Chapter 10: Interesting

Chapter 10: Interesting

A Chapter by ~Dragon X

A few questions are raised as to who and what exactly Felix and Void are.


       Taka sped through the town with the silent swiftness of a shadow. Eventually, she made it to a tall, but narrow house. The tulips planted in pots seemed out of place to the rest of the gloomy-looking establishment. She rapped on the door, stuffed her hands in her pockets, and waited. "It's me."

        Taka heard the click of the door unlocking. "Come in," the smooth, level voice of a man ordered, although it sounded more like he was in another room than just beyond the door.

        Taka brushed some hair back, opened the door, and stepped inside. "Hey dad," she greeted, going immediately into her father's study, where he was hunched over a desk, reading an old, complex book intently.

       "You're early," the man replied simply, gaze unwavering from the contents of his book.

        Taka shrugged. "I did some interesting stuff today, so I thought you might wanna hear about it."

        Taka's father lifted his head and looked at her directly. He was dressed in silk robes, and although his face seemed clean and honest, there was a slight eerie glint in his hazel eyes. "Go on."

        She inhaled. "I met this half-demon kid who said he wanted to learn the black arts...which I thought was funny, since half-demons should know this stuff already...."

        Taka's father raised an eyebrow. "A half-demon? That doesn't know black magic?"

        His daughter nodded. "Yeah, he said he bound himself to a demon....."

        She now had her father's full attention. "That's impossible."

        Taka blinked. "Why's that?"

Taka's father sighed. "Takhorra..." he addressed her by her full name, "the outcome of something like that...the demon either consumes the human or they both die, or if it does somehow happen the person is quickly driven insane. Half-demons in general aren't just prancing about on this plane of existence, let alone a half-demon that wasn't born that way. He must have been lying, using that as a worthless attempt to get a good black magic instructor..."

"...I don't think he was lying." Taka was only firmer in her belief.

"How can you be so sure?" He smoothed his robes absently, believing the conversation had turned into a simple 'no, you can't buy the princess doll'.

"Because...he seemed honest. Plus you want a student, right? Give it a chance..."

Taka's father had grown impatient with his daughter. He rolled his eyes and sighed in defeat. "Fine. Get as much information out of him as you can about how he became half-demon next time you see him. I'll be scrying, so I'll be listening and I'll know whether he's lying or not. When will you see him again?"

Taka's eyes lit up. "Thank you, dad, you won't regret it! I'll be seeing him again day after tomorrow."

"That's more than enough time to prepare the spells. Do not complain to me if I discover he is a liar."

Taka nodded. "Y...yes dad. Of course."

"You are dismissed. Get some dinner and try to get more money before going to bed." Taka's father returned his attention to his book.

Taka gave another brisk nod, and dashed off to get everything done before bed. What if...what if he's telling the truth, though? What kind of kid would he be, exactly?

"No Aarwing, Master said only one apple." The winged ferret whined and protested to this in elongated squeaks.

Felix sighed as he organized the groceries he purchased at town. "There's nothing I can do about it. It's Master Rose that told me not to give you another apple, so if you want another, just ask her..."

Aarwing shrunk away from Felix by the suggestion. "Eaap!" He squeaked in an intimidated tone.

Felix smiled and patted Aarwing's head. "That's what I thought..." He folded up the now empty grocery bags and tucked them away. "Now, I'm going to bed, in case Master comes back earlier than she said she would..."

"Eep!" Aarwing squeaked, and zipped after Felix as he jogged to his room. He quickly changed into some pajamas and sat at the edge of the bed. Aarwing cuddled into Felix's lap, eager for attention. After huddling there for a bit, he squeaked a question.

"Oh....yes, I miss home," Felix replied, "but I don't think I can go back....after all that's happened..." he sighed. "Why'd you ask that question? I shouldn't get depressed when Master's not here...."

Aarwing shrugged, and squeaked a little softly.

Felix stroked Aarwing's head. "I dunno...everything will be okay, eventually. We--we have Master now, right?" He didn't sound too sure of himself, however, and stopped any replies his pet might make by sliding under the covers. "Good night, Aarwing..."

"Eap..." was the squeaked response.

© 2012 ~Dragon X

Author's Note

~Dragon X





I'msosorry ;3; The reason is due to a number of reasons, involving a lot of school work, writer's block, and being busy with other stuff going on....But I have it now! ^^" Hopefully things will return to a more consistent schedule-type thing, like all those previous chapters before....And hopefully I'll be more active on WC in general. :D Um, enjoy! I actually feel rather nervous about posting this, I'm worried I have mistakes that are invisible to me but stick out like a sore thumb to everyone else...;3;'

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And of course, if you make Felix learn black magic, this book will not be worth reading anymore.... ;PPP

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Hehe, thank you so much for the review Hidden! ^^ I will do my best to not disappoint you :3
Oooooh. This is definitely spicing up. Wonder if dark magic runs in Taka's family.

Oh no. FELIX. DO NOT LEARN DARK MAGIC. >_< It's not good for ya man.

Lol. Loving Aarwing.

Overall, awesome chapter girly! Can't wait for more!

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago


You dunno annythinnng....~ *disappears in a puff of smoke*

Thanks so m.. read more
...and the plot thickens thickens.
This is getting super interesting!!! And I now know a new word: scrying.
So, Taka's father is a dark magic instructor, and is debating taking on Felix as a possible student! But seriously.

Felix...or Void...might die? ;_; *sobs*
*clutches onto your leg*

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

*Thank you so much Jazz! ^^

I never said either of them would die, did I? *evil cackle*.. read more
This is very good. And I have a feeling we can't trust Taka's father even more the Master Rose. And I sort of want to see a show down between him and her when she finds out. XD Great job, Dragon!

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Thank you so much Rider! :D

Hmm, what are you talking about? Taka's father is a bunch o.. read more
Dark Rider

11 Years Ago

*smirks* Somehow I doubt that. XD
Wow. O.O






A write well done, Dragon! :D
No mistakes that I could see.

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Aww, thank you so much Breezy! ^^ *huggles*

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