Fiction Authors


This group is for all fiction authors that need a place a little popular to post their writing. We accept Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Romance, or just plain Fiction. So long as the story isn't real, then we accept it. Go Fiction!

New Writing

Chapter 1 ⭐️ The Azimuth of Summer Chapter 1 ⭐️..

A Chapter by Tertia

Our Love Our Love

A Poem by sabinn

Descriptions Descriptions

A Story by J. A. Law

The Rock The Rock

A Chapter by J. A. Law

Human Says Human Says

A Story by Ron Sanders

Dream Tonight Dream Tonight

A Poem by sabinn

4. Bull 4. Bull

A Chapter by The Proletarian

2. Money 2. Money

A Chapter by The Proletarian

Liars truth Liars truth

A Poem by sabinn

Who is a man? Who is a man?

A Poem by sabinn

Walk Walk

A Poem by sabinn


A Poem by sabinn


A Story by felioness

Bakery Bonding Bakery Bonding

A Story by Mystral

Plaything Plaything

A Story by Ricky

Phoenix Phoenix

A Book by SweetNutmeg

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