A Moment

A Moment

A Chapter by Veronica

Andy and Tiffany have a little moment...no spoilers. ;)


 It was now the next day, getting closer and closer to school starting up again. Tiffany would wonder why the summer went so fast, and wished she could've done something productive with the first month or two that had gone by already. She knew that she liked Andy again, but wouldn't admit it to herself.

 This was also having a huge effect on her concentration and focus, since she would constantly be thinking of Andy. But, it was better than her being depressed at least.

 Right now, she was sitting in a booth at Denny's, by herself. The white linoleum walls were gleaming in the summer sunlight, flashing in through the windows. She ordered a root beer, a plain burger, and some fries. She started to eat when she heard some two familiar voices coming through the door.

 "Oh my goodness Marshall are you in love with this place?" asked Andy.

 "Maybe.....," trailed off Marshall.

 Tiffany rolled her eyes and started to eat again.

 But before she knew it, someone started tickling her ribs.

 She turned around, but couldn't find anyone.

 She muttered, "D****t! Musta been a little kid messing with me!"

 This time the culprit tickled her for a good 5 seconds.

 She turned around and still found no sign of the person.

 She looked around and found Marshall just waiting for the order the two friends got, so she figured Andy must have gone to the bathroom.

 (btw,it's the kind of open-ended booths, can't really explain lol.)

 Then this time, the person sort of hugged her. This time when Tiffany turned around, she found out it was Andy.

 She half whispered, half yelled, but only so he could hear, "Andrew, what the freaking hell was that for?"

 He said, "Oh well, I dunno, kinda bored..."

 She told him, "Look, go be a monkey somewhere else."

 "And why don't you enjoy my company?" asked Andy, slipping beside her at the booth.

 "It's not that I don't, it's just that-" but Andy cut her off.

 "Gotcha!" he said, smiling.

 "Ugh, I hate your jokes!" Tiffany replied, angrily.

 "And that's why I love pulling them on you!" he replied as he smiled even bigger.

 "Oh, by the way", he added, snickering, "Are you blushing?"

 "No- of course not, you idiot!" Tiffany said.

 As Andy slipped out of the booth before Marshall could notice, he added, "I'm glad you broke up with Jeff."

 Tiffany asked, "What did you say to me?"

 "Oh, nothing," Andy replied, laughing.



© 2010 Veronica

Author's Note

Sorry if it's short or bad or rushed, but I'm kinda tired. And, this may not be much of a moment, but oh well. :P

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Added on August 2, 2010
Last Updated on August 3, 2010
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