A Chapter by CharlyeMonroe

You made it to the rocky stands at the edge of the desert.

You made it to the rocky stands at the edge of the desert. Concrete structures clustered and spread over the side of the living mountain. You couldn’t count the number of buildings flowering on the rocks. You started your ascent up the stony face towards the most pronounced set of buildings. Outside of your car window the breaking path spanned by cables and steel trestles. You crossed a bridge up to the blocky complex.

“Little Dickie compensating for something?” Ren

“Its genetic apparently.” You

“It’s pretty f*****g grand.” Jane

“You Ashby’s really know how to make a statement.” Kaite

“And proud we are of all of them, now let’s go,” you exited the car looking up on the black rock and windows. The walk worn smooth, giant stones like lily pads in a river of gravel and sand. Brass doors with no windows and an intercom to buzz you into the lobby, no visible camera, but you knew you were being watched from all angles. You rang the bell to the bat cave.

“What do you want Barty?” Richard’s voice came across an invisible speaker

“Dick aren’t you happy to see your sister, let me in.”

“I’m not even in the building you’re standing in front of. Go home.” Richard

“Goddamn it, where are you?”

“I’m going to come get you, just wait there.” Richard

“See you in a bit.” Jane. You threw up horns with your fingers at an invisible eye.

“How much you want to bet we’re escorted off the premises?” Ren “It’s not going to happen, he’s not retarded.” Kaite

“You never know. One day black is white, up is down, left is.” Ren “Pistachio.” Jane

“Yes, left is pistachio.” Ren

“It’s a running thing we have going.” Kaite

“Waka waka.”

“Its charming.” Ren.

“C**t face, Ren, Jane, Kaitlyn. What do you want?” Richard was looking a little more worn, his hair almost completely gray now.

“Damn can’t a n***a just come over for a tete a tete?” You gave him a joking shove on the shoulder

“You’re not black and that’s offensive.” Richard cleaned off his glasses looking you from top to bottom.

“Mr. Ashby.”

“I’m busy and dad’s not in right now, go home.” He turned to dismiss you.

“Richie,” you sprang on him.

“Barty!” you tackled your brother into the lone patch of grass standing on the side of the building. You rubbed your face into his stomach and chest ruffling his feathers and sport coat. “God damnit Barty, this is f*****g serious, I’m busy.”

“Then let us in and stop being such a.” “Dick!” The sounded off in chorus.

“I was going to say a*****e, but I think that’s more appropriate.”

“Fine, you might as well know what’s going on. Into the rabbit hole Alice” Richard stood up and dusted himself off, his black suit bottoms a tinted green, he took off his glasses and put them in his coat pocket, “I don’t even need these f*****g things.” He took out a joint and lit it. “What?”

“Just taking your sweet time,” you took your hit and passed it along. “So what’s this about your girlfriend going missing?”

“You’re always in a hurry. A friend, went missing, it’s true, I’m fixing that.” Richard passed the smoke.

“What happened?”

“Cliffson got her, I guess the problem with dating a reporter is that nothing is sacred really. She liked me, it was good public relations and we don’t f**k around when it comes down to it. She had dirt of Hunters and Cliffson, particularly the house fires and wouldn’t you know it, the silly b******s burned their houses down.”

“Figured as much.” Ren. Richard made an about face and started around a path. A stairway was cut into the rocks leading up the mountain.

“Yeah well it wasn’t normal fire. I’m still unclear on the compound but Melissa gave me a report on what they were working with. Damn thing is it’s only a leak. They’ve been bleeding the MAG system trying to make this new f*****g wonder fuel. It looks like bullshit, but there’s concern. They’ve been turning the MAGS into production factories. I’m working on overhauling the system but I’m behind the ball. Things are rolling like wild fire, Bart. It’s actually pretty f*****g bad. Pops is being bled dry. M***********s are trying to put a noose around our necks. Zero Ridge is still going but I’m being worn thinner and thinner trying to keep the team afloat. We’ve got a good team and we’re gonna make it but I’m f*****g dry. What the f**k is it gonna matter if I burn out, right?”

“Rich we’ve got this” Ren

“Mel is dead.” His tone dropped “Just say the word” Jane

“They sent pictures.” His face still cool and connected to something you could probably see but didn’t dream. You stood at the door of a cube sitting recessed in the heights. You hadn’t been paying attention, a crater carved out in the center of the landing held a small pool of glowing fish. They moved like silk through the water. “The ground is hollow here, they can go where they want. You want a tour?”

“Is this your office Richard? This is pretty sick” Jane

“I’ve been trying to think about it. I’m not really sad, but.” Richard “What” You

“She was so f*****g pretty and a nice girl. It’s a damn shame.”

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

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