Called Full Moon

Book Two Continues Called Full Moon

A Chapter by Flame DM

Thank you all for reading Blood Suckers and reaching to this point. This book is my writing baby as some may know and I appreciate and am moved how many people like it. If your sad at how it ended, at how Stella was left alone while the hunter (the human ends up being the monster, i always giggle when i read and write Briggs parts) does his job do not fret there is more! There is Full Moon.


What to expect out of Full Moon?


Piper has a bigger part and decides Stella needs a makeover

Luna is in this but is she still a b***h? Lets find out

Louie, my favorite male in this, returns with his ego inflated as ever

Stella finds the Lycans, of course she does but more is revealed and more questions need to be answered

There WILL be another sequal after Full Moon




Will Stella admit her feelings for Louie? Or will she stay stubborn?

Will you find out w

hy Piper is crazy?

What was Stella like when she was human?

Why are there lycans in vampire territory

Will Stella get rid of them or make friends? Or both?

What do these lycans want?

How far will Stella go to save the town that Briggs should be saving and not her?


I hope I dont dissapoint you all with Full Moon....considering it is taking me a long time to write but here it goes. I hope you enjoy it and thank you again for reading Blood suckers!



Flame D. M.


© 2008 Flame DM

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Added on December 20, 2008
Last Updated on December 20, 2008


Flame DM
Flame DM


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A Chapter by Flame DM