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understand me, young lass,

that you've no reason to be angry,

i must say that that frown upon your

pretty little face makes you look a little mangy.


it's just a little game

that makes the players rather ruddy,

jumping round and two-and-fro

and getting their dresses good and muddy.


if you'd like a chance to play with us

and i'd really rather that you didn't,

but as the choice is yours young lass,

i should explain the rules tha's in it.


twice circle do you run the road

and then mayhaps another,

you see it really only matters

if you've already sarcrificed your brother,

a step or two will sent you far

from anything worth seeing

but then again, this dance is older

than any earthly being.


you hunker down and make the cut

be sure it's good and bloody,

act as if you've nothing less

than iron inside your body,

the dance is for the strong of heart,

the warriors and soilders,

if you stick around my dear,

you'll be breaking boulders.


and next you'll come around the corner,

and what's that you say my love?

you've never even thought about

sacrificing a dove?


you know, sweet child, i'm beginning to think,

that this dance is not for you.

you never seem to want to put

two and one where it's one and two.


i think you'd better scurry on young lass

and keep your mouth zipped shut

else we'll have to zip it for you, eh?

you filthy little s**t.







© 2012 freelancejouster

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Author's Note

Esoteric: understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest

(rhymings not my game; i like this but it's a bit more twisted and less informative than i'd anticipated)

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there is a girl who is not sure she wants to be initiated into some sort of secret society. she has to do these unsavory things if she wants to be able to join, but the other person is telling her she can't handle it. great poem that is a propos to the word. great job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 9, 2011
Last Updated on April 14, 2012
Tags: creepy, dark, gory, horror, rhymed, poem, circus, game




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