Prequel 1: Visitors

Prequel 1: Visitors

A Chapter by Doogie_IDS

Is all is all I can see
My eyes closed as I struggle to sleep.
The sixteenth year of my birth is today
I hope I'm not any closer to my grave
After tossing around for awhile
I finally get comfortable.
I hope I can finally sleep.
Take me away from all the pain in this world
Bring me to my own fantasy.
As I lay there with my mind racing.
I start to hear a sound.
The hairs on my arms immediately rise into the night.
Fear grips me tight.
For I already know something is wrong.
The horrible sound gets louder.
Is it in my head?
The humming stays constant
Hovering over me.
I squeeze my eyelids as hard as I can.
I'm afraid to look, but I must know.
I take a few big breaths through my nose
Then the panic gets deeper.
Now I know fear.
My eyes,
my eyes,they will not open.
What am I going to do?
I've never been so scared
I must be sleeping.
Is this a night terror?
I try to focus.
I try to move my head.
I try to move my arm
I try to roll
I lose focus and can't handle this anymore.
I scream
I scream in horror
But it falls on deaf ears
And only in my head
For I can't even scream because my mouth is frozen too.
I lay there in hell
Bathed in the darkness
Am I asleep
Am I awake
Am I alive
Am I dead
That sound
That terrifying sound
My body in paralysis.
Maybe I'm just dreaming
Maybe this is just a nightmare.
Deep in the back of my head
I know I've felt this fear before.
Paranoia takes ahold of me
as my mind races.
I feel eyes staring
from mysterious faces.
It's all in my head
I yell in my brain.
All of this stress
It's starting to strain.
Then the thought hits me
What if I don't remember this in the morning?
I start to cry inside my mind
Not knowing what to expect next.
Hoping the panic will go away
Then I feel it

The tips of long skinny fingers.
Roll across my shoulder...

© 2016 Doogie_IDS

Author's Note

I need to fix all of the punctuations. I wasn't sure if I should add them or just not have them at the ends. It's poetic at times and not at other

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That is so sad, but the feeling is very familiar. Only certain people can truly understand the darkness, but we're the ones that know how to appreciate the light. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 3, 2016
Last Updated on August 3, 2016
Tags: Aliens, abductions, alien abduction, dark, paralysis, sleep paralysis