Chapter 6: Void

Chapter 6: Void

A Chapter by ~Dragon X

Felix's alter-ego reveals himself hoping to cause sheer chaos, but Master Rose stands in his way, giving a "gentle" reminder that she specializes in exorcising demons. And if need be, she'd kill him.


       The night seemed to pass quietly. Felix was peacefully asleep in his small bed and old blanket, and the white, fluffy winged ferret was curled up in the folds of the sheets at the foot of the bed. An owl or two could be heard breaking the silence occasionally with their soft hooting, but other than that the house and land surrounding it was silent.

        The air around Felix then turned slightly thicker. As if a bucket of paint was tilted slightly and trickling drops down little by little, Felix's hair was turning an ash black. It seemed to swim over, then blot out Felix's own light blonde color of hair until there was no longer a trace of the light color.

        Then, his eyes opened. Rather than be a light grey-blue, this was a much deeper, darker hue. He sat up and examined his surroundings, as if he were just waking up from a coma and has been moved to an unfamiliar hospital. He looked down at Aarwing who stirred slightly in his sleep, like he were nothing more than a pest scurrying along the alleyways.

        He then brushed his blanket aside and stood out of the bed. He walked to the door.


And blew it off of its hinges with a punch by an arm briefly engulfed by an explosive black energy.


       With the same, calm, vacant expression as before, he strolled through the doorway. He seemed casual and silent on the outside, however within he had a clear goal in mind. A goal he was intently focused on. He turned and approached Master Rose's bedroom. He tried the door. It was locked. He furled his brow very slightly, then realized making more noise was not wise.

       With this in mind, he allowed darkness to grow and sprout from beneath his feet, twisting and writhing like dancing shadows. They quickly swallowed him up, then the dark plume shrunk down and slid underneath the crack at the bottom of the door. On the other side, it increased in size to match his height again, where it curled away like shadows and smoke, revealing his form once again, now inside Master Rose's bedroom.

        It was much better than Felix's room, to be put simply. It had a nice double bed, fluffy pillows, a warm brown carpet as long as the side of the bed, and a wooden dresser complete with mirror. There was a still fan made of wood that seemed very capable of conjuring a cool, welcoming breeze. The blankets were strewn about on the bed messily, and Master Rose was not in it. 

        Beside the bed, in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall, was a large, dark grey steel sword, in a thick similarly colored leather sheathe. A loose, long black cloth was wrapped around the handle.

         His eyes flickered to it. There it is.... He swiftly moved towards it. My sword.... He reached his right hand for the handle.


        Master Rose was waiting. With a thud as her boots hit the flooring, Master Rose had summoned her sword and held the side of the blade to his throat, suddenly standing behind and over him. "Going somewhere, Void?" 

        Void wrinkled his nose. "Tch." He squinted to the bright light and his gaze was forced up due to the sword. So close..... Void was Felix's alternate personality. He was the one that possessed the sadistic, evil-like attributes of a demon.

        "Return Felix control of the body immediately," Master Rose demanded in a dangerously calm tone of voice; much like the calm before the storm.

        Void smirked. "You can't tell me what to do...."

        The gleaming, giant blade touched Void's neck. It stung. The sword spoke Void's alignment for itself, as it harmed evil beings. "Return it now."

        Void's smug look wavered momentarily. "Or what? You wouldn't ki--"

        "Or I'll kill you." There was a murderous look in her eyes, glinting off of the faint moonlight. She pressed the sword a little more harshly.

         Void's smirk was very slight at this point, almost completely gone. "You wouldn't kill your precious pupil....."

         "I can, and I will if you do not do as I say." She pressed the sword harder. It was seriously begin to burn into his flesh now.

        Void's expression contorted into more of a grimace. He clenched his teeth. "F...fine..." He closed his eyes grudgingly. In the same fashion as before, the black hair became light blonde again; Felix's hair.

        After Master Rose was sure not a single strand of hair was still black, she allowed her great sword to dissolve into the cool air. When Felix opened his grey-blue eyes, he began to stumble. Master Rose reacted by gripping his shoulders firmly, holding him in place.

         Felix blinked, puzzled and kind of sleepy. He rubbed the cut on his neck a little absent-mindedly. "Mm..." He mumbled, "Why am I in your room again, Master....?"

        Master Rose sighed, in her purple pajamas and sea green fuzzy slippers. Felix did recollect Void's memories, every single one, but it came slowly in bits and fragments, like a dream. "I stopped Void," Master Rose relayed, "and no one got hurt." Except for my pupil perhaps, but whatever.

        Felix blinked a few times, then peeled his fingers from his neck and looked at it. There was a little bit of blood smeared on it. "Oh...Um, thank you..."

        "You're fixing the door that got punched down." Master Rose then ordered, as if the damages were all his fault.

        Felix looked down. "Ok ok, I'm sorry..."

        Master Rose ruffled Felix's hair. "Once you finish get back to bed. You have training in the morning."

        Felix hunched his shoulders when his Master ruffled his hair, and tried to straighten it again. "Yes Master..."

        Master Rose dismissed him with a wave of her hand and a slightly gentle push to his back, making Felix wobble, but catch his footing, and he scurried out of Master Rose's bedroom. When Felix got back to his room, it was quiet just like before; even Aarwing, awoken by the sound of the crashing door, was curling back up for sleep.

        Felix looked back at the door blown off of its hinges and scratched behind one of the ferret's ears, then yawned. ....I'll.....fix it tomorrow.....  Felix slid back into bed slowly, pulled the blanket up, and closed his eyes.....

        "Felix! Fix that door right now or I swear you are doing knuckle push-ups until I get bored watching you and you can't breathe!"

        Felix flung himself out of bed, not unlike a panicked cat.

© 2012 ~Dragon X

Author's Note

~Dragon X
Um, I don't know what to put in the Author's not right now. At least, nothing is coming to mind as far as an introduction. XD

Anywho, I want to know if my writing is clear enough. I know you guys didn't get to see much of Void right now, but Felix's Master is pretty on top of the job to stop him...XD I have the feeling I made Void's motives too vague. Is this true, or am I crazy? o3o' Let me know in your reviews. XD

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Interesting, but pieces of it seemed out of whack, which severely hindered your prose. And, there were unnecessary descriptors in some places; and, twist-ending--are you ready for this?-- there were no descriptors where they could've been used. The dialogue could use a tad bit o' work-shopping, and I saw some spelling/grammar mistakes, but, as per my usual--if'n you don't know--I don't point those out. By the way, in regards to the dialogue, I'd work on keeping it natural - not hammy or cliché.

I enjoy your structuring of sentences--it's, in my opinion, intricate and, dare I say, complex--and your conservative use of adjectives, metaphors and similes--don't change that - please, I beg of you. That kinda thing - lacking in fluff - makes me, you know, NOT want to stop reading and throw my laptop across the room.

And so, having said all that, you did a good job. (:

Posted 11 Years Ago

A-W-E-S-O-M-E. AWESOME. LOVE THIS CHAPTER SUNNY. I know Void's evil and all, but LOVING HIM TOO!!

Seriously, Sunny, I am stunned at this chapter. Great detail. It would be so awesome if somehow, after a while, Void got a change of heart, and decided to help out Felix instead of hurt people in his body.

Don't kill Felix! D: I beg of you.

Anyways, *sobs* you have exceeded my expectations once again my dear pupil. Your work continues to amaze me. I expect the next one to be even more awesome!


Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Hahaha, I thought people hated antagonists. XD

Thank you so much, multus gratias, mucho.. read more
OMG. I NOW HAVE A NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER. Void is awesome. Black hair, blue eyes, evil.... much like Ciel. EEEP!
*check out my profile, the favorite character part and location has now been edited*

I WANT. TO. SEE. MORE. OF. VOID!!! Just...don't kill Felix. Although more likely Master Rose will kill Void than Void kill Felix... but still. VOID IS AWESOME.

And that's the most I have to say on this chapter, other than the note that when Master Rose was about to kill Void, it scared me. I LOVE THIS CHAPTER. Favoriting this book!

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago


read more
Jasmine Thousand

11 Years Ago

YESSSS!!! No promises from us yet either. If by magic accident we all have free time Sunday.... YES!.. read more

11 Years Ago

LOL Thanks! ^-^


I was wondering when we would see the demon part of Felix, and I have to say that this chapter was awesome!!

Seriously...I'm so speechless that I honestly can't think of anything else to say! XD


Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

o.o Aww, thank you so much Breezy! XD I'm so glad you liked it. ^^' I was worried this chapter would.. read more
Wow, just wow! I love this. So we see how Felix is as a demon finally. Very nice. Lots of details that just drew me in as I read. Your writing made it easy to follow, and hard to stop reading until the end of the chapter. And like Hidden, I loved the last sentence. XD I really enjoy this story a lot, and can't wait to see how all of this ends.

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Aww, thank you so much Rider! Your reviews are so deeply appreciated, really, they make me light up... read more
Dark Rider

11 Years Ago

Lol, You're very welcome, Dragon!
Last sentence : XDDDDDDDDDD

Preettyy good. I caught A LOT of detailed :) Lol I am the only one who keeps on r eviewing first XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

Forever Hidden

11 Years Ago


I can never evah miss one of these chapters! There.... PRICELESS!!!! :D
~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Hahaha, I'm sure it's got a price to it that can be bested by many. XD
Forever Hidden

11 Years Ago

Your right... It is not priceless. It's more then priceless. XD
So much detail just about the owl. I will addon after i read the whole thing XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

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