Part 6: The Plan

Part 6: The Plan

A Chapter by Ashle

Part 6:

-You can't be serious!-he said.
-Yes I am...there is no other way. And you, boy, you have the purest light of you all, so you must end this! But the others will help you. - The hunters were not glad for what they will have to do, especially Harvell.

The old man then dissappeared somehwere in the shadows of the woods, and left the team plan their attack.

-Okay, we must do this, unfortunately...-Averon said with a sorrow in his voice. - I think I have a plan.
They all added ideas to it, except Harvell...

In the end, everything was done.

The team took some hooded clothes on them, so the Lord of Darkness couldn't recognize these four hunters.

They went to the lord, while he was in front of his corrupted army, telling each one what to do. Averon told him:

-Oh, your mighty darkness! We are merchants from far away, some dark and shady lands are our home. We heard about your great might, and we wanted to help you conquering this world!-they changed even their voice.
-Yes, we have the darkest weapons, staffs, knives, and many other stuff for you, and your army! - Kiyros continued.

Meanwhile, Averon whispered to Harvell:
-Boy, do it now! Unleash your light!-but Harvell couldn't do it. The light wasn't coming. The lord then replied to them:

-Very well, and how are these lands named, wherefrom you come? - he said, suspecting something. Averon was inventing a random name: is...uuh...the Realm of...
-The Realm of Barren-ground, your majesty!-Kiyros completed the name.
-Hmm, I haven't heard about these lands.

-Yes, because they are very small...they--they can't be found on the maps...-Veyra explained, while Averon whispered again to the boy:
-Harvell, do it now! - But he still couldn't do it.
-Alright, so these lands are very small, and they can't be found on the maps, that's what you mean, hunters? - he said, grinning behind his hood, for he realised who they were actually.
-Yes...uuh...I mean...NO! Who told you about hunters? We are not...-Averon tried to convince him, but the Lord took off their hoody cloak, and revealed who they were.

-Hahaha, I knew it! You can't even pretend you are dark persons! Pathetic! - he said, and throw a darkness ray to them. After slipping away while trying to dodge it, Averon told the boy:

-Harvell, he caught us, do it now!
-B-but I can't!
-This means the will isn't powerful enough!
-No! I just...
-Harvell, you don't want to do this! Admit!-he said after dodging other dark spells, and blocking some bashes, along with the rest of the team.
-Boy, say it loud! Why don't you want to do it?
-He closed his eyes in his pressure, and the pain accumulated in his soul, and body. Then, as he opened his eyes, everything got outside.
-What if my parents are there! What if I will kill them! I will never see them again! - he said, and then ran away to the planning place.
-Harvell! - Averon called him back.

He ran there, with tearful eyes, and started to lie on the grass, looking up at the skies, and thinking on what happened, sobbing.
Then, the old man came again.
-I-I can't do it! What if Khvern wasn't lying? What if my parents are there? I am not going to kill them!-Harvell said to him.

-I understand you, boy. However, I can help you with only an advise: this night, watch the stars. If you are clever, you will see letters made from the red ones. Then, you will see words made from these letters, and sentences from these will be a message. - he said, and then dissappeared again. The boy listened to him, and has planned to do what the old man said.

He still stayed a while, that was long as an hour or so, and then, his counterparts came back.
-Look, Harvell...I understand you. We all understand you! But, the persons like Khvern, are usually lying, it may be only a blackmail, or something... - Averon told him.
-Yes, but still! You can't know for sure! - he responded.
-I will find another way to save the hunters! - Harvell said, while he stood up.
-And we will help you! - Kiyros told him. Some determined smiles were between the team, they felt they were united. They felt they were a team... They felt they will work together...
-So, what happened when I left you?
-What could happen? - Veyra said. We had to ran away...
-Yes, we needed the purest light, as the old one said. - Averon continued.
-But, we still have some good news! -said Kiyros, trying to confort Harvell. He then showed the deer they hunted.
-Yes, tonight we will roast it at the camp fire! - said Veyra smiling.
-All this made me hungry, so, that would be a good idea! - Harvell was grinning too, for he liked the idea.
As the night arrived, they made the camp fire, and eventually started to roast the deer meat. Harvell was sitting on a rock, like 7-8 metters from the rest of the team. He was watching the stars, just as the old man said. More exactly, he was watching the red stars, and trying to build the message up. He started from one star, and then connected it to the ones next to it. And so, he built letters, then words, and then a sentence...eventually he built the entire message up. It said: "If you destroy the source of the darkness, its slaves will be freed."
-This is it! I have found it! - said Harvell, quite glad, almost screaming.
-Hey, Harvell, why don't you come to eat with us? - Kiyros asked.
-Uuh...I'm coming right away! - he said, and still stayed a few moments, then joined the rest of the team...
They enjoyed the meat, and forget about the bad things. It was a night when they discuted, laughed, and felt good...

© 2015 Ashle

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