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These are the spectators that we’re watching, <<engines at 65% three engines running normally... three good ABUs, velocity at 2257 feet per second>>.<< This is raw unedited video just sent via satellite.>> <<Screams>> the picture you were just seeing, were Barty Ashby’s parents watching in horror. These are the students from her school <<screams>> << control here is looking very carefully at the situation, obviously a major malfunction.>> many of them probably had their view blocked just as we did with the television cameras with just a huge fireball and a huge ball of smoke the may not realize just yet what has happened. You see concern etched on their faces. The breath that they’ve been holding released and the, the realization sets in that something is wrong. <<When it staged it came apart>>we have a report from the dynamics officer that the facility has exploded. Our director has confirmed that we are looking into the recovery forces to see what can be done at this point.>><Weeping>> <<we will report more when we have information>>Jason and Melody Ashby respectively. You’re about three and a half miles away from the area of the detonation. You are viewing this from your home. Families of the girls were normally in the grandstands, Jane Bangs mother present, the only surviving member of the family. Kaitlyn Abe’s mother and father, two sisters and video feed of the Yoshida Family from Seoul. Richard Ashby and his two younger sisters the on the left, Boo Ashby consoling her older sister Jennifer Kryss.<<As Alonzo reported from the site earlier when we first saw the blast and there was a moment of stunned silence and disbelief and many people perhaps did confuse it with, what is special state?>> <<The solid state separation mechanism>><<But it was far too big of an explosion. And it took a while I’m sure for it to sink in the minds of the parents of<< There is Donovan Cliffson and Amanda Hunters, Donovan’s wife killed earlier this month in the massive pile up on the expressway, Amanda’s husband Meyer still missing after the destruction of Five Hunts Tower. A crop of Sons between the two of them wiped out in the Bitter Blood killings in which the family homes were also mysteriously destroyed in the same evening, Their sons William and Herbie Hunters, and Grant Cliffson along with Paul Robertson and Devin Reynolds.>><< Barty Ashby who was missing and returned then hospitalized after a confrontation with an assailant that has yet to be confirmed as playing a part in the Exit Fourteen Fire that claimed the Fry Manor. A quote from Melody Ashby, “We had always encouraged our daughter to be adventurous and to go for it, in other words” >> Donald the area where we were just watching, the barricades where people were watching and taking pictures. Who’s allowed in there?>><<That’s the VIP section, the invited crews for this launch. Barty Ashby, 23 years old, multinational metal winner, she was studying Botanical Engineering and Structural Dynamics at Our Lady University. Ren von Yoshida, 23 Years old Global fencer, former number one for under 18 competitors, Jane Bangs, heiress to Mah Bangs textile manufacturers 24 years old, and Kaitlyn Abe, 23 Years Old, wunderkind multidisciplinary composer and performer. <<Leslie, as an initial reaction, what do you think went wrong?>><<it’s difficult to say Alonzo, I’ve looked at the pictures and I’ve seen the slowed down version as well. It looks to me initially as if something went wrong with the electromagnetic field itself. If you look at the footage you will see that the structure of MAG Nine has been warped into what we believe was the cause of the lightshow last night. As for the outage of the lights that brighten our city, with the deformation of the magnetic field due to the explosions at MAG Six and Seven, it is clear that some kind of Terrorist organization is at work here, We are not claiming the Outland Separatists in these recent attacks nor are we contracting the Mayers Family as responsible for this tragedy. We here at KKZP believe there is a third element involved in these latest events. We are not here to confirm nor deny the connection of this possible third party to the Ashby, Cliffson, or Hunters families, but it is in the reporters opinion that.”

You let shots fly, rounds placed on point for the head of Donovan Cliffson, Kaite with the kill shot of Amanda Hunters. The crowd scattered, you cut off the broadcast from the car radio.



“Let’s get the hell out of here.”

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

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