A Chapter by AleyshaRosa

Another... Reminisce blurbs her voice a long, drawn out echo.

Please, no more... I plea. I cannot take anymore.

You must. You must understand... One more, love. Just one more.

My stomach does a perfect dive into my chest, flipping and spinning when I fall through the shag. The past floods me, every part jolting by like the screen of an old movie. She drops me hard onto a sticky floor that reeks of alcohol. Lights flash above, high heels and sneakers bounce about me in a double beat thud.

Boomboom. Boom. Boomboom. Boom.

It's him. His dead ocean eyes. They squirm their way through my eyelashes.

“Need some help?” His words are lost in the pound of music. My limbs are heavy and world spins sickeningly. I'm going to be sick. I'm going to be sick. His long fingers reach out to me, welcoming, taunting. I'm too heavy.

Leave me... I close my eyes. Maybe he will leave if I disappear.

I'm so sorry... It is the voice of another. A sweet, shaking voice that jitters into my ears over the bump, bumpbump, bump.


This is my fault... Oh, all my fault, Vulnerable whimpers. I sense a tear trickle down her translucent cheek.

“Hey, are you okay? Here, let me help you...” His hands fold under my limp body, peeling me from the thumping floor. I'm going to be sick. The people. They crowd, they bounce, they swirl and twirl like the joy of Christmas. He pulls me through the crowd, his hand gripping my waist with fingers too eager. It is all but a blur as the thrashing river behind fades off into a shy trickle. Cool air sighs onto my dripping skin and I relax into his arms, thankful.

“Are you okay?” His voice is tender, soft, careful. His hands have not left my waist, his eyes still reach into mine, desperate for my attention.

All my fault...

Suddenly, he is anything but evil. He is my savior. His eyes sparkle under the dim yellow light of street lamps. His lips are pleasing, and his nose is a perfect bridge to his lips. I let myself relax, just relax into his embrace. My mind is too drunk to care. His arm wraps around me like the genuine Christmas present for a lover, or perhaps a diamond ring clamped shut in a locked box. He says not a word more, only looks down into my glazed eyes with demanding affection. I close my eyes.

Please... Oh, I'm so sorry. Vulnerable has a sob bobbing in her throat.

It is a kiss that swallows me, eats me alive mercilessly. His hands tear me apart, shift beneath my dignity. Passion gropes me and I respond with claws tangling in midnight hair. Oh, he feels so good. His mouth leaves mine and flows down my neck, across my throat.

Abruptly, he stops and lift his eyes back to mine. Words leave his lips, words that lure me to his car. Words that convince me I am one like no other, I am beautiful, oh, I really am something.

Stop! Vulnerable screams. But I cannot. I am not in control of this memory, I am simply being carried along by it's rushing flow; and oh, he feels so good.

What is his name? The words are broken even in my mind, shattered by the ecstasy of his fingers, his mouth, his...

Vulnerable sniffs and wipes her golden eyes on a snowy sleeve.


© 2012 AleyshaRosa

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So, the story started from the end, and it working it's way back. Matthew is an abusive man she met at a club (or a party?), and they're relationship ended in his death. At least, that's what I've surmised so far

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Then you've surmised correctly =P
De-personalize Yourself

7 Years Ago

Lovely chapter this keeps the interest.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I figured you'd take me out into left field with this and you did. I'm curious to know how long she's known him. Great chapter. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Once more, thank GA
Hmmm we'll see....
epicness! So Mathew is his name? I suddenly like that name.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

nah, I like it

8 Years Ago

Good =]
(because I wasn't planning on changing it =P )

8 Years Ago


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